I see. Yeah, I don't know what to do... "

That dungeon is positioning the end content at the moment. There is also a main story in this game, but this is the first dungeon to complete all the Story Quests.

In other words, Ron can't go.

But hey... If possible, I'd like to see you. You don't want to betray this expectation.

"Len-chan, can I have a moment?


While laughing at Len-chan, who leans her neck strangely, she looks back at the sphere of light. Make the comment window smaller.

Please help me.

I thought I'd say www

You can't betray those sparkling eyes.

Say, there's no dragon out there but that dungeon.

If it were Wyburn, it would come out....

"You're so happy with the dragon. You'd be disappointed if it was Wyburn who came out looking forward to it."

I see.

"We don't want to see that either."

No, but seriously, there's no dragon anywhere.

I knew it was no good. No, well, I don't think I'm being rude either. Honestly, I guess I'll just have to talk to Len...

When I began to think so, the comment came out.

No, there are dragons.

What do you got there?

Where are you? He's not even the field boss. "

You will fight unreservedly at the end of the final dungeon.




A blind spot. It was a blind spot. No, but....!

"Isn't that a bad idea!?

The last dungeon of the story, its boss. I mean, it's Las Boss. I haven't seen it yet, but I know what it looks like in the video. It's not the scaly dragon that Renchan imagines, but it is.

But it's huge. Big without jokes. Big enough to think that dragon that Len rode was a baby. The size of the mansion level.

Well, it's more famous for its unreasonable strength than its size. It's a battle of buffs that can be played against allies in the story, or it's a boss that didn't expect to be defeated in the first place.

I can't see the story, but if I'm going to accompany you to the final dungeon, I'm sure even the players who aren't doing the story will be able to go.

"So you're telling me to clear it until just before the final dungeon."

That's what happens.

Well, then, maybe we can do something about it. That would be tough on Solo, but there are plenty of players who would be glad to help. If you ask me here, I'm sure someone will help you. However, I still want to prioritize my time with Renchan, so I don't think I can do it right away.

"It's settled. In the meantime, I'll explain it to Renchan and have her wait."


"That's a crazy way to say it....."

Now, looking back, for some reason, Len-chan was soggy. Next to that, Mr. Edgar panicked. Did I tell you this?

"What's the matter?

Just in case, Mr. Edgar lowered his eyebrows and buttocks in an unfortunate manner.

"No, I'm sorry. I thought it was just an explanation, so I told her about the dungeon and that Renchan wouldn't let me in...."

"Ah... I was depressed."

"Yeah... I'm really sorry..."

"Ahahah. Well, it's okay."

That's right. I don't want to blame Mr. Edgar for this. Thanks for just explaining. That means we can shorten the time.



Yeah, but it's dripping. Like this, shuffle, shuffle.

It's so cute.

"Hey, honey?


"You really need to stop.

One day, Renchan will hate me from the bottom of my heart.

That's troublesome. I coughed it up and said it again.

It's a dragon though. Dragons like Edgar are a little hard to meet. "


"But if it's a different dragon, I can go see it if you give me time."


Len-chan raised her face vigorously and Edgar also rounded her eyes. I didn't think of Edgar either. No, I think it's strange to think of that right away.

"Can you wait a month or so? I'll let you meet a dragon once and for all."

Completing a story in a month is a pretty tough thing for me as a student. But I'll do it for Renchan.

"So, just give me a minute, okay?


Ren-chan nodded happily at my words. This smile is all I can do...!