Meet Reggie and be gentle... no, I finished the friendship event the next day. I met Yamashita, the game master, before I met Renchan. I know you're busy, but I was wondering if I could see you for a minute.

I talked to him.

Yamashita-san called me at Yamashita-san's home.

"Is this about the Origin of the Original Dragon?"

That's what Yamashita-san asked me the most. Well, it's predictable. Who knows?

"That's right. Is that okay?

I don't think so. Renchan is certainly not interested in the fight itself or the dungeon strategy, but I don't think the Battle-junkies will be convinced by that.

Some of them are relatively common sense people, but there's a lot going on...

"In conclusion, there's no problem."


"Yeah, well... To tell you the truth, the Origin Dragon was a monster that didn't expect Tame to be."


No, that's strange. There's no doubt that Roon-chan was taming and I made sure he was at Roon-chan's home.

"The conditions are very strict. Just for the record, Tame's condition is that there is no hostility and that he is taming non-Jegga monsters in the final dungeon."

Oh, I see. That is certainly impossible. First of all, there is no hostility to the first condition, but most players get caught, and I don't think all four other players can play properly and tame everything.

"Besides, the Original Dragon is a home-only Tame Monster that you can't usually summon. It's a tough condition, but if someone else summons Tame, it's not like the balance will collapse."

That's true. First of all, I don't think it's possible, but like Ren-chan, people don't just want to be friends with monsters. There is no doubt that such a person will be in trouble if he or she is tamed. No one can win.

Well, I don't know if I can't summon you because of the hard work... But I'm sure I'm satisfied just by being at home. Ah, that fufu... I touched it too, but it's different from other monsters... Wow, that's...

"But only Ron-chan made a special exception."

"Eh, I'm afraid to ask...."

"It's okay. It's not a bad thing."

Yamashita-san said that and smiled.

"When Lotus feels afraid or is judged to be systematically dangerous, the ancestor dragon is automatically summoned to protect Lotus."


I was protected from PK by the system in the first place, but I feel like it has really become a tablet.

But that's about it, isn't it? Ren-chan usually doesn't dive into the dungeon, and when Lege is summoned, it's over. Occasionally, I log in without me, and I might be a good protector for her.

"How about that?

"I think so!

Yeah, that's good. Very good. I can be very relieved.

Well then, Mirai-sama. There's something else going on. "

Eh, ah, yes.

What? I'm looking a little serious... Did you do something...?

I'd like to ask Mirai-sama and Len-chan something.


"It's making a lot of noise..."

This is a chat delivery by logging in before 18: 00, that is, before Renchan arrives. This is my first call to interrupt Renchan's home and start broadcasting.


You're accompanying the losers to the final dungeon.

"The grass of Shichukorokurouru, trying to tame the original dragon."

"Ah, it looks like someone tried to deliver it after that. I wasn't funny about the party... I'm so sorry...."

The guy was laughing that he couldn't make it, but the audience said he was cheating, and it was very noisy. It was complicated to learn that the distributor was really sorry and thankful for the audience.

The distributor at that time seemed to have looked at Len when he was talking about the active monster, so he went out of his way to explain it to me. Thank you very much, sir.

By the way...

Are you here? Is he in there?

Are there ancestral dragons?

Hmm? Oh, if you think you're watching a lot today, is that what you're looking for?

"Instead, what else is there?

"Idiot, I saw a beautiful woman named Miray... no, nothing"

"Hey, why did you stop saying that? I won't be angry, so tell me the truth. Because I'm angry."


Which is it? www


Turn the sphere of light around to see the other side of Renchan's house.


Seriously, I'm really here......

If you look at it again......!

Really. Ron's house looks very small.

When I waved my hand at that dragon, Reggie, he woke up sneaking up and approached me. When I stroked Legge's nose, I narrowed my eyes to make her feel good. Yeah, it might be surprisingly cute.

I don't think you're the boss...

Surprisingly affectionate......?

But with a playful blow, the player dies.

"You don't have to think about it. It's broken, right?"

I can't recall it in battle, but I think it's a really blown status.

Incidentally, after talking to Mr. Yamashita, there was a formal announcement from the operation, and even if Tame was born, the founder Ryu did not call in the battle, but only stayed at home. Still, it seems like someone wants to tame it. I know how you feel. I know how you feel.