Shortly before the usual delivery, I was summoned by Yamashita-san and came to the penthouse. It seems that Yamashita's personal account is Yamashita's home.

When it comes to what's going on, there's nothing. End of story.

"I don't think this is the personal use of a gamer who showed me how to build a home like this."

"There was almost no limit, and I could use anything players could get. This is for personal use, so I need to get it myself. And we don't have time for that."

"Is it also black...?"

"I'll leave it to your imagination"

Wow... I thought any company had a black spot, but the operator was black. I can't stand the fact that I can't play games alone.

Yamashita-san erupted small as I was fighting the darkness of my unknown operation.

"I'm sorry, I'm just kidding. Simply because I don't feel like I'm resting when I'm AWO after work or until my day off. When it's off, eating and walking is the main thing."

"Oh, I see... Aren't you fat?


"I'm sorry!"

I'm scared! I'm smiling, I'm not smiling! It seems to be a mine for Yamashita-san. Let's seal this topic.

This is the real deal.

After coughing, I stretched my spine to Yamashita's words.

"Your application to throw money has been approved. Available today."


"Yes, but unlike others, cash is never deposited. It will be treated as game coins for Miray's account. Also, as requested, we have included only one special menu in Mirai-san's account, so please use it in a timely manner."

"Got it!

Cash throwing is a system where viewers pay their distributors. If you don't do this, you won't be able to see the delivery. There's nothing wrong with it, it's like a donation. The amount is also from 100 yen to 30,000 yen, and you can do whatever the viewer likes.

Ten percent of the money thrown is paid to the operator, and ninety percent is in the interest of the distributor. Originally, I would register a ledger and be transferred there once a month, but because I am a minor and above all I have a Renchan, I am now able to buy the full amount of money for the game.

I have nothing to complain about. I didn't apply to throw money because I wanted to make money. No, because I want to make money in a way...?

Anyway, we need to report it to the viewer!

"So, let's release the money throwing ban!


Were you applying for it?

"Quickly... can't you do it?

"Ah, let me explain. Until then, I will stop."

Suddenly it's too much of these people. I'm glad I stopped just in case.

Ron-chan's reading something on Deer.

"Ah, yeah. Description of the money thrown. While I'm explaining to everyone, Ron is a basic student.... you're so cute. Ehehe"

"Somebody do something about this guy."

There's no way I can do it......

Mirai-chan, let's explain it quickly.

I got angry. I won't reflect on that!

"Firstly, the coins you throw are game coins, excluding fees."



"Sometimes I'm a minor, but there's more to it than that. I don't think it's a good idea to connect it directly to real money."

I think I care too much.

"Well, I think I'm too worried because Ron is smart. But I don't want to make money myself."

Yeah, what? Even though the number of subscribers and the number of viewers were very good. "

If you do well, you can live with the delivery.

Well, that's... It would be a lie to say that you didn't think about it. Sure, it's going very well. On the contrary, it's going too well, but that's why I don't think I can live with it.

Sometimes it's too unstable or too easy to earn, but more than that.

"This is for Renchan. I think everybody's coming to see Renchan. That's why I buy billing items for Renchan when I throw money at this delivery."


"Copy that."

In the meantime, he seemed convinced. I was relieved that it was not rough.

"Besides, I have a dream for the future."

"Hey, what do you want to be?

"I want to work in a nursery or something...."

"Stop it! Stop it!

"You? You're mistaken for not telling me jokes after bed, right?

Kids in the nursery, run!

No, it's not bad!? I know it's because of how you treat my Lotus, but I still think it's too bad!

"No, no, I'm sure the kids are cute, but that's not what I meant!?

"You don't have to deceive me, do you?

"I'm not kidding!

Roon-chan certainly triggered it, but that's not all. However, I had an unexpected pleasure interacting with Renchan, that's all. That's all I said.

Unfortunately, my explanation was lost when I knew it. I have to look at the fold and explain it properly....!

What about the unused coins?

"Oh, they're donations."

Navigate and visualize the menu. Then I issued the purchase window for the billed item. I have a special menu on the list that no one else has.

Pointing to that, the prospective viewers were confused.

Was there such a thing as donations?

I just checked it, but it's not there?

Same here. Mirai-chan, what is that?

"This is my only special menu. I'm always asking for a donation to treat Len's illness, but there's an item called" I'll raise money there. "I'll put the extra in here, so it won't be wasted for Roon-chan."