I'll do it!

When I checked the delivery, Len-chan answered immediately. I was surprised because I thought you would refuse.

"Um, is that okay?

"Yeah! You want everybody to see it? Take a look! I'm proud!"

When I heard that, I was strangely convinced. It's not connected, but it's my sister.

In other words, Renchan wants to brag about Tammy's lucky Deer and a lot of prairie wolf. Just as I want to brag about my sister, this child wants to brag about his friend.

I know, Ron. I know how you feel!

Right here! Me and Renchan's interests coincided!

"Okay, bye-bye, Ron. Quickly, but let's try it today!


And that's how we communicate in the hospital room.

Upon returning home, I contacted Yamashita, the game master, at once. I was told that I wanted to meet you in the game immediately, so I logged in and met Yamashita.

"Are you insane?

It was very rude, but it was an extremely honest word.

"No, can't you?

"I'm not saying no... If Jialen wants to do that, I won't stop her...."

What a strange expression. I know Yamashita-san is worried about something, but I don't know what it is. As I leaned my neck, Mr. Yamashita opened his mouth with some thought.

"If you want to do it, you can do it here. I don't think you two would do anything strange... But I'll show you Jialen's Tame Monster, right?

Lucky for you and Deer. Of course it will come out. Rather, it seems that Ren-chan's goal is to brag about them. It's cute, you know how it feels.

"You can always bump into words you don't have in mind. I assure you, Are you still okay?


I see. I hadn't thought about it, but it's only natural. I'm sure there will be people who suspect things like cheats. I'm sure there's a rumor.

"Try talking to Jialen about it again. If you still want to try, we'll do our best to help."

"I'm sorry, thank you."

Afterwards, I decided to go see Renchan because it was time to decide on various details.

So, as a result of what I told you, Goodwill reacted.

"It's okay."

It was very light. I'm more unexpected about this.

"Are you sure? Whatever I say, you might want to stop."

"Well, if not, I won't!

Ah, yes.

I think so, too. Ron's purpose is these children, right? I'm sure it doesn't matter what happens when there's a weird reputation and I can't get into the party. I feel like I'm still fluffing here even if I don't mind it.

Besides, it's okay to be mad at me like that.

"Renchan has become a pervert!?

"Oh, come on.

"I'm sorry."

No, but if they say it's okay to be mad at me, I think I've become a so-called M pervert. Am I the only one?

"You know, not really."


"I don't know anyone else."


I was convinced. I did.

Ron doesn't leave the hospital room. I can't get out. That's why Renchan's world is finished in that room. For Renchan, the only other people are the attending physician's grandfather and the two nurses who know Renchan well, excluding their families.

Of course, some people meet at examinations and so on, but it's not much different from others who meet only rarely. For that child, there are only five others, including his family, and not many of them scold Renchan. I just don't have to scold you because you're a good kid.

That's why I think even someone's malice is unusual for Renchan. I'd like to see it. It's just a feeling I don't want to understand.

But, yeah. If that's okay with you, let's try it.

That's why we're ready to deliver. Well, even when it comes to preparation, just thinking about the title and comments will set it up automatically.

"By the way, Len. Lucky for me, he's trying to climb me."

Yeah, it's cute.

No, it's cute.

I've been trying to climb my feet with my little feet for a while, but it's only natural, but it's not working. If I'm sitting, I'm standing anyway. That's why I'm just being beaten with my forefoot.

I can't help it, so I'll hold it up. Somehow it seems very happy.

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. Give me this kid."

"What about it?"

"No, I'm sorry. I'm just kidding. Don't be so angry."

Surprised! I've never seen Ren-chan's Maggie before! I'm scared!

Fortunately, the anger soon subsided, and Ren-chan was sweeping up the shiro I was calling. In the meantime, rest assured.

Put the lucky one on your head and get ready again.

Uh, in the meantime, what about the title, the Tamer sisters' fufu delivery?