"Hey, where's the grazing land?

When I was watching her stroke again today, my beloved sister told me that.

Hmm. Grazing land. Hmm.

"I forgot..."

Oh, my God! I wanted to see other people's fufufufufufufufufufufufufufu! Fufufu!

And above all, Ron gets mad at me.

I thought so.

Ehehe. Me too. "

That's what I'm talking about, Ron. Cute. I like it.

"Yeah, well, let's go today. Let's do it."


"So, suddenly, it's a raid on the grazing land!

Grazing land kita!

Isn't it too sudden!? I'm coming!

Unfortunately, because Ron entered, Tamer and the others entered the pasture first. I can't reach the maximum number of people anymore. "

Aren't you too aggressive in the wild?

Yeah, well, yeah. When I went to the Tamer's Guild to go to the grazing lands, Tamer called me. When I was asked if it was Mirai-san and Len-chan, I nodded and a lot of people were gathered. I don't understand the meaning.

No, I know somehow. Ron-chan, after about a week, it became very popular. The audience is still growing. I'm scared.

Maybe the contents aren't interesting, but I think it's for Renchan. It's an unusual toddler player. I know you're interested. Besides, it's Roon-chan! It's cool! I can't help it!

"Hey, it's disgusting."


Yeah, let's calm down.

Looking around the grazing lands for now. A lot of Tamer's looking at us. This way, this is Kama-chan.

What a strange atmosphere.

"No, no, I understand Tamer."

"Yeah, I get it too. Players who are usually on the grazing lands love their native animals and their children. I want to show you my pride."

"Pro-idiot psychology."

"I won't deny it."

However, people with snakes and tames don't seem to expect much. He's looking at us, but he's a little far away.

I want you to rest assured. Because Renchan only particularly likes fufu and loves all creatures. Because I'm a philanthropist. That's Ron-chan,

"My goddess!

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

"Officer, this is my sister."

"I'm an officer. Please call a doctor.

"Isn't it terrible!?

You don't have to say that.

"Hey, sweetheart...."

"Whoa, sorry."

Ren-chan looks at me with a tingle. Yeah, like a puppy waiting for you. This may be cute now.

While stroking Len-chan's head,

"Well then, go ahead. I'll follow you from behind. Call me if you need anything."


While I dropped off Len-chan, who ran away happily, I loosened my cheeks loosely.

"My sister is so cute."

"But that sister's face is very disgusting."

"You should look in the mirror once, Miray."

"Shut up."

Len-chan's first move was to a monster that resembled a squirrel. The boy who seems to be taming the monster has a strong face. Maybe he thinks he's coming to his place.

Ren-chan rushed to the squirrel under the boy's feet, wow, a little cheer.

"Ah, this kid!

"Yes, yes."

"Can I hold you?!

The boy blinked his eyes at Len-chan's voice, but immediately smiled small. Lift the squirrel and give it to Ron-chan. The received Ren-chan shouted, wow.

"Cute... It's a little fluffy and fluffy...!

"Fufu... Isn't that right? That's my pride. If you ask me, I'll get you nuts and stuff."

"Wow! I want to see it!


When the boy whispers something to the squirrel that has been lowered, the squirrel rushes somewhere. That squirrel monster did that. It's an interesting ability.

Looks like a nut mess. Free gacha. What a sweet sound. "

Hey, free gacha

How do you use your core nuts?

It's delicious!

"No, it's too subtle."

I inadvertently put in an exciting comment. Free gacha seems fun, but the use of tree nuts seems to be quite limited. I think it's okay if it's just delicious.

Squirrels came back in less than a minute. I put something in my mouth and gave it to Len-chan. It's a smiling sight to see.

"Ah, um..."

"Give it to me. It's delicious."

When the boy prompts you, Leng receives the nuts. When Len-chan stroked the squirrel, she was happy that she didn't have a heart. I don't know, this soothing space. My cheeks are burning.

"Thank you!

Thank the boy and stroke the squirrel again before heading to the next one. When I also met the boy, the boy lowered his head as if he were a little illuminated.

Next thing you know, Renchan's on her way is a monster of snakes. A woman who looks a little older than me is taming a snake. The woman was surprised with her eyes round. Of course I was surprised.

I'm sure Ren-chan likes creatures, but I still thought she liked kids who do it so much. Even though there are still plenty of lids, I can't believe I chose a snake.

"Um, can I touch her?

"Yeah, yeah. Sure."

A woman is responding in a hurry. When Renchan touched a snake wrapped around her feet, the snake began to lift her body and stare at her. Is that a threat?

Um... Ron-chan, right?

"Yes, it's Lotus!

"If I stroke you, the child will be happy."

Quickly, Renchan starts stroking the snake. Your face seems kind of pleasant. Even though it's a snake.

"Wow. Slippery...."

"Doesn't it feel good? If you stroke it, it will calm down. Ufufufufufu...."

"Ah, uh, yes."

What's unusual is Ren-chan's somewhat subtle expression. And why are you looking at me? I wonder, are you trying to tell me that you're like me? Are you mad at me?

"Like Oniichan...."

Don't do it, because if you're really told, you'll get depressed before you get angry.