A thread about AWO's broadcasters

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This is the thread that talks about the people who are distributing on AWO.

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No 566.

I knew the delivery of the offensive was worth it.

No 567.

How to use your skills is really helpful

No 568.

For my part, I can't forget to deliver the final dungeon.

I want to see it again.

No 569.

I can see that.

Could somebody do it again?

No 570.

I found my favorite delivery that I love to heal...

No 571.

Oh, you mean it's the first time you've found it?

572 570

Yes, the delivery name is Tamer Sisters' Fufufu delivery

Just finished, you should still be able to play it over and over again

No 573.


574 570

Ma, and my sister is a real baby girl.

No 575.

Shh, B.

You can't have elementary school kids.

No 576.

If you're lying, you've lied more.

I don't know. I don't know.

No 577.

No, no, no, wait.

I searched it by the delivery name, and it was there, and I glanced at it, and there was a little girl.

No 578.

How could you lie to me like that.....

No, seriously.

No 579.

Yeah, yeah!?

What's going on? What's going on? What's going on!?

580 570

My sister said she got permission.

No 581.

Is it that easy to take...?

No 582.

Normally, you can't.

I don't think that sister would be able to do that.

583 570

Someone who knows what happened?

Tell me if you can.

No 584.

It's a special illness. I can't get out of the room.

It's famous for its news and fundraising.

No 585.


I know that, too, kid.

She's an unexplained hypersensitivity kid, and the light itself isn't working.

No 586.

Yeah, that's why you can't get out of the room.

What a pity...

No 587.

No, but I've seen it, and it seemed like a lot of fun.

Honestly, I think she's cute.

No 588.

That's it.

I know my sister loves you.

No 589.

I love that one.

My sister seems to miss her a lot.

No 590.

Friendly sisters are nice.....

No 591.


No 592.

Very dusty.....

No 593.

Well, my sister made a lot of dangerous remarks.

I saw it like us.

No 594.

My sister is the only one like you.

No, but you've been flying since the first time www

No 595.

I haven't seen it yet, have I?

I want to see it quick.

No 596.

I care about your sister, but for me, they're monsters.

No 597.

That one.

I've seen Tamer's bulletin board, but it was a big fuss.

No 598.

That would make a lot of noise.

They thought I couldn't even tame them, because they both suddenly tamed me.

No 599.

I don't know how to escape a little wolf.

I don't know how.

No 600.

Lucky wolf, huh?

Oh, my God, that's so cute.

No 601.

That's all I wanted to be Tamer....

No 602.

It was so fuzzy!

The puppies they see in photos and videos are fluffy...!

No 603.

That's really, really bad.

I want to touch it and pretend I want to hold it...!

No 604.

Tamer, I want you all to do your best.

Once I know how to do it, I'll be Tamer.

No 605.

So did Tammmons, but I was surprised that he did it on his first day.

No 606.

I wondered how you played it.

No, I really wanted to see it.

No 607.

Someday you want me to demonstrate Tame.

I'm secretly looking forward to it.

No 608.

Me, me, too.

No 609.

I want to see more lucky than that! I want to touch it!

No 610.

Relax, but I agree with you.

No 322.

It's the second time we've been broadcasting!

No 323.

I've been waiting!

No 324.


No 325.

I thought there was nobody, but Renchan was there.

No 326.

Ron's costume has changed!

No 327.

Something pretentious?

No 328.

I want to see it.

No 329.

Mirai-san, you are....

No 330.

Are you okay with a sister like this?

No 331.

It's not okay. It's full of problems.

No 332.

But there's nothing we can do....

No 333.

We're... so helpless...!

No 334.

Sometimes I can't keep up with you guys.

No 335.

Don't think, feel it!

No 336.

Somehow, Miray's right. It's a fancy outfit.

No 337.

Maybe it's an apron dress.

Lotus is cute.

Mirai, is that... cute...?

No 338.

Cut him loose.

No 339.

Buy a brush and get some clothes.

I see. I don't know.

No 340.

Some of them were pretty fat.

No 341.

But it's well built.

Sewing rank seems high.

No 342.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

No 343.

You're kidding me.


No 344.

Rather than rank high, you're a Kanst!

No 345.

No, this is bullshit.

No 346.

Miray and Alice are probably getting along somehow.

Wavelength or something.

No 347.

I know what you mean.

Breathable combo.

No 348.

But what did they show us...?

No 349

Hey, hey, hey.

... I'm sorry, but there wasn't a single element.

No 350.

Ah... I'm sorry for Alice...

No 351.

I asked two for armor.

No 352.

I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

No 353.

I was lucky to have a cute delivery today.

No 354.

Lotus is really cute.

No 355.

I want to be fluffy with Renchan too.

No 356.

What do you got there?

No 357.

Come on, man.

No 358.

Give me a name. I'll give you a name.

No 359.

I'm so sorry!

No 360.

No, but you guys actually kind of think about it, don't you?

No 361.


No 362.


No 363.


No 364.

Don't shut up.

No 365.

You're so cute, you can't help it!

I can't wait for tomorrow...!