Well, I've begun my journey in the sky.

"Takaya! Wow! Ahahahaha!

The tension eel climbs the ceiling. I'm even laughing. I'm still laughing at this. He looks at me and smiles.

Amazing view!

Shit. Sounds fun, but scary. "

Renchan's tension is completely broken www

Because it's so much fun.


"Why a cat?"


Calm down, Ron-chan www

I know how you feel, but ww

It's fun. It's very fun. Lotus is now in the wind!


Ron-chan www

This is the first time I've ever had such a tense renchan.

When I know about Len-chan's illness, I'm going to cry.

"Hey, don't be stupid. I'm trying not to touch it."

"Oni-chan says I'm just happy to be alive!


No, yeah. I tell stories a lot. I think you're a good oneechan. "


I know about it, too. I know Ren better than anyone, and I know her better than my parents.

"Hey, hey, hey! You're my proud, beloved nephew!


What should I do? I'm going to cry a little. "

"You're such a good sister."

"But sometimes it's disgusting!

Ron-chan www

You've ruined everything already, wow

"Grass w"

Periodic grass to grass

Reflect a little, Mirei.

Enjoying the flight, Ren had fun chatting with the commentators.

And I was kneeling.

"It's horrible... it's horrible..."

"No, yeah... I don't know what to say... Look, you said you loved oneechan."

"Yes, but..." It's a slurp. "

"You're crying....."

The first half of Ren-chan's words have come to tear glands with great pleasure, and the second half has been dropped, and your emotions are already messy!

"Higu... Ah, yes, let's be friends... Sometimes I'll give you a ride on the dragon...."

"Ah, yeah... If that's all you need."

Register a friend while crying. Edgar was added to your friends list. I'd like a ride this time, too. So...

"Mr. Edgar. I want to ride next time."

"Hmm? Nothing. It's okay even now.

"It's time to finish delivering. After the delivery, I have to clean up and watch Renchan fall. Because the hospital gets mad at me for overtime."


Edgar has a wonderful appearance. I don't want you to look like that. Anyway, I don't really care about Len herself.

Well, I'm just checking. Renchan reacts hypersensitively to the light itself.... "

"Oh, did you see the TV summary? If it's Oshima, it's Ron. If you'd like, I'd like to donate."


"Oh, no. Just tell me, but as long as it's not impossible...."

I didn't expect to be answered so quickly. It would be helpful to be saved, but if you think you forced me to let you out, I feel unexpected and Len-chan is sad. I want you to stop doing that.

"Yeah, I know. Like Len said on TV.... I'm back."

Ah, maybe it's time.

When Edgar told me to look at the sky, the dragon was about to fall straight. Vertically. Aren't you scared?!

All I could hear was that you didn't know I was worried.


Ron's pleasant laughter. Yeah, it sounds fun.

The dragon floated just in front of the ground for a moment and landed slowly.

"I'm home!

Wow, that's a full smile. Very, very, very good mood.

"Welcome back, Ren-chan. Did you have fun?"

"It was fun! Buun is empty!

"I see. I don't know."

Still, I knew it was a lot of fun. Even with me, I'm very happy. But I'm a little worried...

Onee-chan, onee-chan

Ren-chan, who came down from the dragon, rushed towards me and grabbed my clothes. I have a very, very bad feeling about this.

"I want to be friends with dragons too!

That's right, that's it! Even Mr. Edgar has that look on his face! Stop, don't look like I fucked you up!