Oh, I'll see you later.

Len-chan!... that?

There's nobody here?

What, a setup error?

No, wait, the video's moving.

I just don't see it, Mirai's here.

There was Renchan! Wow!

Oh, is it too cute to stroke around in the middle of the meadow with a brush?

It's not the initial equipment! You're pretending to be something!


Well, that's why it's time to deliver. Today, I changed my taste a little and started with Renchan. Lucky is lying on his back, and Len is brushing his stomach. Yeah, yeah.

"My sister is too cute....!

Mirei www

I'll be relieved as usual.

That's right, Mirai-san, I don't feel numb there and I don't admire it!

"Shut up!

Absolutely, you guys are doing exactly what you always do.

Stand in front of the sphere of light with your head down. I have a different taste than yesterday!

It's not the initial equipment! Did you buy it?

"It's cute. I mean, maybe it doesn't have to be, is it properly matched?

"Oh, that's a good guess. That's right, Ron is in proper alignment. I wonder if you've been blessed with a strange edge... When I bought the brush that Renchan was obsessed with, I got clothes from the store owner."

What do you mean?

I don't know what that means.

It's okay. I don't know.

No, I think I'll say it myself again. There's no pulse or anything. But I can only really say that. Besides, I'm sure this was a very good meeting.

"But maybe he was just a pervert...."

"I didn't expect to hear that from Miray."

Isn't that what Mirai said?

Renchan! Is Renchan safe?

"What do you think I am?

Really rude, these guys!

"Anyway, I don't know. Lon seemed to really like it."

That's what I said, and I turned around.

Blue dress, white apron dress and red ribbon. White ruffles on the skirt. It's simple, but I thought it might be a little fancy.

"I think it might be Alice in a strange country as an image. Is it a little too fancy for me?

It's okay. It's cute.

It looks good. It looks good.

"Really? Thank you."

I'd like to see Ron too!

Yes, yes, I can't help it

Call Len-chan. I was ignored if I didn't hear you. I'll call you again. There's no response. I wonder if they hate me. I know you just didn't realize.

Next time, come closer and pinch Renchan's cheek. Ploppy.

"Nhm... What, Onee-chan?"

I'm broadcasting it!


Looking back at me, he looked at the sphere of light and stood up in a hurry.

"Ah, uh, hello!


How nice of you to say hi.

"It's completely different from someone who started silent."

Shut up.

Ron-chan, Ron-chan. Show me your clothes. "

"Sure! Please!

"Ah, yeah. Uh, like this, huh?

Kurum, Ton-chan is turning a turn. Ron's clothes are the same as mine. This slightly fancy costume also suits Renchan very well. So cute. That's my sister. Angel.


Renchan is so cute, but the slutty loose face of her neighbor has everything.

Let's hide it for a bit ~

Ron-chan, run!

Roon-chan leans her neck. I don't know what that means. That's fine, Lotus. Mm-hmm.

Still, Alice from a strange country. It seems like Alice at AWO will also make it. He seems to like this kind of thing. "

"Oh, yeah. Do you know him? Yes, Alice gave me this dress."

"Hmm, what!?

I want you to stop sending me so many silent posts suddenly! I'm scared!

Ah, well, that's how Alice and Tame did a little too....

It's famous to the main players in the fight, but they don't know much about anything else...

If you were doing a merchant roll, you'd hear a rumor, but you wouldn't hear a name in Fatos first.

Oh, Alice, are you quite a celebrity after all? Somehow, I thought it sounded a little familiar, but it wasn't my fault.

"Alice was such an interesting lady!


Are you in person!?

"But some of them were a little scared."



Well, that was a lot of momentum. Honestly, even I pulled a little. But now I know I'm not a bad boy.

"Is Alice famous?

"At least everyone knows who the main player in the fight is."

"Crazy Producer with Blacksmithing and Sewing Skills"

If it's just one of them, it's pretty good, but Alice is the only one in both counts.

"Eh, no, this is really awesome..."

Combat skills are limited and can only be raised halfway through, but all production skills can be raised. You can increase your rank by completing a predetermined quest and shaking points earned for leveling up.

It's a problem with this quest, and it's easy until the end, but rumors abound that the last one is quite a monster. I've heard some amazing stories about giving up and starting to develop other skills because I'm too stupid to be willing to do anything else.

I can't believe Alice raised two of those production skills...!

"What a pervert...!



Even if you don't think about it carefully, it only feels like a masochist.

It seems that the higher the skill level, the more you can do, so I know the higher the skill level, but... I know...!

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. Alice is a pervert, so be careful."

Hey!? What are you blowing in!?

Slowly, tilt your neck.

"I mean, hey, is that the same thing?

"Oh, yes? Yeah!?"

Ahahaha! Zama!

What is this low-level struggle?

This is fucked up already.

Yeah. All right. I think I'll stop doing more damage. If you listen to Len-chan's assessment of me any more, I feel like I can't get it back...!

"Alice, let's make up."

I see, Mirai-chan. We're best friends....!

"What is this, what is this... this bullshit..."

What the hell are we showing...?

"Nh! Anyway, I knew Alice was famous. Thank you, thank you... By the way, how long would it take you to buy Alice's clothes properly?

It's pinky, but on average it should be a million bucks.


Something's wrong with the money...! I wonder if these clothes are actually very expensive. I'm afraid to wear it! After all, if they say data, that's it!

"Even so, I envy you. I've heard that it's rare to even accept a request, so why do you do it again?"

No, because your request, the men and the equipment and the practical stuff are all the same. I want to make cute clothes for a cute girl. I want to make it for Renchan. "

Ah, yes......

I can't hear a sound... I'm sorry.... "

Are there any people who have requested it? Well, that means people like that are watching this delivery. I don't have any strategy information, but is that okay...?

"That's it!


Soon, Ron-chan was back on her lucky brush. Lucky, very happy. What a cute creature. I like it.

Next, Ren-chan ran towards Dear. The star is Ron, and I'll go after him too.

"Oh, yeah. Alice, thank you for the brush. Ron loved it so much that he planned to go to the grasslands today, but the day was almost over with brushing."

I'm glad you like it!

No way!? I was expecting you in the Fatos pasture!

"Grass. Standing next to a big wolf is really a strange country... At least if it's a rabbit....!

"That's what I thought."

Of course, the wolves are cute too. Almost like a dog anymore. When I saw the grassland wolves waiting for the brushing order, I felt a lot more dust.

No, wait a minute. Hey, wait a minute. There is a familiar white wolf in the prairie wolf. It's my partner anyway. Yeah....

"My Tame Monsters are waiting in order...."

Everyone prefers a cute little girl, so I can't help it.

Tame monsters betray Tamer?

"Shut up."

I miss you a little bit, but, well, okay. Looks like Ron likes Shiro too.

"Dear, I'm brushing my back! Put it on!

The rounded Dear lacked stretch and tangled Len-chan with his tail. * Giggle *, Lift up Roon-chan's pleasant voice and put it on your back with dexterity. Wow, did you do that?

Looks like Ren-chan resumed brushing, but she can't see much from here.

Hmm. I don't see Roon-chan anymore, so I guess that's it for now.

No way!?

"More! More healing! Lucky for me!

Lucky for you. I looked around and found that she was still lying where she was brushing. He's lying on his back, apparently asleep.

"I just want to follow you....."

I know.

Stop it, wow


It seems to be all right, so I decided to finish luckily today. Hmm, I want to stroke you...