Oops, Len-chan ate it! That's right. I want to make a paradise! There's no limit to five monsters without a name! Well, I can only take five of them with me.

"A while ago, there were some distributors who did hundreds of Wolf Tames and some stupid things."

"Hundreds! This is gonna be so much fun!

"That's right, that sounds fun, that's a great idea!

Palm crook wow

Are Mirai's hands drilling?

Because Renchan is the center of everything......

I wonder if there's anything to complain about, these guys.

Just a little bit.... yeah, we haven't made much difference yet, but I think we'll find out if we increase it further. Looking forward to it.

"However, if you forget to purchase a takeover, you'll lose it all at once."

Wolf, a hundred people were desperate about that.

It was painful to see that I deserved it.

"And then when I saw the increase to 200, I honestly thought I was crazy."

"200! Looks fun!"

That's right, that sounds fun. That's a good idea!

You're a drill too.


I don't think fighting is good. I know how you feel!

"Hey, can I go?

"Huh? Ah, yeah... If you're with Dee, it's fine."

"Wow! Dear, let's go!

That's why Ron took Dee and Lucky. Wolf is likely to increase. I don't know what happens.

"I'm scared to forget about it for now, so I'm going to make some handover purchases. Do you mind?


"I think you should like that coin because it belongs to two more people."

Forget it, if you're crying, I agree.

"Thank you. For now, it's ten years old."



No, that's certainly reassuring. I'm relieved...!

Well, I think I just bought too much, just in case. Just in case, I don't want to see Renchan's crying face!

"But I haven't used half of them... Yes, thank you, but I think you're throwing too much money!


If it's good for Ron-chan!

"Thank you, but... Um, did you have anything else to buy? I'll leave it to Renchan around the house....."

Let's do it, let's do it, let's do it, let's do it.

Let the money tell you something and get a rare item!

"Seriously, I want Renchan to have that rarest egg."

"Ah... Is that it?"

This game is also like a popular game on a smartphone, but it's kind of like a plaything. It would be easier to tackle with the best rare equipment, but there is nothing wrong with it.

Since it's a play factor of that magnitude, the probability is also speculative. The probability of highest-rare is only 1%, and there are twenty highest-rare species. Well, to be honest, you'd better think that what you're after won't come out first.

The so-called ceiling is set, and it will always be the highest rarity for 100 times, 10,000 yen. There is no pickup.

The most rare egg is an item for Tamer, officially named the Four Holy Beast Eggs. If you can hatch it, you'll get one of the following: Peacock, Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Xuanwu.

By the way, the white tiger that Renchan tamed during this time is really just a big, white tiger, separate from the Four Holy Beasts. It's hard to understand.

"Hmm... I'm going to run out of time, so I'll do it ten times a day."

That's why it's a little bit.


Are you having so much fun with other people's messes?

"'Cause you're not paying for yourself."

You don't have to think about it!

"Yes, yes. Results are here! It's a scum item. Thank you very much."

Isn't that right ~?

I knew it ~

Well, that's not so sweet ~ Wow

Suddenly it's stranger to get the best rare, so here's the thing. Well, something will come soon.

Oh, by the way. Something strange and fun's been going on. Turn the sphere of light towards you.

"Hey, do you think that's it?

Wolf's coming in.

You're suddenly coming out without touching it.

Maybe this isn't necessary.

"Ron-chan, I guess..."

I wonder. I can easily imagine Roon-chan feeding her while surrounded by wolf. This place is really about to become a paradise. Sounds like fun, but...

After that, when everyone watched as the wolf slowly appeared, about a hundred of them came back. I did what I said, kid.

"Lots of fun!

Yeah, that's right.

Mirai's eyes are dead...

What a wonderful sight...

Automatic expansion is working. I wonder if it's a wolf house or a small forest. "

Oh, really. The forest, or the forest? It looks like it's made. Looks like the wolves are all going that way. I see. This is the first time I've heard of it.

"Hey, honey?


In the meantime, I wanted to think a little bit more about the information I would give Roon-chan.