"By the way, if you've been watching the feed, I think you know."

Change the orientation of the light sphere slightly. Towards Lege's neighbor, he responded as expected.


Something, something!?

That's right, I was taming!

There are four of them: Ole, Hugh, Kel, and Kee. Of course, Ortolos, Hydra, Cerberus, Kimira.

I thought it might be judged by its nickname because it was nicknamed, but it was recognized only as nickname. Since it wasn't named, it seemed that Renchan couldn't call when she left here.

Well, if such a big monster was summoned, it would be troublesome.


I miss Len's Tame Monster, too. I think it's a parental privilege. There can be no complaining. I also love fufu.

When I stroke your face, your face looks pleasant. Cute as a dog. However, if you stroke one of them, the other one will stroke me too. Yeah, cute!

I'm flattered.

You're so sloppy! I want to stroke you too!

When I look at them again, they're both fufuyan. Fufufuyan!

"Nfufu. I'm scared to see two or three necks as enemies, but it's so cute."

Helpful. Well, my value is above all, Renchan...

"What are you doing, oniichan...."


Len-chan is here!

What a shout wow

Orthos is scratching grass. You're the boss. "

Looking back, Len looked at me. I thought you were angry, but it just seemed like you were stunned. Yeah, that's sad.

As Len-chan stroked Or-chan in turn, she hugged Lege and chewed. Is Len's favorite?... ah, no, I'm still lucky to have it on my head. Maybe Lucky is special.

"I'm a little lonely because Len doesn't mind."

That's Ron, he's kind of a cat.

"If it's too much, you'll run away, but if it's too much, you'll stop by?

That's it.

I know.

I see, Ron may be a cat. I see. I see.

"Okay, let's imagine. Lon-chan, cat ears and cat tails...."

I was inspired.

Don't be dazzled.

"Ah, if it's a healthy picture, please. Give it to me. I'll call you when I write a weird picture. I'll do it relentlessly."

Come on, I'll draw it.

Are you sure you want to paint...

I wonder if drawing even with nails is a proper illustration. Then I'd like to see it too. Rather, I think you should show it to me.

Still, cat ears...

He's got a nosebleed.

Hey, guardian ww

"Cat ear sister has an exciting sister?

"I'm so sorry, Ma."

"Shut up."

Isn't that nice, Ron? She's cute.

I wonder if you're satisfied with the fluff, but Ron is back. Fuhafu, it's Ron. Seems very satisfied.

But! But! Let's melt your beauty even more!

"Ron. Did you read my message?

"Yeah! It's okay! I want to do it!"

"Roger, I'll send a message to Yamashita-san."

Call your friends list and choose to send a message to Yamashita. Even though there are a lot of players, I guess the game master is my friend...

I just received a reply saying thank you for accepting your request a while ago. That's why I'm working so fast.

What? What's going on here?

I left it behind.

Mirai-chan, what are you doing?

Hmm? Please wait a little longer. Ron-chan said he'd let me out in front of the house. "


I ran and ran. I walk slowly and then follow. No, it's not close enough to follow.

"I'll tell the audience first."


What is it?

"This is a formal request and a formal reward. There was a person in the operation who wanted to get in touch with me more, and I was asked if it was okay."

"What do you mean?

"Next Sunday night. Remember what happened?

Well, no one remembers it as a player. It seems that Renchan, who is not directly related, is not interested in the first place, but even I don't participate, but I know that much.

"Of course."

It's an official event.

It's just a combat event.

Yes, there is an official event next Sunday night. The main tournament is a PvP tournament in the arena, but it seems that there will be many openings around the arena.

The management is looking for players who want to open the store, and you already have an application above the limit. It's like a little festival.

"See you later. They wanted more contact with animals, so a small venue was set up next to the arena. The venue is Touch Square."

Ah (guess)

"I see. What do you mean?

What the hell was that all about?

"Yeah, Ren-chan's in charge of the Touchdown Square! I mean, we're all going to Len's Tammy Monsters!


Can I see you!? Touch it!? To these tufts!

"Thank you for the operation, Mirai, and above all, Roon-chan!