Six pm. Today, the nurse will prepare the VR machine. They will come to remove it in two hours.

"So, I became friends with a little dog and a big dog!

"Fufu, that's right. That's good. What did you name it?

"Smaller is luckier, bigger is Deer!

I see.

Put on your helmet. The nurse prompted me to lie down in bed.

I couldn't wait for this time after finishing the game yesterday. I want to see Lucky and Deer soon. I'm going to have oneechan show me around the city, so I'm looking forward to it too.

The nurse laughed a little as Jialen was in a good mood.

"I'm glad it seemed fun. I'm going to play a lot today."


I don't know about Jialen, but the nurses and other patients are very worried about Jialen, who has been in this room for a long time. That's why they were so relieved to see such an unyielding smile.

Okay, well, come on in.

After being sent to the nurse's voice, Jialen logged into the game.

Just before 6 pm. Before I met Ren-chan, I came to a place to report. I mean, they called me.

In a sort of old mountain hut. One of the game masters, Yamashita, is sitting opposite me.

"I see. I've been monitoring it for a while, but I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"No, really, I don't know how to thank you. It's been a long time since I've seen Len-chan so much fun."

"If you say so, I am very happy with the operation. She probably enjoys the world the most."

"Ahahah. I think so too."

This game is never about fighting. Mr. Yamashita also said that it was a game based on the theme of life in other worlds. That's why they prefer straight lines to fights.

"According to the development, it seems that they struggled most with designing animals and monsters. When she touched it, she was worried that it would feel more real than anything else. I showed her a little footage, but it was already ecstasy and disgusting."

"Ah, hahaha...."

I know I'd be happy to be rewarded for my hard work, but I didn't want to hear about it...

"Well, it's about six o'clock, so let's get this over with today. Please feel free to contact me at any time. At the very least, I will be able to respond immediately."

"Sorry, thank you."

Even for the operation, it seems that I am still concerned about the state of the little one. Mainly in terms of health. Well, I don't think it's going to be a problem, because I'm just playing with a bunch of people without fighting.

"Ah, by the way, Yamashita-san, I'd like to ask you about that wolf that Renchan tamed...."

"Ah... Why did Lucky Wolf not escape and why the boss could easily tame it?"

"It's me."

Yamashita-san seemed a little worried about whether to answer, but he just talked to me about it.

"Lucky Wolf is an active monster. It's just not an attack, it's a way to escape with all your might."

"Ah... I see... That's why Len-chan was so close without hostility."

"That's what it is. As for the boss, it's a special effect when a tamed lucky wolf is nearby. The probability of Tame being able to jump."


"You may think it's a little bit bad, but it was a monster without the ability to fight, and I had to tame it while protecting it... I'm afraid of pure children....."

Yamashita-san didn't expect to suddenly tame Lucky Wolf either. I thought perfectly well that the operation had distracted me, but it seemed like a complete coincidence.

"I don't want to be attacked because I'm not hostile, I want to be friends, and even lucky Wolf has an increased chance... Are you okay with this? I'm kind of scared."

"If you were cheating, it's an official setting. That's exactly what we were expecting."

"That's right... Lucky Wolf is likely to grow in popularity."

When I said so, Yamashita smiled haughtily. No, rather, it's a very black smile. Yamashita-san said meaningfully to me to pull her cheeks.

"Fufu... If you want to be a friend, you'll be judged not to be hostile. If you want to tame because you want abilities, you will be judged hostile as a matter of course."

Mr. Yamashita smiled blackish, wondering if anyone could do it. I'm afraid of adults.

It was on the grasslands yesterday that I ended the briefing. When I looked for Len-chan, I saw a large wolf in the same corner of the meadow as yesterday. When I came to you, there was Len-chan.

Dia is lying still, and Ren-chan is asleep with her body in the futon. The pillow is lucky. Be quiet... ah, I'm sleeping.

I will try to interpret because Dia has turned her gaze towards us. Oh, my God, they returned the pardon. That's cool.

No, and yet... This is good. Fufufu is heaven. I want to sleep with my futon or with my futon in my arms. Fufufu!

I just have to wake up somewhere nice. In the case of napping, you are forced to log out after about 30 minutes. When I woke up with a forced logout when I was sleeping well, I kind of felt uncomfortable. I'm not feeling sick.

I'm sorry to wake you up right away, so I called Shiro at Renchan's side and hugged her for now. It's a fufufu.

That's 20 minutes to wait. It's still not happening, so it's time to wake up. But I'll take another picture before I wake you up.... yeah, it feels good. All right, then.


I'll call you anyway. No reaction.


I'll scream. No reaction.

It's an alarm because it can't be helped. Normally, I don't hear people's alarms, but I'm a guardian, so my alarms can be heard by Renchan.

A timer set in a minute. Then, a very old alarm clock fell right in front of me. I think it's a developer's hobby. Put the alarm clock next to Renchan.

When I blocked my ears, Shiro and Dia also blocked their ears with their forelegs. What a cute trick.

And the stunning alarm clock! Lucky for you to fly! One person and one person were groaning with a surprise face, but when my eyes met, my cheeks swelled.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey."

"Sorry, sorry. But I was almost forced to log out. If you're going to wake up anyway, don't you want to wake up here surrounded by Deers?

"Mmm... That's true, but...."

Poufu, you can also fall in love with Deer. The lucky guy licked his cheek and he hugged the lucky guy. It seems fluffy.

"I'd like to show you around the city, okay?


Ron-chan got up and started walking, so she said in a hurry.

"Hang on, Len. Can I ask Deer to come home once?

"What? Why? I want to go with you."

"Yeah, I know how it feels, but what would Renchan think if such a big wolf were walking around the city?


"That's right!

That's what Renchan would say! But no, that's not true, that's not true...!

"But the others are a little scared after all. Because we're the only ones who know we're big. If I walk with you, you might get angry."

"Really... I'm sorry, Deer. I'll see you later."

When Len-chan said that and stroked Dee's body, Dee licked Len-chan's cheek just to say it was okay. Yeah. Who the hell is that? The expression is very modest because it is in the game, but it would be a terrible thing if it were real.

Later, when Ton-chan waved her hand, Dia suddenly disappeared in a large magical formation. The repatriation is a little surprising at any time. Ron froze and stopped moving.

"Oh, onii-chan! Dear!"

"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you later, so just calm down. Come on, let's go."


Ren-chan looked back at Deer with some anxiety and laughed a little bit.