Well, I'm the in-game guardian, and I'm holding my head right now. Next door, there's a belly trembling! Me, think it's someone else!

Jialen is really cute.

He said with a smile. I agree with that opinion, but I wonder what kind of face I should see in the future.

This time, the account Renchan used for delivery is shared with me. And when it comes to sharing, I'm the parent in the game, which means I'm the main one on that account. Well, yeah. You contacted me when Len-chan started broadcasting.

When I told him about the situation, he laughed bitterly and watched the delivery together. Enter the coffee shop and watch the delivery on your phone with a light pinch of food. And when Roon-chan tamed the white tiger and returned to Roon-chan's home, the distribution was over.

When I say what I want to say, I already know the children Len brought into the home. A male lion, two female lions, and two tigers. And White Tiger.

I'd be surprised if I didn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did. Well, what should I do? Actually, should I be honest with you, or should I surprise you?

"I wonder how Renchan would be most pleased..."

"I see. Erase your memory now and log in without knowing anything."

"There are so many difficult problems....."

If you can do that, you won't have any trouble. I want to do it now if I can. Then you'll be able to react exactly as you want!

"What am I supposed to do...?

When I was holding my head, the horn sighed and gave me advice.

"You know, the future. Even if you talk to me, I don't know the game, so I can't give you any advice."

"Yeah... I'm sorry, I know."

"That's why. There will be a lot of in-game advisors in the future. No, I don't know if I can count on it."

"What do you mean?"

"Log in a little early and talk to me. Anyway, it's just a bunch of spare people, and there's someone who starts a little early."

I see!

I'm a little worried about how to say it, but it might be a good hand. I really don't know if I can count on you!

"Yes, and if so, let's finish shopping."

"That's right. Thank you very much."

"Yes, yes."

Afterwards, I enjoyed shopping in the form of being taken around. I think I have bought a little too much diapers.

5: 30 p.m. I logged in a little earlier, as advised. And get ready for delivery immediately. After a short wait time, it was ready for delivery.

Hit the sphere of light and start delivering.

"Oh? Another time like this?

Mirai this time.

"Hey, you idiots."

That's right, forget it, Miray. So, what's going on?

These people at least seem to match up with Ron, who wants to surprise. I think they're good people. I felt like I couldn't say anything.

"It's very easy to tell."


"I share it with Renchan, the account I use for distribution."


No, wait. No way. "

Oh, come on. Looks like someone already figured it out. Never mind, keep saying it.

"Because I'm your parent in the game, I have the primary right to my account."


"Whoa, whoa, whoa."

"When Renchan started distributing, she contacted me and I saw it, too."

Hahahaha...... I mean?

"I know what's in Renchan's home! What kind of face should I see now?!


This is terrible www

Is it bad for elementary school students that Ron should have noticed?

Of course, but I don't feel like asking Ron for responsibility. It is my fault that I did not explain that I would not do it. Renchan is not bad at all.

If it was still bad, it was just bad timing.

"So please help me. What should I do? Should I apologize for watching the delivery the moment I met you, or should I pretend I didn't know?"

Ultimate choice.

Shouldn't we be honest? You'll feel guilty even if you keep your mouth shut, and I'll definitely get angry if they find out. "

Let's shut up. You don't have to find out. More than that, it's a goodwill surprise! Have fun!

Well, I was able to get a lot of opinions. When I count, I get about the same number. I don't know what to do with this.

Now, isn't it too late to apologize?

"Nh...? Why?"

No, because if you apologize, it's just after the delivery, right? How long do you think it's been?



That's right. If you're sorry, it doesn't make sense until Roon-chan logs out...! If they ask me why I've kept my mouth shut, I can't answer anything!

This is stuffed wow

Well, you did well. I'll pick up the bones. "

I'll look for bones in the prairies!

"That sounds like I'm going to laugh at you!

Oh, yeah, I thought it was someone else! No, the truth is, it's other HR for them. Come on!

Oh, it's time. I have no choice but to prepare...!

Well then, I'll hang up! I'm going...!

Come on!

"Shut up!

Oh, come on, let's get started!