The only city visited by many players is the first, Fatos, which is very spacious. However, even though it is spacious, to be honest, this city is...

"You know, oneechan. Is this the city? Not the village?

"When it comes to cities, it's a city. Well, it's probably just a village that's united with the others."

"That's right....."

Fatos focuses on the fountain where beginners come down for the first time, and the surrounding area is a little bit like a stone city, but getting out of there will make it a idyllic countryside. The number of players is also slightly lower than in other cities.

"I think Renchan skipped the explanation, but the first three cities to choose from are actually right next to each other. Next to this city, there's another city, Secan, and just beyond that, there's the last saz."

"Really? Then why are we splitting up?

"Looks like it's a play style."

And it was supposed to be explained. You definitely skipped the explanation.

Fatos is a city where you can teach farming, fishing, and other natural production skills. It may be closer to rural life than fantasy life.

Secondary production skills, such as craftsmanship, dominate. Naturally, there are many craftsmen who make things, so people who are constantly attacking often come to the second place. That's why it's the most prosperous city.

Saz is the main fighter. There's also a beginner's dungeon just around the corner, and there's a training ground that teaches you how to use your combat skills. I've only taken care of you once, but thank you for telling me so politely.

I gave you a quick explanation, but, um, I got rid of it in one word. Aren't you interested?

"Well, yeah. Tame is classified as Fatos here, so you chose this place."


"Er... Different from the image? Shall we go to the second?

If you already remember Tame and you have Tame Monsters, there's no reason to stick around. I think Secondary Life best suits my image. That's what I asked, but Len shook her head loosely and chuckled.

"This is good. Relax, I like it."

"Ah... I see. I see."

Certainly, the other side is quite noisy than the secondary. Many people based here spend time relaxing, and if you're playing with animals, it's probably here.

Facility-related activities, such as tool shops and armoury shops, show you where to find Renchan. But you just need to know where they are. The destination wasn't the village... it's on the outskirts of the city, here!

Tamers Guild!


A large wooden bungalow building. But the main is the Guild property that extends beyond it! This is where Tamer and the others interact, and on the grazing lands of the property you can play together with your tamed monsters!

Well, I mean, I'm just bragging about my kid! They're the ones who insist they're the cutest! You're full of freaks!

Well, I'm cute, too. The cutest thing is Renchan, obviously.

"Something, Oneechan's eyes are disgusting."


Into the Alliance while shrugging. There are minimal chairs and desks in the guild, and everyone here boasts of having tamed monsters.

"Wow...! Lots of them....!

Len-chan's eyes are shining, and there's a line of sight. If you think you're excited about a big deer, cheering something like a dolphin floating in a giant aquarium sounds like fun.

"Eh, no kid?

"You're an elementary school student, aren't you? No way, Lori!?

"That's not how it works.... no, but what if it's elementary school? How did you do that?

Everyone who was there was surprised by Renchan, and

"Hey, I can't believe she's holding me..."

"Liar!? Little Wolf!? Tame, what are you doing?

"Wow! Fluffy and fluffy! I want to touch it...!

I got nailed to lucky. That's the Tamers Guild, where animal lovers gather. A puppy is better than a toddler.

"Renchan, over here."

Take Ren-chan to the counter behind the building.

"What are you doing?

"First sign up for an Alliance. Talk to your sister."


When it comes to registration, it's not difficult. The basic information is registered in the system, and it's like a declaration that we're going to use it. I didn't hear anything in particular. I told her my name and she said I was afraid. Originally, you can explain it immediately after that, but this time, I can only do what is necessary for Renchan, so I will omit it.

Well then, Ron. Show me the menu. "


"You have a new item on the menu, right? Guild home. Touch it."

Immediately after the nodded Renchan touches the menu, Renchan disappears. In the meantime, they were able to move safely. I'll follow you as soon as I can.

I also touch the Alliance Home on the menu. Then another menu comes out that Renchan doesn't have. My Home, My Home, and My Home for Goodwill. Parental privilege. Fufu.

Touching the home of the goodwill quickly switched my vision. It's a field of short grass, a few trees, and a small house.

"Ah, onii-chan! What is this? What is this?

I wobbled my arms and listened. I know you're very excited, but your manners are very cute.

There was Dear shaking her tail on the side of the lens. It's a dog.

"This is a field that can be given to each player. It's not that big, but you can make it bigger for a flat fee. And there are all the monsters in this field that have been tamed. You don't have to name it."

When I threw my gaze at the back of the field with Ren-chan, the grassland wolf came running. Wow, Ton-chan cheers and starts playing. Unexpectedly, my cheeks relax.

This field replaces the so-called housing system. At first they were able to actually buy houses in each city, but they weren't enough because the number of players far exceeded their expectations.

The operation then provides a small field that players can manage, and the houses in the city can now be purchased exclusively by clan masters.

Incidentally, clans are like a community of players. It's the usual one in most online games.

I've been talking to you for so long, but it seems that Ron is not interested. Well, that's fine.

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. Maybe a little more."


Len-chan comes back on Deer.... no, wait a minute.

"What is that!?

"Eh? Put it on, please, put it on.


I've never heard of riding Wolf!?

I'll call Shiro and ask him to put it on. What are you talking about? You look like this guy. It's terrible.

But I thought a little about why, and I remembered Len's initial skills and was convinced.

"That's the riding skill for this...!

That's the way it works. Really! I'll pick it up later. It should have been a skill you could have acquired if you had practiced on a horse for about 30 minutes. Probably.

"Hey, honey?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Did you notice that?

Point behind me and look back with Len. There's a cute little log house.


"Oh, it's Ron's house. Customize as you like... you can change your look."

Still, it's a fat operation. In its original state, it should have been really simple and empty, but Renchan's house was equipped with a small garden from the beginning, and when I looked inside, it was small but also equipped with chairs and tables. You're exhausted.

"Well, let's relax and play here today. The monsters don't come out except for the tamed ones, so you can play whatever you want."


I was looking around the house, but as soon as I said so, I ran out. I knew it was a lot easier than home. I know exactly how it feels.

"Lian-chan, who plays with you so much... If it's the back, it's fine."

I wanted to brag a little bit, so I took a photo so I could see the back. Lucky girl with her head, hugging Dee.

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. I'll keep my face out of sight, so can I just publish a photo?

"Very well. TV, huh? That's why I'm showing my face, and I don't care."

"Ah, yeah... I'm sorry..."

Oh, did Len really care...?

I got permission to post it on the screenshot board on the official website. The comment is that my sister is the best in the world.


I have a lot of comments. It's going to be my favorite thing. What is this? Are you all Lolicon or something? Are you stupid?

No, but it's Ron-chan! That's my sister! Fufu!

So, there was a writing that attracted my mind a little bit. He wants to watch it in a video.

Hmm... Well, I want to be more proud, too. I don't know what to do.

This game is partnered with a major video posting site to deliver live in-game content. With this service, they don't need the equipment they need to deliver, so they're always delivering a fair number of them. I don't see much of it.

With that, we might be able to brag more about Renchan to everyone. Hmm...

In the meantime, let's ask Ron-chan.