Summer is approaching, and the temperature is getting warmer and warmer one Thursday at a time. I was at the hospital to see Ron. From school, of course. Well, it's about every day.

Ron-chan, I'm here.

When she entered Len's dark ward, she was napping on the bed. It seems that Goodwill's gift today is a white dog stuffed toy. If you look closely, you may look kind of lucky.

"Ah... I see...."

I remembered a while ago, when I met Ron-chan and it wasn't long ago. I see. That's why you're lucky.

The little dog stuffed toy that Renchan is holding is the first stuffed toy I've ever given her. Ren-chan was already very happy about it and named the stuffed animal Lucky.

That's the name of the dog in the animated video I saw a while ago.

I may have associated myself with that little wolf from the beginning. Somehow, it was so sad and pathetic that I couldn't remember.

It's supposed to be an important memory for me.

I stroked Len's head. Pure white, dry hair. I hear that nurses who used to work here and know Ren-chan very well carefully wash and take care of her in the bath every night.

Some newly arrived nurses avoid Roon-chan with an unexplained illness, but people who don't care are always concerned and can't thank you enough.

I've wanted to thank you a lot, but they won't take it anytime. On the contrary, I've been teaching Ron-chan a lot so that he can come out at any time.

Everyone believes that Len's illness will heal. I'm so happy about that.


Roon-chan moved and opened her eyes. He stared at me with his blurry eyes and laughed softly.

Oni-chan, ohahhhh

"Morning, Renchan. In the evening."

I see.

Lotus wakes up holding a dog stuffed with care. A small stretch.

"You're still taking care of her."

Speaking of stuffed animals, Ron laughed softly.

"Yes, dear friend. You look like lucky over there, don't you?

"You look alike. I was a little surprised."

"Hey, you seem to have forgotten."


Jito's eyes hurt very much. No, I'm really sorry...

When I couldn't say anything, Len giggled and laughed.

"I'm kidding, Onee-chan. I see this kid every day, but it's only the first time. I can't help it."

"I can't help but follow Renchan....."

There are plenty of stuffed toys on Len's shelf. I can't remember one by one. But after all, I thought I should remember the first child. Just a little self-loathing.


"Already.... You care too much.

I feel something soft on my cheek. Len-chan smelled my cheeks with a stuffed toy hand. Already....

Yo, yo.


Put Len-chan on her lap and hug her from behind. Gyu.


Ron seemed stunned, but he didn't resist.

Renchan is not allergic to food at all and eats everything. I don't eat much because I don't have many opportunities to move, but I'm always interested in things I've never eaten.

I still like things that are childish and sweet.

When I gave you the chocolate with almonds in it, Len-chan started eating quickly with her eyes shining. She looks happy and very cute.

"Well, Ron-chan. Just listen to me while you eat."

Roon-chan nods with chocolate. Somehow, it looks like a squirrel, not a cat. When I stroke my throat, I narrow my eyes to make it feel good. A cat after all.

Next time, I wonder if it's a sparrow.

Excuse me?

"Yeah, you know what? Didn't you see it on the video?


It's quite inconvenient at these times.

Normally, sparrows don't have to be explained. I think most people think of sparrows when I describe them as small birds that often stay on electric wires and the like.

But in the case of Roon-chan, I don't go out in the first place. I've hardly seen any wires, and I can't think of a little bird that stays there.

And because there aren't many pets, there aren't many animated videos that Renchan occasionally watches. That's why it's very difficult to explain.

"I'll check it out later. Are you going to see it?

"Yeah, come on. I met someone who tamed a sparrow, but it was fluffy."

This was definitely different from real, and AWO's sparrow was already fluffy. Sparrows covered in soft feathers are so cute, their small size combined. The sparrow lying on the palm of her hand was healed just by watching.

I'm sure she'll like it, too.

"I want to go! Where?"

"I'm close to Fatos so I can get there right away. So, today I'm going to be friends with Mr. Sparrow."


Len-chan is cute to make her eyes shine with pleasure.

That's why I'm going to see Mr. Sparrow today.