Talking about the Tamer Sisters

No 111.

It's grazing time!

No 112.

There you are!

No 113.

Grazing land. I did it!

No 114.


No 115.

Sadness, the cap is reached in an instant

No 116.

Yeah, yeah!?

No 117.

Shit, yeah!

No 118.

It's too soon to fill the frame.

119 nobody.

I wonder if there really was a cap on it.

I've never seen it before.

No 120.


No 121.

Definitely the busiest thing I've ever seen.

No 122.

I wanted to see Renchan directly....

No 123.

I guess I just have to put up with it as usual.

No 124.

Next time... next time...!

No 125.

Oh, there was Roon-chan.

126 nobody.

This way, you know exactly whether you're watching the delivery or not.

No 127.

People watching Wow

People who haven't seen it Kinton

No 128.

You guys, don't bother the public.

No 129.

But you don't know a lot of people.

No 130.

Certainly, the grazing land has a maximum of 100 people.

No 131.

You mean 98, except for Renchan and Mirai.

As long as it's on the screen, it's just one of us hanging around.

No 132.

Somehow Roon-chan became popular.

133 nobody.

Not only a few, but almost certainly the only toddler player who likes furufu.

Besides, we're sisters. We're both beautiful.

It can't be popular.

No 134.

I think you saw the shit on the feed.

No 135.

I'm just glad I'm looking at my little girl.

No 136.

Officer, this is him.

No 137.

Officer, this is him, too.

No 138.

Officer, it's these guys.

No 139.

I'm an officer. I don't have enough hands.

No 140.

Isn't it?

No 141.

Squirrels at first.

No 142.

Pretty cute.

No 143.

It looks like a squirrel, monster?

No 144.

Mons, by the way.

Let's start the second fight.

No 145.


No 146.

I think I was packed to start a second.

No 147.

You can't kill such a cute squirrel. Come on!

No 148.

Hey, Renchan, are you okay with the snake?

No 149.

It's too unexpected.

No 150.

Well, I like creatures.

The reptiles aren't the exception.

No 151.

I don't know how to moop my thumb...

No 152.

That's right, the snake....

No 153.

Even so, the owner is terrified of the plain.

No 154.

Len-chan is also attracted to the plain.

155 nobody.

Whoa, whoa.

No 156.

Ruthless stray bullets attack Miray!

157 nobody.

Like a sister www

No 158.

Miray... live strong...

No 159.

But I deserve it.

No 160.

I can't say anything.

No 161.

Still, there's a lot going on here.

No 162.

I thought you saw all the monsters, but you didn't.

No 163.

Someone who doesn't seem to know Renchan is still proud of her.

I know, I know very well.

No 164.

No Tamer is happy to hear about his pet

No 165.

This is going to increase your audience again.

No 166.

But I care about that.

No 167.

That one.

No 168.

Maybe Len's worried, too.

Still, I'm afraid you're avoiding it.

169 nobody.

I look at you from time to time, so I don't think I hate it.

No 170.

Last fun, huh?

No 171.

Ren-chan is a party to save the fun later!

No 172.

If you look at it, you'll see.

No 173.

Oh, finally!

No 174.

Go, go! That's it!

No 175.

Cute w

No 176.

Ron's tension is getting higher and higher.

No 177.

Can't you be proud to be on the front lines....

That's right....

No 178.

Some of them are really just battle junkies.

No 179.

I just feel a little sorry for you.

No 180.

Even so, Renchan is interesting.

No 181.


No 182.


No 183.


No 184.

That's different.

No 185.

Is that it today? How many times has God done this?

186 nobody.

This distribution is God's twice daily.

No 187.

When I try to cut out Renchan's cute scene, it'll be a huge amount.

No 188.

I know. I know.

No 189.

Oh, you can ride!

No 190.

I knew I could ride without being the owner.

No 191.

That sounds fun!

No 192.

This is a hunch of dragon popularity!

No 193.

Oh, Miray, that's a good decision.

Camera tracking is awesome!

194 nobody.

It's an empty journey!

195 nobody.

There you are!

196 nobody.


197 Unnamed

Renchan, it's too rough www

198 Unnamed

Does Ren-chan get so tense?

199 nobody.

No sudden Serious.

No 200.

Renchan's not Serious or anything.

201 Unnamed

It's obvious where you flew a lot, but Miray's a good sister.

No 202.

You made her admit something special for her.

203 Unnamed

No, you're telling me the doctor actually did it.

204 Unnamed

You're an idiot.

The doctor moved me because Miray moved me.

If Millay hadn't done anything, it wouldn't have changed.

No 205.

I miss you, too, Ron.

No 206.

Well, the rating from Renchan....

No 207.

But sometimes it's disgusting!

No 208.

Goddamn it!

No 209.

Mr. Silius is home on time.

No 210.

Miray really needs a little reflection.

211 Nobody.

You want to be friends with a dragon?

That's what it's gonna be.

No 212.

But that's the end content dungeon.

What are you gonna do with this?

No 213.

Ah, Rustdan....

No 214.

No, I know what you're saying, but you....

No 215.

I'm not doing a story. What's wrong with you?

No 216.

a shredded monster that is not designed to be systematically defeated

No 217.

Crossbow Size

Today's dragons are nothing but lizards.

No 218.

Special Buffs Extra Extra Extra and finally Equal, including those who rush to the next level

No 219.

What's with that monster....

No 220.

Millay, are you gonna do the story?

You all right, buddy?

No 221.

If there's anything I can do to help, I can help.

Problem is the second part of the Solo Mandatory Dungeon.

No 222.

There's still a lot of criticism out there.

No 223.

I hope Mirai's doing her best.