"Hey, what's a cheat?

"I'll tell you later. In the meantime, play lucky."

"Yes, my furufufu...."

What's so cute about this?

Rather than hate puppies, it seems very pleasant. What is this healing space? "

Puppy wolf wolf wolf wow

I know very well what a puppy is. You look like a puppy, I can't help it.

Though you don't have a cheat, you suspect that Eko is lovely, right?

"Hmm... I can't deny that, but I don't think so. After all, I listened to the mechanism and was convinced. I didn't get permission to tell you, so I kept it to myself."

Does that mean we can do it if we want to?

Wow, that makes me wonder.

"Keep it to yourself. By the way, there's a chance anyone can do it, but at least I can't."

If even the idea of wanting to be a tame is judged hostile, is it harder for the average player? Like Renchan, I just don't think I want to get along.

"How long have I been so dirty....."

What happened suddenly?

That's philosophy... Conclusion, from birth. "

"Yeah, I've been dirty since I was born."

"No, this guy, do something quick... it's too late"


Leave me alone.

"But I feel a little special. Differences in various notations. For example, even if it's just a status notation, we're str, but Renchan's from Chi."

"It's easy for elementary school students to understand."

Did you go out of your way to change it just for Roon-chan?


"The last time I was surprised was when Tame did. Everyone would have succeeded in Tame, but in the case of Renchan, he was able to be a friend."

What's so cute ~?

You're doing a good job of running things.

Yes, it's lovely, but I can forgive it.

Yeah, well, not systematically. Still, if there is such a thing, it might seem like a preference, but then I think that's all I have to do.

By the way, Mirai-san. I need to ask you something.

"Yes, yes. I wonder what it is.

"Why are Mirai and Renchan the initial equipment? Dress her up.


I was stuck in a painful place.

No, you don't. I thought about it at first. I'll deliver it and I'll buy you some good clothes. But Ren-chan doesn't pay attention to her clothes at all... Maybe I can't help it because I wear the same clothes every day.

If Len-chan is the initial equipment, I will match it, so this is what happened.

"At least if I had time, I could have bought it."

What is time?

"The day before yesterday, Ren-chan started this game, and yesterday, Ren-chan Fufufu posted a cute screenshot and wanted to be more proud, so I'm distributing it today."

Behavioral incarnation ww

What a third day ww

"What kind of play style is it when you're taming a small wolf and field boss for only two days above all else?"

"Oh, by the way, it was the first day I tamed those two."


You can't even grow grass.

It's growing, isn't it?

Hmm. Clothes. Clothes. But I'm not really familiar with in-game costumes, either.

Tomorrow, I'll go to a second party with Renchan.

"To buy clothes?

"Yeah, some of the garments the producers made. Well, I don't have a budget....."

I was basically a fighter skill, but I didn't have a lot of money because I was lazy. Still, I might be able to buy some clothes.

"By the way, for reference, how much is the most expensive clothing?

M units. I mean, over a million. "

"I can't."

I knew.

Normally I can't do that.

"Rest assured, something that looks like an enchantment is the price."

Enchant has a special magic effect on clothes and armor. I see. If it has such an effect, I also nod when it gets higher. I don't think I'm going to buy it.

Well then, let's go with Hansan tomorrow. Renchan, renchan. "

"Moufufufu... Mufu?"

"No, you're always fluffing!? I wonder if you're lucky!?

Soon, the lucky face that looked pleasant became a tired face. That's cute, but shouldn't I pretend too much?

"Ron. Shall we go shopping tomorrow? Let's go buy clothes."


It seems very strange to have a lucky kid on your head. Viewers don't seem to be able to hide their confusion, so why are the words lined up? This is what Len is like.

"I want to see Len in my cute clothes. I don't know.

"Hmm... I don't know, but it's fine."

In the meantime, I've taken your permission. I'm relieved.

"Thank you. As a thank you, when you're done shopping, let's go to the Tamers Guild Grazing Land. I can get in touch with other Tamer monsters."

"Go! I want to go!

Len-chan's eyes shine. It's good to be honest, but it seems that animals are really better than clothes.

"Then I'll go shopping tomorrow. I'll deliver it at the same time tomorrow."

The second half is for viewers. You seem to have noticed that I'm about to finish, but I don't think I'm going to be able to retain it and finish the delivery.

"Well then, it's time to finish. Renchan says hello."

"Yes, bababaa!"


Good night ~


Open the menu to exit the broadcast. After that, I realized I hadn't seen the number of viewers. When I saw it, I couldn't help but complain.

"Hey, honey?

"No, it's nothing."

That's why thousands of viewers are surprised... Are you okay in this country?

After you finish the delivery, you can also relax with Deer. Ron-chan seems lucky to be stuck in her tummy and happy.

"How was the delivery?

"Hmm... I won't brag....."

Well, that's true. After all, Len-chan just keeps playing with her hair. But it was cute, so I'm satisfied.



"Money, are you okay?

What does that mean? Is it real or a game? Neither, I guess.

"It's okay, it's okay. You don't have to worry about Len. Let's play more and more."

That's what I'm saying, I'm going to stroke you. Then, Len-chan narrowed her eyes to make her feel good. After all, my sister is the cutest in the world.