The hole was very deep, but it fell slowly with a mysterious force. Land on the ground and look around.

It's a dim, despicable cave. It seems like it will appear in games and animations.

"Royal Road? A cave! It's exciting!

I understand.

Wow, that's too realistic.

I feel like I'm adventuring.

"Yeah, yeah!

The sound of water falling from the ground up makes the atmosphere stand out. Looks like you're really in a natural cave.

"But it's the lion and the tiger here, isn't it? In a cave like this...?

More than that, Akan

Most games don't work when you ask for realism.

"Maybe some of my neighbors are out hunting regularly."

"Hmm... That's right."

In the meantime, wake up a lucky person who's fallen asleep with a light slap on his head. Lucky woke me up shorthanded at once. Hold your lucky arm tilting your neck properly.

"Lucky, which way do I go?

The cave began almost in the middle of the road. There are paths ahead and behind. Lucky moved his nose and barked towards him.

"Thank you."

I give lucky to buy a lot of food. Lucky eaten with pleasure.

Oh, I wonder if a little wolf can do that.

I want more and more......

"Stop it. They tried to find out about Renchan, but as always, they were able to escape quickly and couldn't do anything."

"Really? He's a big boy."

Fortunately stroke forward. Lucky will show you the way, and you won't get lost. I'm worried about the way out, but now I'm behind.

Eventually I arrived at a large room. I was there.

Mr. Lion!

A magnificent male lion in the middle of the room with great taste. A female lion in a formation to defend it. The tigers sitting around it.

"How long has Tiger been working for Mr. Lion?

That's it. It's a game of convenience. "

"Don't worry about him."

I see.

I'll take a look at the lions. Everyone seems to be relaxed. She's cute as a big cat.

As Len stepped into the room, all eyes turned towards us.


I'm not very strong in games, but I'm still scared of instincts.

I know.

And the goodwill.


That's what I ran away from.

I didn't hesitate to go!

Oh my god wow

That's the grass.

No, but they're all active!

Oh, I see, I thought it was a little cramped. That's why everyone was in such a hurry. Normally, an active monster is a monster that attacks even if we don't do anything. You must have been worried about Len.

But I know the goodwill. Yamashita taught me. Without hostility, they won't be attacked.

The tigers could not have attacked by staring at us.

"Wow... It's big....."

I feel somehow alerted, but I don't think I'll be attacked first. Attempting to approach a sitting tiger. The tiger just stares at us.

"Can I touch it...? Are you mad at me?

I don't know why I wasn't attacked.

Oh, wow. Why don't you just feed it up? "


Remove the feed quickly and get closer to the tiger. The tiger seems to have hardened for a moment, but immediately moved his nose towards the feed with spasms and twitched.



Ah, yeah.


Apparently, they didn't understand. You're so cute.

The tiger was sniffing the smell of food for a while, but eventually I ate it with a big tongue. Move your mouth a little and swallow it right away. And I basically stood up.

"It's big....."

Isn't it bad this time!?

Run! Ron-chan, run!

And the tiger licked the cheek of the spawn.

"Uhya! I'm surprised...."


Isn't it too soon to miss...

"I must have been bothered by Len-chan's pinch, but at some point I saw almost a video with a carnivore...."

After the first one, it came from around. As well as tigers, there are also many female lions. I prepared a lot of food, so I gave it to everyone. Everyone is happy to eat it. Is this so delicious?

………… Ahm. "

What are you suddenly eating, Ron-chan!?

No, I understand. Every animal and monster seems to eat deliciously. "

Everyone tries Tamer. And I regret it. "


I wonder what. But the taste of this expression is difficult. I don't know, it's really a very creepy meat dumpling, but rather it's painful and very tasty without tasting the meat.

While I was stunned, the tiger ate the bitten food from the side. Somehow, I doubt the sanity of these children for a moment.

Renchan's expression is www

I know, I know, Lotus. That's the only way to break it up. "

I don't think there are any people who would eat it, but I feel that the taste was set appropriately.

Is that so? Maybe so. Too creepy.

Last approaching was an exuberant male lion.

"Yes, please."

Of course, I'll eat your lion too. It seems delicious and satisfying. And it looks fluffy.

Ron's gaze is fixed on the lion.

Is this the frame of the Renchan fufufu...?

No, but I know I care.

Reach out gently and touch your temper. Very fluffy.

"Ha wow....."

This is good. It's a very good fufu.

Renchan's face!

Wow, it's melting.

Look, I want to touch it too.

I'm already happy. While holding the feed with your left hand, your right hand also has a fufu. I'm happy.

As I continued feeding while rinsing for a while, a message came out.

I've become a friend!


"We're together now."

That's not true.

The lion must be Tame's difficulty.

"No, well, is it reasonable to keep feeding without fighting...?

I don't know the hard part, but I'm satisfied because I became a friend. By the way, the female lion and tiger were also tamed. Each one of them is two.

"You know, Mr. Lion."

Talking to the lion of desire, the lion stares at us. Fufu for now.

Ron-chan www

I wonder, the lion seems to be confused.

"Moufufufufu... Oh, yes! Hey, Mr. Lion. Where is Mr. White Tiger?

Somehow the commentators started making noise. It is said that what you are trying to do is dangerous, but the purpose of the rendition is to play with the white tiger from the beginning.

The lion stared at us seriously and eventually sat there. And I'm going to look at this again. Do you mean get in?

"Can I ride?

Kokun, the lion nods. Ren turned his back on the lion. The lion was a little too big to tell me that other female lions and tigers helped me.

"What is this?"

Even if you want to ride, you can't ride it, and other lions and tigers will help you ride it. Fine. "

It's an explanation of who you're going to be talking to.