You're thorough, aren't you?

Huh. I mean, do you throw money to raise money for Renchan?

"Yes, it is. If you tell me, I'll raise the money first. And very helpful. Well, I can't tell Renchan much, but it's going to cost a lot of money...."

I guess so.

If it's a medical expense for Renchan, I think I can throw money away.

"Wait, wait. Is Len-chan a serious illness?

Oops, you didn't say you'd look into it anyway. I wonder if there is any explanation... Hmm...

"I wonder what it was. I think the summary will come out after searching with the set of unknown cause, hypersensitivity, so I want you to take a look."

Is it really a serious illness to have a summary?

"I'm not worried about my life, but it's a serious disease."

Check it out and you'll throw money too!

"It's impossible, definitely not. If Ron-chan finds out, she'll get angry."

Ah, yes. Be careful.

I want you to be very careful.... no, they're going to tell me what it is. Ron-chan is going to be sad.

"She hates it when someone does nothing for herself. We don't care....."


"I want Renchan to praise me for working for Renchan even more. What do you want me to do? Absolutely."

Mirei www

You really don't have to!

"Ihana Cidana"

No, I'm just kidding. Exactly.

Anyway, that explains more than that. So,

"Unlock the money throwing ban!

Just a little bit!

………… No, they're stupid.

"For now, I understand that people who suddenly get 30,000 yen in their heads are a little crazy."



Well, there are a few of them.

"By the way, it's half a million coins."


"Yeah, I'm sorry. I agree with Miray. You idiots."

"Shut up. You threw that too, didn't you? What do you say?

"What? The cap is set at 30,000."

Aren't you the dumbest!

No, really. What should I do? Oh, no, really. Half a million, eh? What do you mean?

"No, what is this? What am I supposed to do? What, take it off?

Calm down, Mirai-chan! That's not what this is about!

Mirai broke because you guys did something stupid all of a sudden!

"Huh? It's broken from the beginning, right?


It's terrible.

No, but what is this? There are still more of them. Yeah....

You don't have to hurry, just think of it as a first time boost. I can't just throw money every day. "

That's right. The extra coin is a fundraiser, right? I want you to pay for medical expenses. "

"Yeah... No, but... Excuse me, just a minute. Thank you very much."

Just sympathy. Maybe so. But still, it actually pays me. It's worth more than a cheap word, how thankful it is.

Nh... A bit of a limit.

Ron-chan, Ron-chan

I'm looking for Ren-chan who was playing with Dear and the others today because I need to talk to them. Yeah, she looks happy surrounded by a lid. Soothe.

"Hey, honey? What's the matter with you?

"Hey.... Gyuu"

"Wow....! Oh, hey, honey?

Nh... Wow, this game. Feel the warmth of Ron properly. Yeah. Warm.


……… Gusu "

"Nh... All right, all right."

Your hand feels good when you stroke it. Really, yeah. Yeah, guys, it's warm.

Yes, this is it.

Something, yeah. I just thought it would be better.... "

For Mirai, my dear sister is the party......

"I showed you something ugly."

In the meantime, it's settled down, so I'm on my feet! Hey, I'm a little embarrassed! This is a long joke! You deserve it!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"We didn't see anything."

"Often. Often."

"Uh-huh. Something. It's a little embarrassing to be gentle... No, thanks."

He decided he didn't think he'd make fun of me. I'm very happy with the good people. No, really, no.

"Whatever! You've earned coins!


"That's right, Lotus. It's a coin! Ah... Lots!"


For now, I'm going to deceive you!

"I mean, that's a lot of stuff!

A lot?

"Yes, this is the first one!

Tamer Required Flat Rate Items! My Home Automatic Expansion System with 1,000 coins per month!

What happens when you buy it?

Unnamed Tame Monsters can be called here indefinitely, and the more they call, the wider the home.

"Yes! I mean! You can make a muffin paradise!

"I'm all fucked up!