Wow, that's a great comment coming through. That's why I can't keep up. Well, I'm glad you're so happy with this, and Renchan is proud of so much...

Oh, no, Ron is so excited to wait. I'm looking forward to it. Let's get this over with!

"That's why I'm supposed to get paid in advance for my operations. It's coming."

I see. Is that what Ron is looking forward to?

In other words, the operation has prepared a new tofu.

You're no longer hiding your favorites anymore ~

But I can forgive you. Rather, it should be spoiled more. "

I am very happy with the gentle viewers.

Sending Mr. Yamashita an email instead of a signal distorted the view in front of the house. And at the next moment, it was the short fence. With a round circular fence, it's big enough for Renchan to run around and play. About a room for the average family? There is only one small entrance.

Moreover, a black hole appeared in the fence.

Wow, it's kind of black...

The effect sounds www


From that hole, a small calf walks out. Fluffy, fluffy puppies. There are three black puppies and three brown puppies because of the different colors of the lucky puppy.


Plenty to look at!

Oh no! It's so cute!

It's a good job to run!

Yeah, this is really, really something. Wow. Fufu.

When all the puppies come out, they start to move as they please. Some of them start playing and roll around trying to get up each other's bodies. Cute.

Len-chan quickly entered the fence and approached the puppy gathering.

The puppies look at Len. But none of them will run away. I'm looking at Len-chan with interest.

When Len-chan reached out to a black dog, his puppy licked.

"Ha wow....."

Roon-chan gently picks up the black dog. It seems that the black dog was smelling the smell of puff and len-chan, but I entrusted it to him with some reassurance.

This is good. Excellent. Too cute...!

Akan, adore and die

Come on! The wounds are deep!

That's good...... I want to pretend... "

Hmm. Is this too tempting?... no, before that, may I come in? May I hold him? But I didn't mean to disturb you...

And when I was thinking about that, Len came back with her black dog in her arms. I can tell by watching you hold it very gently.

Len-chan gave me that whole hairball.

"Yes, Onee-chan. It's so fluffy!"

That's it, right, Roon-chan? It's approved! Well then, don't hesitate...

"Wow... What is this... amazing? Yeah, what is this...."

"I don't have enough vocabulary"

No, but this is what happens when you actually hold it.

"That's good, I envy you...."

Looking back at Len-chan, one day he went back inside the fence and played with other puppies. There are other puppies trying to climb on Len's body.

It kind of soothes you just by looking at it...

"I don't want to move from here anymore. I've been watching my thighs forever....."


If we don't hang up, that's it.


"Yeah, well, here's one more announcement from this whole fufu space."

When I say so, comments flow about what it is. Well, I guess I know a few of them.

"Why are you getting paid in advance?"

"What? What do you mean?

Oh, I mean, that's what I'm talking about.

"Oh, come on, tell him to understand."

"Yeah, well, quite simply, they're going to the Touch Square, too. Those fluffy puppies."

Oops!? Comments are starting to flow amazing. Everyone seems excited. Well, I said it with a little aim, so I'm glad I succeeded.

"So look forward to the Touch Square!


I'll look forward to it with super expectations.

I look forward to seeing you and touching you!

All right. Well, that's about it. Even though Ren-chan insists on bragging, she'll miss you if no one comes. I'm sure everyone will come by now.

Such a long time ago, Len was lying down. They were all stuck together in a dustpan.

"Whatever it is, it seems fun."

No way!

Do you know or not? Comment!

No, I don't know.

Don't you know ww


Well, it's stranger to know.

Yeah, and it still feels good. Look, it really calms me down.

"Well then, it's time to finish. Thank you all so much for today."

Don't cum.

Don't end it on your own.

Just a little more! Just a little!

I was told that when I tried to hang up. Well, yeah. If only I could show it.

Afterwards, until it was time for Renchan to fall, I decided to watch Renchan's fungus with the viewers. I was holding a black dog with me, fufu... Ah, happiness...

"By the way, I'm talking about puppies, puppies, puppies."




"They're the same kind of lucky ones. I mean, he's a fine wolf."


Such a cute wolf!

"Regarding puppies, no matter how you look at them."

I ask the operator to complain about it, don't worry.