Ron's home is a very pleasant home. I always think when I log in and enter Renchan's home. Lots of fufu...!

A small area surrounded by wooden fences next to Renchan's house. Puppies are always playing here. And Renchan is playing too. Rolling around with a puppy. What a cute thing.

While saving lots of pictures of Roonchan and his fluffy puppy, the next thing I look at is the newly created forest. No, I thought it was a forest a while ago, but when I realized it was a deep, lush forest. I don't know what you're talking about.

Nearly a hundred wolves were brought here by Renchan. Other cats, tigers, lions. I'd like to say what kind of forest it is, but I don't know.

Across the house, on the other side, there's a lot of kids tamed in the final dungeon. These kids usually sleep all the time, but once Roon-chan invites them to play, they start shaking their tails like dogs. Somehow, huge monsters chasing after little girls are quite a surreal sight. Horror?


When I called Renchan, who was playing with the puppy, I immediately gently released the puppy and came back here. I don't know, my face is glowing without a heart. I wonder if it was that good...

Oni-chan, oni-chan

Something's wrong, Renchan.

"Hands in the air!


Do as you're told.

"Open your hands!

Like this?

When I opened my hands and pointed my palm at Leng, she put something on my hand. Something, something, a puppy. He sat in my hand with good manners, tilted his neck and looked at me.

What is this? Cute. I see, this is cute!

Ufufu, squeal a little and rub it into my hand, fluffy...!

"What do you say?


"That's right!"

Lotus who laughs happily is also cute! Ah, well, here's my paradise...!

"By the way, oniichan. Where's the sparrow?

"Oops, that's right."

I almost forgot the purpose of today. No, but I'm not bad. Ron, who suddenly put the puppy on, is bad.... it's not that Ron's fault, but it's me!

When I gently lowered the puppy to the ground, I walked back inside the fence. That's clever. Me, Renchan, and the audience call me a puppy puppy, but it's a wolf. That's a wolf.

"Well, then, Ron. Start publishing."


Well then, a little bit.

Fluffy spheres of light appeared, and something like a board where comments flowed. And soon, the comments began to flow.

Fresh delivery!

I've been waiting! This time of year!

"Is it okay if Nori finishes?

Wait a minute.

Forgive me.

I can't help it.

When I shook my head, Len giggled. Yeah, I think I'm playing too much.

"Well, I'm going to be friends with my new husband today."

Oh! Finally a new kid!

Where's next?

There are still others. Tanuki or something. "

"It's Sparrow today!


"Something unexpected."

Are sparrows so fuzzy?

Only Tamer would know. The sparrows in this game are so fuzzy. "

I didn't know.

Comments keep flowing. The audience reached 2,000 in no time. There's really been an increase...

In the meantime, let's go ~


Get out of Renchan's home and go to Fatos. The area with the grassland wolf is already nostalgic. The grain barn next to it is an area with sparrows.

By the way, sparrows in this game ignore the crops grown by players. That's why I think I put more emphasis on comfort as a game than reality. Friendly design.

"Well, here we are in the barn."



When I look at Renchan, it really feels good......

All day tiredness is healed......

I think something strange is going on, but let's not worry about it.

I saw the road, the sky, and I saw a lot of sparrows wandering around. Point the sphere of light at the sparrows. I don't seem to see many sparrows except for those who started Fatos. Let's get a good shot.

"Oniichan, you're so beautiful!

Isn't it?

The sparrows in this game are really pretty. No, not really. Well, it looks like a hairball. Even though it's such a hairball, I fly the sky with my wings properly. But there's a reputation among Tamer for such a cute move.

Combat abilities are not very high and are not active. Most people don't care, but it can be quite difficult if you try to crush them with some kind of request.

First of all, it's hard to hit. Because the sparrow is too small. Attacks from sparrows deal fixed damage. No matter how much Defense you increase, one damage will always go through.

Well, it's none of your business because she's not active, either. Don't worry about it.

Oni-chan, oni-chan




The little bird that Ren-chan gave me came to me, and I'm familiar with it!

"No, it's too soon!

I really do.

Of course, sparrows are nostalgic, but that's why it's too soon.

Ron, how's the sparrow? Cute?

"Cute! It tickles a little, but it's fluffy. I'm going to wrap it up completely."

When Len-chan wraps the sparrow in both hands, it certainly seems to be of good size. Only the sparrow's face is slightly out. I wonder if it is painful, or if it seems to feel good, it feels calm. Look, I want to do it, too.

I looked around a little, but most sparrows were just looking around. I wonder. We're not getting away, but we're not getting anywhere near it. I miss you a little.

"Well, I can't help it. Then, Ron-chan, you can go play, but you can't go to another area."


Roon-chan runs with a sparrow on her shoulder. I'm kind of relieved to see it.

Call Shiro and fall for Shiro. Hmm. Comfortable.

While feeding Shiro, I decided to watch Renchan at ease.

So, I was watching.

"Somebody explain."

We were watching Renchan.

Renchan... Renchan...!

I steadily made Mr. Sparrow my friend......!

And this is what happened when I noticed it.

I see, I don't know.

"It's okay, we don't know."

I wonder how to explain it in front of me right now... I don't know if you have hair balls or not.

Ron-chan is Ron-chan, but there are sparrows in her body. What is this? I can only see Ren-chan's face covered in sparrows. Lucky for you. It's really creepy.

"Lots of friends!

"Uh-huh. That's right."

That's good, isn't it? I don't know. How do the sparrows stay? No, yeah. Really, what is this?

"I feel like I can fly now...!

"Calm down, honey. The sky flew last time, didn't it? Patience."

There's no way a sparrow can fly before that. I guess... you don't fly, do you?

The sparrows started moving their small wings together, whether they learned from Len's will or thought I was fooling them. Small and gradually larger at first.

"Wah, wah, wah...!

That's right. Looks like Ren-chan's in a bit of a hurry.

And finally!


I flew! Len-chan flew!

"Flying... flying?

"Er... About five centimeters?

It just floated out of the ground and stopped. The sparrows are still trying, but they can't fly any further.

"Sparrow-san, that's enough.

When Len-chan called out, she slowly stepped down to the ground. The sparrow falls to the ground almost completely. I think I'm exhausted. I guess I ran out of stamina, if you say so systematically.

"Sorry, you're tired, thank you."

Ron-chan thanked her with one stroke at a time. I wonder if it's because I'm a friend that disappears when I stroke it. I think they're sending it home.

"Ah... So, is it time to go home?


Looks like Ron is satisfied too.

Afterwards, I returned to Fatos and went home.

"In the forest of the home, there are 100 grassland wolves, 100 cats, and 10 lions and tigers. And there were a hundred more sparrows."


"Too many to understand."

Isn't that too much?


Renchan's home. The forest on the side of the house has become a huge and incredibly large forest. Not territorially, but all of Tame's monsters live together.

"And that's what our Lotus looks like."

If you look at the forest entrance, there are lots of lids wrapped in lids. I've been licked by various children, and Ren-chan still seems happy.


"People call it stealing."

If you don't want me to shut up, give me the screenshot I took!

"I can't help it, I'll post it later."

Thank you!


Well, Ron-chan still seems very happy, but for me, other monsters are also concerned.

Well, let's decide tomorrow. Maybe Renchan won't come back like that!

In the meantime, my sister is so cute that she plays with her fufufu. Ehehe...

"Officer, this way."

"That's why it's too late."

"Shut up."