Hmm... I wonder what's going on...

When I was waiting for Len-chan at her home, I was suddenly hugged by the logged-in Len-chan. After that, you won't leave me for some reason. You're sticking to me.




Probably had a scary dream. This has happened about once a week since before. When I went to see him, he suddenly hugged me and couldn't leave.

When that happens, it doesn't matter what you say anymore, and you're always staying at the hospital. The truth is, I can't, but I only get forgiven by special provisions at that time.

I haven't had a good time playing games lately, but it seems like it's been a long time since today. Ron-chan said it's a sweet day.

Slowly stroke Len-chan's head. I'm not scared, I'm not scared...

Incidentally, my mom is a little stubborn lately because I have a sweet partner. Before remarriage, Lotus only had a sweet partner with her mother, and it seemed to have had an impact on her work.

Now it's less burdensome and easier for me to do my job, but I miss it because it makes me sweet less often. It's a complicated mood.

I have no particular problem because I only make Renchan sweet. You'll miss being alone in the ward forever. I'll spoil you as much as I want to.


"Hmm? What's wrong, Goodwill?"


"Yes, yes. Gyuu"

Cuddle and hug. I wonder if it stays the same until it settles down.

It seems that it calmed me down a little when I was soaking up. Shiro backs me up and makes me sit on the spot with Len-chan. I put my knee on a pillow and rubbed my head around to see what was fun.

Roon-chan, it tickles.


"I can't help it...."

What a cute little sister!

In the meantime, I'll rub my chin a little bit. Ron-chan is tickling, but she's just rubbing it even harder. She's cute. She looks like a real cat.

Lift the lucky one that was moving over your stomach and put it on Ron's face.


"Hmm... Lucky for you, it's hard to sit down."

Come on, Lucky, stretch your legs. Yes, it is.

I put my lucky posture on Renchan's face.


That sounds like a surprise, but I'm wondering if I can breathe. And the voice I heard.

"Moufufu... Happiness....."

That's all right, Kan-chan...

Lucky for me to sleep on my lap pillow and wear it on my face. A surreal picture.

Hmm... In the meantime, it looks like Renchan is calming down. Good, good.

Yes, I am.


When I stroked Renchan's stomach very fast, Renchan jumped up. Ugh, I can look at you like you had a grudge, but I know that your experience so far has not made you angry.


Extra waffles ~


Lotus resists with a strange voice. I stroke my stomach.... oh, won't this be reported? You all right? You all right?

Hmm! Hey! "


Len-chan fell on her face. Looks like it's over. Too bad.

But you're not leaving me, and you're still rubbing your head against me. A cat, a dog or something. Cute!

When it was self-complete, Futoren-chan raised her face.

Ehehe. Onee-chan. "



Lotus who laughs naughtily is cute. Looking back with that in mind,

"What are these sisters too close?"


"What is this... what is this... What is this?"

What is it with you? No, wait, maybe it's still on the air!?

"Eh, Ren-chan, when did you...?

"Let's go!

Oh, my God.

Ehehe. I messed with you. "

Really… Did I mischievous you? "

When I stroke Ron's throat, I narrowed my eyes to feel good. It's a cat.

Still, I wonder if Ron-chan has noticed.

"I want to brag about Renchan, but it won't be any trouble for me."


"I'd rather see more! My sister is cute!

"I totally agree."

Too cute.

Sweet Lotus and Sweet Mirai were so cute.

Oh, you think I'm cute? I see.

Are you cute to me, or are you just looking at a hole? Are you all right? "


If I praise you, you'll doubt your sanity.

No, but I didn't think you'd say so.

Ahahah. You've come to understand me, too.

But it seems that I was dissatisfied with Len. She swollen her cheeks and stared at me. Apparently it's a dissatisfaction appeal. Puffy puffy.

"Hey, honey?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I want to do it."

I understand.

I know, but think about the time and the case.

I'm sorry, but when I stroke your head, Renchan says.

Oni-chan, you're so cute

"Yes, thank you, but Renchan is cuter!


Say something nice! I love it! I can hug it!

I love oneechan too...

How dare you hug me back. Too happy.

Hmm... You said it was a prank, but maybe it was true that you wanted to sweeten it.

All right, I'll spoil it for you today.

What are we showing...?


Mirai's used to it, so I guess it happens sometimes.

That's right, Ron-chan is still seven or eight years old...

"Friendly sisters can be happy by watching."

But don't you have to cut the delivery...?

If they don't care, it's fine.

Please don't hang up. Please.