The plan to meet the dragon with Renchan was honestly on the reef.

"I can't win....."

The story consists of three parts, and the dragon is the final boss of the three parts. So, I am the final boss of the two parts. I can't defeat a boss who looks like a weird giant. I don't know what laser means from the eyes.

"So help me."

Nine o'clock at night. After Len-chan fell, I challenged the story strategy and got stuck in the boss. I asked for help with the delivery. That's impossible. I can't win. Why is the second part a forced solo...?

The last of the two is a giant, right?

The boss of a romantic weapon called the Eye to Beam. You're full of operational playfulness!

That's a very murderous playfulness.

Yes, because the beam is the most powerful from the eyes. Because the preliminary motion is large, it is easy to avoid if that's all, but I'm really upset about the surrounding summons.

"By the way, that giant will come out in three parts."


There's nothing but despair. Yeah, I still can't seem to clear this...!

This story should be a difficult one to work through the year. A month was too rude in the first place. "

"That's right... But, Ren-chan, I'm looking forward to it so much...."

I wonder if I can make it to the final dungeon somehow.

As he roared, an unexpected voice rang.

"Hey, Mirai-chan. It's Alice. Looks like you're struggling.


New costume or new clothes!?

"Shut up. I want to talk to Mirei-chan now."

Wouldn't that be a bit too tyrannical? I asked him what he wanted, laughing bitterly. I don't think it's about clothes.

Mirai-chan doesn't want to finish the story separately, right?

"That's right. I just want to see my final boss's dragon."

Yeah, I guess so. Why don't you go tomorrow?


That means that Alice will challenge the final dungeon. Yeah, but, uh, is that okay?

"Alice, you know, there's Ron-chan..."

Daijbu. I know. No fights at all and I look at Len's Tame. That's fine.

"Maybe it'll take some time.

It's alright, alright. I'll take a look at Renchan and calm down!

Well, I don't know if I should allow it as a guardian. No, I know how you feel. Hmm.

Miray, please go out with him.

"Hmm? You know Alice?

Wow, we were doing the story together. Mirai-chan and Len-chan would have been invited sooner. "

What are you talking about!?

This is embarrassing ~

Alice, there's something nice about it...

"By the way, I was able to go anytime three days ago, but it was embarrassing and hard to say."

Stop it! Whoa!


Cute ww

"Uh-huh. Um, I don't know what to do..."

So, if that's the case, can I ask you...? Instead, I feel sorry for you to say no...

Yeah. Thank you, let me ask you something.


When I lowered my head, after a comment that was like a rush for a moment,

Thank you very much for coming.

Such Alice's comments came through.

"So here comes the final dungeon!

We are now in a dark meadow. A world where everything is black, grass and trees. Red holes spreading all over the world. This is the entrance to the final dungeon.

And of course I'm going with you, these two, Renn-chan and Alice.



Wastefully high tension. Is this okay?

"We are still delivering this time, but we value the atmosphere and cut all comments! So no matter what you say, we're not gonna react, so just do it!

Tell that to the glowing sphere of light. Someone may still be saying something, but unfortunately that voice will not reach us. I think it is okay because I told you as a precaution before I came here.

Mirai-chan's real equipment is really cool after all. That's expensive equipment..... "

"Don't tell me...."

My current gear is light armor based on red, so what do you mean? This is the best rarity of gacha...

No, it's not. No, it's not. A while ago, when I said that I would go away with Renchan, if I were to protect her, it would be like a better outfit...

I made a mess of myself. You'll find the best set of rare gear. After we got together, I and the audience went back to their senses, and I hated myself no matter what we were doing together.

This equipment is strong, but I still think it will be a bit stronger with the equipment. Therefore, this so-called serious equipment has become equipment for going away with Renchan.

By the way, the Four Holy Beasts eggs aren't out yet. This is the appetite sensor.

"Alice... bow?

"That's right. The production skill increases DEX, or dexterity, but it goes directly to the damage of the bow. That's why there are so many archers in the production profession."

"I see...."

"Well, I don't fight much in the first place!

That's right.

It seems that Alice is more likely that someone will bring in materials, so she won't fight much. That's why you only remember hobbies and skills. Still, at the very least, I seem to have learned the bow.

Such Alice's equipment is a so-called archery outfit. White jacket and black satin. Alice said, it seems to be called a horse mackerel. I talked hot enough about wearing a bow, but I'm sorry, I almost overheard it.

And today, rather than the usual kimono, Ren-chan cut her leg around her knee. What are you talking about? I think Alice talked about this again, but I heard everything. I mean, it's been a long time...

The kimono is Ren-chan's favorite, but this happened because she wanted it to be a little easier to move. As usual at Renchan's home.