Delivery of Tamer Sisters' Fufufu ~ My beloved sister who loves Fufufufu is so cute, so I will try to be proud of it ~

Delivered for the seventh time: I like my sister although there are many things.

Ron sent me a message. Don't go into the field and wait for me. Hahaha, my stomach hurts...!

Roger that. A while later, Ren-chan ran to me waiting in front of the gate of Fatos. What a smile. Exactly the naughty smile. Pure smile. It's hard for me to be dirty...

"Hey, let me wait!

"Yeah... Oh, no, I'm not waiting. So, can I go?

"Oh, wait."

Ron-chan starts broadcasting immediately. Oh, did you get used to it once?



Reaction...? Ah.

Look at Len. I was looking at this excitedly. That's right, it's the first time you've seen it from me!

"Su, that's amazing, Renchan! I can do it myself!

"Yeah! Yeah! Amazing? Amazing?

"Wow, Ron, that's amazing!


Lit Lit Lit Lit is so cute. I want to hug you, but I weigh myself because I'm delivering it.

That's why we're finally going to Renchan's home. With Ron-chan, I'm transferring. Roon-chan's meadow spreads like this. Right in front of me.

Lions, tigers, and big white tigers.

All right, all right. Let's do it!

"Wow, wow! Lions, tigers, white tigers...! When did Ron become a friend? I'm surprised!

"Hmm. Onee-chan, you were watching the delivery."

They found out immediately. Seriously.


"Pass the prairie."

Rather Savannah

Tiger only ww

"What are you talking about?"

I thought these guys were other people....!

Looking at the comment unexpectedly, I noticed that Len-chan was looking at me too. I'm scared.

"Hmm. Hmm. Yes, it is. Oh, yeah."

"Ah, you know, Ron-chan...?

"Hmm. Hmm. Oh, yeah, what is it?"

"I'm sorry!

Secret moves, underground! That's no excuse! I'm scared! I'm so scared of Ron!

When I raised my scared face because I didn't hear back, Renchan's cheeks were swollen.

"Hey, how dare you!


Ron hated me... I hated you... Gunn...

Oneechan with her knee poked, and Ren headed towards the white tiger. Lucky people sit on their heads as usual.

Reach to the White Tiger and hug its big body. Fluffy.

Everyone gathers, including Wolf and the others, to see how frustrating the rendition is. I'm going to lick it in place of the rendition. That alone restored a little calm.

I might have gone a little too far.


I just got a comment. Since we started delivering the beam this time, it seems that the light bulb has also started to be about beam.

Mirai-chan was also worried about Mirai-chan. I was really worried about Len-chan because it was important. "


I know how you feel, but don't be too angry with me.

If possible. I want to see you two get along. "

It's a little sad to see you quarreling.


I think they're really good people.

I know it's a spasm. I feel like I messed up a little. I delivered it on my own initiative. It is not strange to be angry even if it is not the original product.

The so-called inverse guile. I'm a bad kid.

"I'm going to apologize..."

When Ren said that and went to see oneechan,


Apologize for yourself.

Good luck, Ron-chan, we're with you!

The comment went on, and the goodness giggled.

Stand in front of your sister. Oneechan looks up.

Oneechan's face looks very sad. Never, the goodwill opened its mouth.

Sorry, Onee-chan


"I'm a little annoyed. So I'm sorry."

Oneechan's eyes were twitching several times.

"Ron-chan, will you forgive me?

"Yeah. So, you want me to forgive you for delivering it on my own...?

"I forgive you! I'll forgive you all! I'm sorry, neen-chan. Thanks, neen-chan!


My sister is hugging me. I feel more powerful than usual. It's cluttering. It's just a little bit painful, but I don't feel bad.

Yeah. I knew I had to do this.

"Something similar."

Very, very good comments. Should I just be a little angry? When I was thinking about that, I heard oneechan murmuring.

"Hah, Renchan... nfufu..."


Scary www

This is www

"Hey, he's dead."

I'll slap you on the shoulder. Onee-chan wakes up and stares seriously at Leng's face. Lotus smiled at such a sister.

Kimochi is awful.


The oneechan will harden. Ren snorted his nose and went back to his fufu.

That kind of place.

Ah, I followed you so hard.

This is what you deserve.

The commentators seem to agree this time.

Lotus giggles and looks back at oneechan with a small smile. Onee-chan was staring at us stunnedly.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. This kid is rusty."

She strokes the white tiger and says. With a bitter smile on onee-chan as she approached, Ren also enjoyed Fusara Sara.