School break. I was studying AWO clothes on my phone. If I look into it, it will come out. There are a lot of different kinds of producers. Even though there are quite a few items that can be bought from NPC in the game, there are many more clothes made with sewing skills. There are famous RPG cosplay costumes, but for some reason there are even twelve. Who wears twelve?

Someone sat in front of me like that. If you look up, it's Aono, who's been corrupt since elementary school. My hobbies are completely different, but somehow I feel strange. A little strange opponent.

"The future. What are you looking at?

My phone is sneaking up on me. Then, for some reason, I rounded my eyes slightly as if I was surprised.

"Oh, it's unusual for the future to be interested in clothing. Which brand?

"No, no, it's a game. I want to buy you something."

"Oh, yeah. I thought I'd go shopping with you."

"Ahahah... See you next time....."

Speaking of which, when was the last time I shopped with him? It feels lighter than a year ago.

When I raised my fearful face, I noticed that she was staring cold at me.

"When will this happen?

"I, no, ahahahaha....."

This is a subtle anger. You're angry, you're stubborn.

Is this my fault...? I've been invited many times, but I've refused because of Len. Sometimes Len gets mad at me for not giving too much priority, so let's be careful.

"Well, how about next Sunday at lunch...?

"Nh... Well, that's fine. I have a movie that looks interesting. Let's go together."

"Wow, it's a date."

I'll try to say that. This child's illuminated reaction is cute. What a delicate expression she had on her face.

"Huh? What?

"Nh... Do you know that that future statement occasionally puts me under lesbian suspicion?

"Eh, lie. Seriously?"

"Seriously. Be a little careful. My boyfriend said," I thought it was a lesbian, think about my mood. "

I thought about it. Hell. Yeah, I'm really sorry.

"But I can't predict that....."

"Yeah, that's right. That's why I'm not angry. Just a bit of a dent....."

"No, yeah. Sorry, right?"

I thought I'd be a little careful with my words and actions./(adv-to, vs) (1) (on-mim) (on-mim) (on-mim) (on-mim) slowly/(2) (on-mim) (on-mim) slowly/slowly/(P)/

Well, here we are, Producer's Paradise, Second! There's already a lot of people! Wow, so many! Lotus is so cute that she opens her mouth to worry about so many people! Take a screenshot for now.

The three cities of Fatos, Secan and Saz are easily accessible by the stones of transition at the entrance of each city. The metallurgical stone is a large blue stone that floats. When you touch it, a menu will appear with the city's name written on it, and when you touch it, it will move to the side of the city's metallurgical stone.

I came to Secondary with Renchan after using it, but there are a lot of people. I know that I've been here many times, so I'm not that surprised, but Renchan is already surprised, and even lucky with her head, and she looks cute. Photos Photos.

"There are so many people... Onee-chan, are we all players?

"Some NPCs, but mostly players."

"There are so many people..."

Stop it. It's so hard to hear...

Grab Len-chan's hand and keep walking. Len-chan is sticking to my arm. Squeeze. Squeeze. Cute!

Such a lentil was getting a little attention. Some are simply surprised at young players, but others hear leaks about delivery. Some of you saw it yesterday. Well, it's not strange to be here because there are only so many people.

"Hey, where are you headed?

"It's a commercial guild in the middle."

Players pay commercial guilds to buy permits to open stalls on the city's main roads. Players on the buyer's side look for what they want and excavate in each stall.

What a pain in the ass is for people who want to enjoy the atmosphere. You can actually get a catalog in a commercial guild. In a catalogue that is updated from time to time, you can tap on the page if there is anything you want and select a purchase from the menu that appears. This reduces your money and automatically adds it to your inventory.

The advantage of catalogues is that they can be purchased anywhere in the city, even if they are at hand. However, I can't use it when I leave the city.

The advantage of stalls is that they can negotiate prices. People who open stalls and tourists seem to enjoy it again, so don't hesitate. If they don't want to negotiate the price, they only sell the stall and hire NPC, which is the store number, to work in production again.

We're going to buy a catalog and go around the stall looking at it. Well, that's it. Your hand is a bit harsh... Hahahaha...

"What kind of clothes does Renchan want?


"The one most in need....."

In Len-chan's case, I am not interested in clothing in the first place, so I am in extra trouble. Mmm...

Enter the Commercial Alliance for now. The atmosphere is like a big pub. There was a pile of catalogues at the counter. Give me one and I'll be right out. Well, the clothes page...


"Hey, honey?

"No, it's nothing...."

It's expensive. It's expensive. No, well, it seems that you can make clothes quite well even with your sewing skills, so maybe you can't help it. Still, it's expensive.

Minimum 100,000. If it's expensive, it's 10 million. Well, I suppose this is because Battle Junky is also convincing. We have nothing to gain.


As she flipped, Len raised a small voice. I thought maybe there was a page with something I wanted, but Ron's gaze was going somewhere else.

Looking at Len-chan, the stall there was a stall lined with things Tamer used. Somehow, it looks like Ron.

"Want to go?


Go to the stall with Renchan.

The stalls line up their products with large rugs. There is also a way to prepare a large board for yourself and lower the product there. I wonder if the clothes will be that way.

What Len was looking at was a small brush. What does it say about a fine brush? 100,000 at a surprising price.

Len-chan looked at me and immediately clouded her expression. Wow, it seems that it appeared on my face that I thought it was expensive.

There's nothing I can't buy... I only have 300,000 in my hand. If I use 100,000 here, it might be a bit harsh...