So, when I played Ole with Len, Alice came back. It feels like my heart is only tearing...

"Well, what's the matter?

"It's a good story..."

I see. Um, should I wait?

"No, nothing?

Ah, tears fell out. Why don't you switch quickly!? Alice's gaze is poured on Lotus, who is turning Ole's meatball into a ball. According to him, I started laughing. It's a little disgusting.

"Of course, Renchan is the top priority. I'm looking forward to seeing the dragon!

"Well, yeah. I know."

Speak to Renchan and move on. Walk down a long corridor again. Well, are you sure you can keep Tame going?

Hydra has a third room and nine necks. Renchan said, she's cute. Sometimes I don't understand her hobbies... The impression of Renchan touching Hydra seems slippery and pleasant. I was told that I wanted to take a nap on this child. I am troubled with the reaction.

I was taming it as a matter of course. There was no tension or anything.

The fifth room. Three neck Cerberus. When my neck increased, Len-chan couldn't possibly be scared, and she was sweeping around. The meatballs were glued. It was bigger than Or-chan, but it doesn't seem to matter. Don't you have to be a little scared...?

The following abbreviations are taken for granted.

The seventh room. Kimira. Goat body on the lion's head and snake on the tail. Something amazing came out. That's right, I didn't expect Renchan to pull any more of this.

"The muffins and slippers merged!

Seriously. That's good goodwill!? Doesn't that make you sick?! That's how Alice reacted! I'm surprised, too!

"Eh...? Onee-chan, isn't she cute...?

"I think it's cute!


I wonder what those eyes are. Lon-chan is great justice. When Len-chan says white, the gray also becomes white. I'll be careful when I say black as white.

Of course not!

And the ninth room.


Alice stopped before entering the ninth room. I stopped wondering. The lentils also stopped. Yeah. That's right, if there are four big monsters in there, it's too stressful.

"The ninth chamber boss is like the master of the story."

"Hmm... That's also Tame...."

"I don't think so."


"Yeah, because they're human."

I see, I'm convinced. Game master Yamashita said that all monsters can be tamed. On the contrary, I don't think I can do it without a monster.

Well, I don't think so. Regardless of the skeleton, if I tame someone like NPC, I would pull it normally.

"Besides, it seems to be stronger than that Kimira, so I think it's better to have Len-chan stand by.

Does that mean you and Alice are going to fight together? Honestly, I'm not confident, but if I take it down, it's a dragon that Ron-chan wants. Now is the time to cross the line!

"Hey, Alice."

"What's wrong? Renchan"

Um... Is that a bad person? A very bad person?

"Yeah, awesome, bad guy."

I see!

Ron smiles happily. Oh, wait, I kind of have a really bad feeling about this. Alice also noticed a subtle smile.

Mirai-chan. I have a very bad feeling about this. Is it your fault?

"What a strange encounter, Alice. I feel that way too."

The two of you look at each other and laugh. Hahaha. No way. Hahaha.

"Renchan's waiting outside. Ready?"


That's an unexpected reply. Were you worried?

Entering the ninth room with Alice. There was a man with black armor in the middle of the room. I checked the name and found out that it had red and black letters and gega. I can see signs of a strong enemy just by looking at it. This has to be tightened...

When we walk, Jega pulls out the sword... and pulls it out...

He was trying to pull us out, but somehow he looked behind us and he was stiff.

"It's probably because of your mind, Alice. I feel like a bad feeling has come true."

"What a strange encounter, Mirai-chan. I don't want to look back."

But I can't even say that, so we'll both look back.

Oltros. Hydra. Cerberus. Kimira. I was staring at Jega and roaring. In any case, it is a state of emergency. This is terrible.

"Good luck, everybody!

When Len-chan's cheer arrived, the four of them shook their tails happily. It's beautifully tamed. Let me say it again. This is terrible.

And while we were stunned, four of them attacked Jega.

In terms of results, it was a terrible ravage.

No, yeah. There's nothing I can do about it. No matter how many geeks were higher than four, they were the monsters who were bosses just before. One on one, one on four would be a powerless one.

Gega's HP is decreasing with visible momentum relative to four declining HPs. That's what I have to laugh about.

Less than five minutes later, Jega vanished, and the four barked as if they were going to win.

"Everybody's amazing! Strong! Cool!

With Ron's innocent cheers, the four of them shake their tails with joy. Kimira-san, the tail snake is feeling a little pathetic...?

"Hahahaha... The mastermind in a flash.... Haha....."

Alice has turned completely white. I don't know how you feel, but I don't know. If you take a typical game, I think it's like Las Boss was defeated by a sudden NPC.

"Alice, I'm sorry...?

"Ah, yeah. No, yeah. It's okay, yeah. Honestly, it was quite subtle between us, and it was just right.... the healing items I've gathered have gone to waste."

Alice said she was selling all the clothes she had ever made and preparing restoration items for this jega fight. He said he could recover completely 100 times and resuscitate 50 times. I'm so sorry...

"But it was fun watching, and it's okay! He was so annoying in the story! I'm getting a little dizzy!

"So that's good...?

I feel like I'm being followed, but don't say anything. I have to thank you later...