Before 7 pm. The light bulb that serves as the camera floats fluffily. It seems that this sphere of light will capture us and deliver us to you. The light sphere has a small black dot and is shooting in the right direction. The light bulb itself automatically tracks me as a distributor, lightly reads my thoughts and takes what I want to take.

On top of the sphere of light, there is something like a large black plate. In the form of comments written by someone here. It seems that the settings can be displayed as is in the field of view, but I can't help but see it, so I put it in this format.

Len, the star, is in the middle of a chase with the wolves. Well, yeah. Get started on your own.

So, it's seven o'clock, so let's start broadcasting!

Exciting, exciting!


Yeah, well, there's no way I suddenly get a comment on my first delivery...

"First look."

"Did you hear anything!?


"Ah, sorry. No, honestly, I didn't think anybody was coming."

"It's a major game broadcast, so it's going to be pretty good for the first time."

I've been here a long time.

"Hundreds. This is not enough for the first time."

That's ridiculous. Look at the number of viewers with half-heartedness... that? How do I look at it?

"Excuse me, how do I see the number of viewers?

That's not true www

It's tiny in the bottom right corner of the comment.

"Thank you!... oh, really. Hundreds of people."

When asked to look at the bottom right of the black frame, there was a column with the number of viewers written on it. One hundred twenty. I was surprised because I only thought there would be ten of them.

"Hundreds of people don't know what to do... Are you free?


'Hahahahaha. That's what I'm talking about. "

Somehow, there are more men in the game.

"Girl delivery, sister, there's no way I can't count."

"Hah... Is that so? I think it's a boring delivery, but please take your time."


But where's Fufu? Moufufu!?

Oh, yeah. When you look for Len-chan, Dear gets into sight first. Oh, that's so big, it's the most conspicuous.

Is that the field boss? What is this place, next to Fatos?

"Ah, no. It's my sister's field."

"Wait. You mean you tamed the field boss?

"That's good. My beloved sister, Tame Monster. It's also fufu."

The moment I said that, a lot of comments began to flow. After all, it was a shock that the Field Boss was tamed. I know how you feel. I know very well.

Dia seems to be playing hooky without joining the chase, so I'll invite her. You noticed right away, and you came this way. There is a slight penetration. It looks cool when I look at it again.

Wow, I really want Tame. Information, information!

Wait, calm down. Tame, it's your sister, isn't it? You can't help asking the Lord. "

That said, it was completely flowing, but introduce yourself.

I see. Introduce yourself. I didn't say that. Face the sphere of light and cough it up. I don't care what the annoying comments are!

"Nice to meet you all. I started broadcasting today. It's Miray. In this broadcast, my sister will relax and recline even after tame."


"I have no plans. Relax and relax."


Good. I was in trouble when they told me to fight.

I'll take a look around. I don't want Ron to ask me about it. The audience was wondering, so I immediately turned back.

"That's my sister's policy."



"My purpose is to be proud of my sister, who is so cute. Because my sister is so cute. It's so cute! I told you three times because it's important!


Grasp www

Ciscon wow

"Oh, yeah, it's Ciscon. What are you complaining about, you bastard? Lotus is so cute, I can't help it!

Don't say it yourself ~

Yabe, it's been a long time since I've been a distributor.

"So, where's your sister? The same beauty as Millay?

"Or my delusional sister."

"I'll kill you."


Oh, my God. You're a rude viewer. No, I think my boiling point is too low. Anyway, I think Renchan tends to get angry when she gets involved. Let's relax a little bit more.

"My sister is Renchan. Beautiful, isn't it?"

"What do you mean?

"Hmm... You'll see!

So I'll look for Renchan again. Renchan, where is Renchan? No, I think it was Deer who came to the side before that.


Looking up close, it's powerful.

It's an undisputed beginner killer. I let a beginner in a good mood down in despair. "

"Yeah, yeah. I struggled too. I wondered if I could win."

I understand ww

I think it's the way everyone goes.

Let's look for Renchan instead.

"Dear, I'm looking for Renchan, can I have a ride?

Dia nodded and laid down to make it easier for me to ride. What a cute girl. All right, let's fluff your throat. Is this the place? Uriuru, cute nail.

No, go find your sister.

"Ha! That's right!

She strokes Dia's head and rides on her back. Dia stood up slowly. Wow, that's a nice view. Nice view.

The audience seems excited about the sights they don't see much. Well, it's probably the first time anyone's ever ridden a big wolf.

Now, Ron-chan... The chase is over and quiet. But I was able to find it right away. There were three grassland wolves gathered, and the center of the wolves was covered.

"Found it!

"What? Wait a minute, isn't it small?

"Just calm down and get caught up in the restrictions. Millay, how old is your sister?

"Seven. I'm eight this year."

You're out!


"Really rude. I'm sorry I didn't explain."

Well, I don't think we can just keep quiet. Besides, even if Ren-chan only showed her face on TV once. I think it would be better to say it sooner if some people would notice it.

Go down from Dear and stroke again before you go back to Renchan.

As for Ron-chan, I get special permission. Of course, it's also delivered to the administration. Therefore, it is properly approved. If you have any doubts, you can contact the management. "

Haah. What's wrong with that? "

I knew you would say that, but when you actually say that, it just comes to mind a little bit. I was just about to open my mouth.

"Do you really think so?

I closed my mouth to the comment.