In the dark usual ward, Jialen is getting ready for the game. It's still after noon, which is the second full dive, and it's supposed to be study time, but today is Sunday. The teacher who always teaches me how to study is absent, so I decided to play the game at lunch on the condition that I take a break in the morning.

I told my sister about it yesterday, but it seems that I already made a promise with a friend, and I regretted it very much. I preached to my friend because he said he would say no to his promise. I need to take good care of my friends.

That's why I logged in alone for lunch.

Ren got off to his usual home and played with Lucky, Deer, and the cats for now. Brush everybody's clothes and wipe them all over. After enjoying it thoroughly, I think it is good luck.

I thought I'd play tricks.

Lotus is also a child. Sometimes this kind of mischief comes to mind.

That's why. Ren: Yeah, yeah, I look at the menu as I roar.

Onee-chan taught me something. I share the account I use for distribution with Goodwill, and I can use it. However, I don't know how to use it because I was just explained that it is such a thing.

Yeah, yeah, I kept roaring, and I found something called this. Yes, as is the menu. When I touched it, a lot of things came out again, so I tried pushing something like that for now. Get started, get started.

Then a frame emerges for writing something. I'm sure this is the title of the delivery.

"Er... Loans,"

Unfortunately, in the first place, I don't even know that the delivery is titled. Ren mistook this for his name.

And I started doing it.

I was surprised by the sudden appearance of light bulbs and black boards, but I was relieved to realize that it was something my sister often used. In a few moments, comments came through.

"What is this broadcast?"

The distributor is Mirai's name.....

"Ah, uh, hello."


Eh, eh, alone!?

What happened to Mirai?

Looks like you're all in a hurry. Strange, isn't it?

"Um, I'm alone today. It's Sunday, so I'm going out with my friends."

I can't believe I'm going to play without Renchan.

No, don't say that. Mirai had a relationship of the same age. "

"Yeah, when I found out I could have lunch today, I tried to apologize to my friends, so I asked them to take care of me."

Are you mad at me?

"High school students angry with elementary school students"

Hey, Ron!

I'm not that angry, but I feel a little mistaken. But I don't know how else to say it, so I'll leave it as it is. It's not wrong.

So... I'm alone today. "

Ron is Mirai's sister too.

You have the power to act.


My tongue is so cute

I feel like I've been fooled in a subtle way. When I swelled my cheeks, perhaps the other person apologized. I'll forgive you because your heart is wide.

"Today, I'm going to tease Onee-chan."


What happened suddenly, Ron-chan www

"Naughty Delivery w"

What are you doing?

"I'm going to bring a new friend here and surprise you!


Such a cute prank ~

I think it would be good if it were such a prank. I'll cheer you up. "

"Thank you for your comment!

Yeah. Yeah. What, you don't recognize us as people?

Was our body a comment...?

I'm a person...... Comment...... What the hell am I......?

You guys calm down www

It's kind of weird, but for now, the commentators agree, so let's get going. We already know where we're going and who we want to get along with next.

Good luck with the comments.

Fluffing and moody spasms don't notice flowing comments.

"Is that it? Even if I don't have to, it seems like I've been complicit...?

Oh, I see. If you don't want to go home, please. "

Bullshit. This time God will confirm it. You stupid bastard! I'll see to it!

I'm looking forward to Mirai's reaction too much.

Okay, here we go. The first step is to go to Secondary.

This field is a goodwill home that you can visit at any time. To get out of here, open the menu and touch Move to Fatos. And in the next moment, right in front of Fatos' metamorphic stone.

From this metallurgical stone, we move to the second. I'm worried about Sazu too, but when I go there, I feel like my sister is mad at me.

When you get to the second place, you go to the meadow with your sister the other day. There is a destination for goodwill.

Ron-chan, Ron-chan. I want you to tell me where I'm going. "

That kind of comment came through. Speaking of which, I haven't said it yet.

"It's a dungeon nearby. It's full of tigers and lions."

Wait a minute.

That's Akan.

Renchan, no! Think again!

The commentators are desperate. What's the matter?

"Hmm? I don't know, but it's pretty good.

It's not okay! Don't go!


Why do you say that? I don't know about the rendition.

And now the dungeon is right in front of you. In front of the rendezvous, there is a large hole in the ground that is completely empty. They say it's inside the dungeon when they jump in here.

Incidentally, there seems to be an escape magic formation at the tip of the fall for those who fell unaware. That's kind of you. They often tell me not to make a hole first.

"I'm coming!

"Ahh! I really went!

Hey, we'll definitely get mad at Miray too!

Let's spoil it and get angry... Let's at least watch... "