I've repeated it several times and it's time for me and Renchan to get used to it, so I think I'll try going a little further. In other words, I'm going to meet my new Fufu.

"That's why, Ron-chan!


"Tame the cat today!


"Yes! It's here!

There are many cats on the grasslands next to Secan so that dogs can tame them on the grasslands next to Fatos. No, it's not a dog, it's a wolf.

Because the dog is a wolf, the cat may be said to be a tiger or a lion, but for some reason the cat remains a cat. No, it's a cat again. There are two tails. It's a beginner magician, but since it's not active as an example, it doesn't have to be targeted by multiple players, and even if you fight one-on-one, the opponent can attack while chanting.

You might think that magic is an enemy that you can experience. Seems like a natural enemy to a cat lover. I can't attack. I know very well.

The Field Boss isn't here, he has a dungeon instead. Do lions and tigers inhabit the dungeon?

It might be nice to go if you can afford it, but unlike cats, there are only active monsters here, so it's a little dangerous. If what Renchan told me about the operation is true, Renchan may have no problem.

And I got a message when I was about to leave, so I had more people with me.

"So, Ron. Alice is here, but you don't have to worry about it!

"Yeah, I'm finishing here! Looking at your thumb!


Hmm, be honest! There's only a cat in Len's eyes anymore!

Len-chan quickly stormed into the cat. But cats are cats, and they're pretty whimsical, so they don't come close. Mum, Ron-chan began to slowly approach as she roared.

"I thought it was a delivery, but Renchan really enjoys playing with monsters!

"Yeah. Virtually, it's so much fun to get in touch with animals. Even though it's real, it's really fun, and I'm getting a smile."

"Really... That sounds pretty tough. Um, sorry, I did a little digging."

"Ah... It's okay. I've been on TV, so it'll be easy to find out."

If you make me feel so sorry, I'd rather be in trouble. No doubt, Len won't mind either.

"Well, if you're really worried, I'm sorry about the clothes. I feel like I'm getting too much."

"No way! That's not true! I'll do my best! So, yes!

Oops!? It's the trade screen! Was the finishing meant to be given?

I looked at the clothes displayed on the screen and raised my voice unexpectedly.


"Yeah, kimono. I don't think I've ever worn it in real life, and I think I'd be happy. You look good! Oh, fuck it. It's my hobby!

I like Japanese clothes! Let's get you dressed!

So I decided to call Renchan, but she was surrounded by cats. is sitting on the ground and slowly stroking a cat on his lap. Are the cats around Renchan waiting in turn?


"My sister, who imitates the sound of a cat, is so cute!

"Mirai-chan!? Calm down!"

Damn it! Why didn't I deliver it? Save your videos as long as you play them! This is definitely not a photo, but a video! Failed!

Ren-chan stroked the cat on her lap and wiped the area around her chin, making it look very pleasant. This is a great healing space. Make a compromise and take a picture.

"You're really naturally taming... That's amazing, Renchan. The cat here is so vigilant, he can't really tame it."

"My sister is the cutest and strongest."

"Ah, yeah. That's right."

I wonder why you pull it off, Alice?

"That's why we have more cats. Up to five"

I can't believe I can suddenly tame that cat to the limit.

I don't know...

No, wait. It's flowing naturally, but the clothes are changing!

Oh, you're early! Yes, Ron and I are wearing the clothes we received quickly. I'm busy with Lenchi, so I'll do it for now.

"Cumming. Alice gave it to me. How's it going?

It's self-confidence! Ehhn!


Which one?


I wonder if that's a good response.

Simple with a blue shirt and a white coat. My breast is on it. It seems that it can be used in combat for a while. Ron-chan is the same, and she just doesn't have any breasts.

"I want to see the color difference of the witch's clothes."

"Nh, the so-called witch's clothes are called scarecrows."

I don't want that kind of poop.

Oh, no.

Oh, yeah. Alice drives normally. Most people have scars? I don't know, and I don't think I'm very interested... If you're interested, ask them to look into it for you.

"Len-chan. Is it about time?"


Len-chan with the cat on her head runs this way. Lucky for me to follow my feet, I kind of feel a little cute. I'm looking up at my husband with a sad look. I'll let you know, Ron.

Lucky w

"Grass was taken from me as soon as I could."

Why not! Lucky, it's not bad. Do it!

Roon-chan leans her neck at such a comment. And when I lifted my lucky hand, I hugged her tightly.

"Everyone's cute."

My pussy.

"A young girl who hugs her fufu even when she puts her fufu on... Fine."

Too cute!

Aren't you proud to adore us?

Fufufu, that's my sister. And before my mouth opens,

"Bye! So! This kid was the first one to become a friend!

Len-chan jumps. I think he's talking about the cat with the head. From my point of view, I didn't know which one was the first by feeding everyone, but I wonder if Ron-chan understood.

And this is it. It'll be a long one.

"That's her! Get the fuck out of here! Lucky!"

Do you like white girls?

She's kind of a lucky kid too.

I wonder if it's rare?

"I don't know. Ehehe, fluffy....."

You look so happy holding a lucky white cat. Your expression is already fuzzy.

"So, next up, uh, that girl... Wait a minute!

Lotus goes to catch a cat in the distance. The viewer is left alone. As always, it is straight to the fuselage.

"Ahahah. Yeah, I'm sorry, but just hang out with him a little bit."


It's nice because it's cute.

Listen carefully. It's okay because I'm not tired of it.

We're all good people, thank you so much. I really do.

That day ended with Renchan's cat pride. Well, it's something that keeps talking.