"That's why I'm going to find the fox."

"I'm coming!

Is that the first word?

Well, I don't care what happened.

Fox is that quest?

6: 30 p.m. When I started broadcasting at Renchan's home, I was somehow surprised. Well, I think it was too abrupt. Yeah, well, you don't have to go into the details, but you know how it went.

"Ron wants to see Mr. Fox, so I'm going to see him. Do you have any more explanations?

I don't need it.

Rather, there's no other reason wu

"Ron-chan, why are you a fox?

"Because it's cute!

There are a number of comments about Len's immediate response that make her smile. In the meantime, there are too many of them. I don't know what you're writing.

"You know, I got Onee-chan a stuffed fox toy. That was cute. That's why I wanted to see you!

It's a very easy explanation.

You're a good oneechan......

The gap from normal is huge. No way. A fake?

"If you want to sell a fight, I'll buy it. In the form of banishment."

"Please don't do this. You'll die."

I can't stand living without seeing this delivery anymore!

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

"I'm too desperate to be surprised on the contrary...."

That's right, Ron-chan, you're popular. When I stroked Len-chan's head, she leaned her neck strangely. Looks like you're stroking it harder. Is it Sweet Mode today?

Don't be silly, Riko Koko Koko.

"What are we... showing...?"

Isn't sweet Renchan too cute?

"Ron is always cute. What are you talking about?"

Absolutely. Len is always cute.

I'm satisfied for now, so let's start explaining for Renchan, who hasn't heard anything yet. Looks like some viewers I don't know.

Then, Renchan. This is an explanation for Mr. Fox Tame. "


"I'm gonna cum so cute!

"Hurry up?

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

Roon-chan is so sweet ww

Are you using candy and whip separately...?

Mirai is always struggling with me....

No, I want you to wait. Am I struggling that hard? Oh, is that so?

Look at Len. Someday I was lucky to put it on my head. Yeah, as usual. Nothing's wrong!

Yes, that's it.


Time is limited, let's go.


"I think some of you know that foxes, unlike regular monsters, are exclusive to quests. It may change with future updates and events, but for now."

Oh, just like that. I've never seen anything like it in this game. "

"It's a waste if you don't notice."


Yes, I don't know about this quest. And since there are no particularly good rewards, it doesn't make much sense to complete a quest.

Looks like the people who loved verification were looking into something, but they didn't know anything after all. Now it's called a quest to see foxes and snails.

"By the way, the place is on Fatos' side. They don't seem to notice because they're heading for Secondary, but in the other direction, through the forest with the slime, there's a snowy mountain. That's where the quest is. By the way, if you don't use cold gear, you'll get damage from the cold, so be careful."

I think it's a little bad in the first field.

There's an NPC at the entrance to the mountain, and if it's not equipped, it'll warn me.

"No, don't put that mountain on the side of Fatos first."

"I promise not to say that."

True. Honestly, we've gotten used to it, but I think the beginners are a little confused. Cold gear is a bit expensive. It is sold in the store.

"Do you really think so?

Niki! You were missing. Do you really think so? Niki!

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to try. It's someone else."



"It's not a good fight. So, what do you mean?

"No, there's a description of the neighborhood on the official website, right?

Oh, is that so? Apparently, I'm not the only one who didn't notice, and there are many comments about whether there is such a thing. I mean, don't look too much at it.

There's beautiful water from the snowy mountains flowing to Fatos and being used in many production industries.

Seriously, it was actually an important area.

"That's how it was set...."

As a matter of fact, do foxes and snakes treat their guardian gods like that? It might be interesting to look into it.... well, I suppose it's after the verification momentum has already been checked.

"All right, that's enough explaining. Renchan!"


Looking back, Len was playing with Lege. Ren-chan, who is delighted by Legje's large wings, is very old.

No, I mean, there's a bunch of hardened Bosmons up there.


Renchan shouted, and the Bosmons shouted too. What is this? No, this is really something. An instinctive fear! I'm scared!

Now Mirai is scared.

I was scared too. I was surprised. "

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You calm down www

No, I'm really scared if I can do it suddenly. What kind of face looks like Renchan's, did you do that? What did it mean?

I'm afraid the puppies in front of my house aren't moving at all. Just because I don't know, maybe you're doing well?