"Now, Ron-chan! Are you saving enough food!?

Um... I've got a hundred sets!


I didn't think you had it that far. Alice has rounded her eyes. No, there's too many of them...

"Dear, lucky, everyone likes it a little bit differently. That's why I changed the formulations and increased them little by little, and this happened."

"Eh, what is that? It's my first time hearing about it."

Look at Alice. My neck was shaken. Apparently Alice didn't know what she liked about feeding.

"What kind of food is there?

When I asked Alice, she thought for a moment before she answered.

"I think it's there... There is an item called quality. However, the probability of Tame doesn't change with quality, so nobody knew what it was for... The taste was different...."

"Instead, did it taste that way..."

When Len-chan was distributing it to everyone, the monsters were eating it so deliciously that it was a bit bitter, but it wasn't something that humans could eat. That's why I decided to think like this... That's right, I've been looking at it a lot...

"Yeah, let's get back to it and go!

I can't help thinking about it!

The dungeon in this game's story basically consists of ten rooms with some sort of event and all eleven rooms in the last boss room. This is consistent from beginning to end, with the exception of this final dungeon. It seems that the tenth room and the boss's room have been replaced.

It doesn't seem to be enough for the old gamer, but it seems to be taking care of the people in the society who work. If it's a dungeon that's too long, it could get stuck forever without clearing it.

It was also officially written that an hour or so would be the standard time for clearance if the level was appropriate.

So this is the first room.

"The only monsters that come out of the final dungeon are fixed without random elements. And the first room....."

"Orthos, and.... wasn't Orthos an octopus?

"Mirai-chan, your father has an old game. Or remake."

"How do you know?

Sure, my dad had an old home game and let me play it for a while.

Orthos and the monster shown in red letters were dogs with two heads. A black dog, very big. I think it's bigger than Dear. The two heads were staring at Len-chan at the beginning.


Ron-chan reacted! Hands up, screaming! Oops! What did you do to her?

"I heard that monsters also carry simple AI, but it's true. Ortoros is subtly confused....."


Ortoros seems to be in a bit of trouble because of the diminished hostility. He stared at Len and looked at us as if he were asking for help. Why?

"If we move now, the battle will begin. It's not moving."

I'm sorry, Ol-chan, please hang in there and play with Ren-chan.

Without hostility, it seems to be accurately reflected here, and Ortolos stopped without moving. I'm staring at Len.

My opponent, Renchan, summoned a monster!

"Lucky, come here."

It was the usual lucky puppy that fell on Ron's head. Lucky looked up at Ol, leaned his neck, and was held by Len without doing anything.

Ron-chan lifted her lucky forefoot.



Ol-chan is crying. What a cute kid.


The third roar.... roaring? No, with a roar.

This time, Ortros also reacted.



I'm surprised Len-chan turned her eyes around. And when you think about what happens,


Seriously, Lotus. That's right, Ron.

"Wow, it's big, but it's fufu. As much as Dee? More? I'm fuzzy... It's hard to rub. It's gloomy! Lift your legs! Yeah, yeah, thanks! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

What is this? Sooner or later, Or-chan won't stop telling me. Ole, haven't you given up a lot? You all right? You all right?

"Orthos is the boss who comes out in three parts."


Well, the dungeon here is a dungeon where the bosses up until now will adjust accordingly.

"The old action game boss rush."

"It's like that."

That means Alice has fought alongside Orthos. It seems strong to fight normally. Perhaps I am stronger than the boss of the two struggling parts.

"I've had a hard time doing that. After all, I relied on a strong Fred."

I see.... right now, you're really boneless. "

I see.

Soon Altross will be starving. I'm feeding you while you're hungry. What is this?

"I feel like crying."

I had no choice but to slap Alice in the shoulder.

What do you mean? You have more allies in the first five minutes. I'm Oltros, a double-headed dog. I'm delighted to have Ron on my back. Alice's eyes are dead.

"By the time we get to the dragon, we'll have as many friends as we can. I see. It's a total battle! Suitable for the end of the story!

"I hear that friends and former enemies will follow you every hour in dragon battles, right? At least I don't think Orthos was here."

"Don't worry about the details."

This is also a total battle in a sense. Yeah, definitely.

I leave Or-chan's room and walk through a fairly long passage. This dungeon has a unique atmosphere with lava flowing through the corridors and corners of the room. By the way, this lava is only visible and cannot be touched. There's a clear floor on top.

Okay, second room. Ren-chan is excited about Ol-chan and what kind of child she will be next.

And as soon as she entered the room, Alice disappeared.


I was surprised. Really, it vanished without a clue. I wonder, a monster with that ability? I want to say what kind of abilities.

Turning his gaze into the room, Ol became round and lacking. Is that it?

"Ron? Have you tamed this monster yet?

"Mmm. Ol began to relax. I think it's safe."

I wonder what that means. Hmm, let's ask the audience this time.

So, visualize the comments.

"Guys. Alice disappeared. What happened to this? Unusual line drop at the moment?

I want to penetrate Ol-chan (laughs), but that's not true.

Excluding the tenth room, even rooms are events. They should be back in about three to five minutes. "

I can't wait to see the event to help you.

"Ah, I see. Event."

Intercept the event at the required location. This is the final dungeon, so it's only natural. It may be good because there are fewer rooms to fight in.

"Thank you. I'll make it invisible."

Wait a minute.

Let's learn more about Ole there!

When you're done.

Little bit.

Well, I don't think I should have delivered it honestly, but Yamashita-san gave me permission, and I'm sure I'll figure something out. Let me stroke you too!