"What, for my shop?

Looking back at that voice, there was a girl in so-called witch clothes. Does it look the same age as me or a little older? A smiling smile that looks happy.

"She's a girl. Maybe she came to buy clothes? I'm sorry, it's Tamer's tool that I've been working on today. If you want to make it anyway, make two for sale. So it's on sale."


"Yeah, yeah. You're a beginner, aren't you? Is this Mr. Tamer? These are hobby items, so honestly, I don't recommend them to beginners, so you should stop."

Somehow, is it okay to open a stall? No, I know it's not something I care about. I didn't think they would tell me not to buy it.

When I saw Ron-chan, it was still nailed to the brush.

Yeah, yeah. Well, what is it? Clothes are like pressing on me. Shouldn't Len buy what she really wants? Mm-hmm.

Imagine me. Bring a brush, and a sister who wipes her fuzz.... is it heaven?

"Give me this luxury brush."

"No, yeah... Were you listening to people? It's not cheap for a beginner, is it? Um, that's it. Can we negotiate a discount?

"How can I discount something I give people!

"Ah, yes. It's cool, but it's different...."

Give money to a witch dresser and get a luxury brush. I gave it to Ron-chan.

"Eh... Is that okay...?

"It's okay. Should I buy clothes again? Instead, they do a lot of fumigation. I'll deliver it."


Lotus chuckles. An angel?

As I unexpectedly loosened my cheeks, I heard a small voice from a person in witch clothes.

"No way....."

Hmm? What's the matter with you?

"Isn't she an NPC!? Player!?"

"Oh, yeah. My sister. It's a player."


A cheerful greeting with your right hand up. For some reason, Lucky also raised his right forefoot and greeted him. I wonder what this double punch is. Photos! Screenshot! Save plenty!

"Oh, by the way, you've got permission."

I was told to deliver it. You should tell me first.

In the meantime, the witch dress was trembling. What is it, man?

"You! You're the guardian!?

"Eh, ah, yes. Yes, but...."

"What's your name!?

It's Miray.

"Sign up for a friend!


Oh, God! Oh, my God! I was a little scared and left it to the flow!

We noticed your name was added to your friends list. New mark, Alice.

Something sounds familiar somewhere...

Mirai-chan! I need a favor!

Um... Yes, what?

"Let me make her clothes! I don't need any money or materials! I'll make Mirai-chan's clothes! Huh!? Huh!? Isn't that great?

What are you scared of? Why are you so good!?

"No? No? Well then, I'll make it for free about once a month! How about it!?"

"No, um... Thank you, but why...?

Honestly, I'm only suspicious. I'm inclined to say no. Len-chan is a mysterious way to be alert that she will hide behind me and show half her face.... photos.

When Alice stopped her momentum, she turned away and smiled.

"I'm only getting requests from people I know right now. Most requests are from men... I know a girl, but it's more practical than cuteness in battle junkies... I think about it occasionally. I wonder what I'm doing in my game."


The unexpected voice overlapped with Ron-chan. Drifting sorrow. Very sad.

But I don't think I can help it. Although the threshold was lower than before, there were still more men in the game. Even this game, which is said to have a relatively large number of female players who say that real animals are cute, seems to have about 30% of all female players.

"And this little girl is so cute! I'd be happy to make it for this kid! I'll make a lot of them! So please!

Alice lowers her head with a bang. Um, what should I do...

Looking back at Len-chan, she stared at Alice and was lucky. What is it, man?


Alice was a little confused, too.


I opened my eyes a lot when the lucky one rang. Apparently I didn't think it was a Tame Monster. I thought it was a stuffed animal.


Alice is probably lucky enough to accept it. Oh, wow. My face is kind of fuzzy. Lucky for me, but unlike when I was with Renchan, my expression felt subtly stiff. It feels like you're forcing me to touch it.



"I think I can ask you."

"Hmm. Why?

"Because no one likes it bad!

That's why it seems to be Ron. But if that's what Renchan thinks, let's follow Renchan. If something goes wrong, that's what we'll do, and you'll do something about it. I'll do my best as if I were your sister.

"Uh, Mr. Alice."

"Hehe, so cute... Ah, yes. Ah, just throw it away. It looks like it's getting old."

Not Alice, but Alice says that as she returns the lucky one to Renchan. Let's just say we didn't see it look a little unforgettable.

"Well, can I ask you a favor? I don't have much in my hand....."

"No, the money is really good. I'm just satisfied that you made it and wore it. Nfufu"

Are you sure you're okay? I'm starting to get anxious.

"In the meantime, I'll give you something to make and put aside by giving it a try. I made it for hobbies."

The trade screen opens. The trade screen displays what I put out on the left and what the other person puts out on the right. Once mutually approved, it will be exchanged by mutual agreement.

Alice came out with two clothes before we presented something.

"You don't have to put anything in. Just keep pressing approve."

"Ah, yeah... Are you sure?

"Of course, I'm glad you're wearing it. It's just too fancy to give it to anyone else....."

Hey, wait. Come here.

That suits you, but it makes me crazy!

"Mirai-chan, Mirai-chan. Sure, Mirai-chan might float a little, but don't you want to wear it with your cute sister...?

"Yes, please!

"Ah, yeah. I was surprised to hear the answer immediately."

Complete the trade while listening to Alice laugh that she loves you and loves you. Yeah, this is pretty... No, but imagine Ron wearing it. It's amazing.

"Please show me. Screenshots and stuff!

"Ah, then, if Alice doesn't like it, can I wear it on the delivery?

"Hmm? Are you broadcasting?

When I nodded and told him about the delivery, he was more interested in. Promise me you'll see.

"Of course you can wear it while it's on the air! I'm gonna be a publicist too!

"Ahahah. Thank you. Now, let me use it."


Shake your hand. I was wondering what would happen if you suddenly called me, but it might be a good match. This is Roon-chan's lucky wolf power too! No, that would have nothing to do with it.

"Well, that's right... Give me about three days. I'll make something cute!

Alice said so, and goodness just hurried away. You don't have to hurry, but it seems like you're having a lot of fun, so don't say anything.

"For now, Renchan. I got my clothes and I'll try them on when I get home."


"You want to use that brush as soon as possible, right?


Powerful reply. For Renchan, brushes are better than clothes. Well, it's Ron.

Afterwards, I took a quick look around the stall and returned to Fatos.