"Len, what happened suddenly...?

"Eh? Well, when I said I wanted to see something cool, they started doing it. Isn't it cute and cool?

"Ah, yeah... That's right...."

Miray! Don't give up there!

"Who will stop you if you don't?!

"Well, then, you guys stop. I can't. If you can see Occasionally, is that okay?"

"I see. Agree."

Even if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't miss it if you turned your palm back too fast.

You have to be angry if you're going to do it in the city, but it's okay if you're in the house. Rather, I want you to do it regularly. Next time, I would definitely like a picture.

"Yeah, I missed the line, but it's about time, Renchan...."

Mirai-chan, Mirai-chan!

"What's next!?

Explain to me and I'll be there soon, but it's almost 7: 00! When will I be able to leave!? Maybe it won't just end with an explanation!?

I've got some cold gear! I thought I'd go someday! I'll be waiting in front of the snowy mountain!

"Ah, Alice... Uh, thank you? But even if I buy it at Fatos...."

"Don't you want to see this, too?

"Yes, please!

I'd love to see that! Store winter clothes are really necessary, and there's nothing cute about them! I'm sure Alice would understand.


Shit, I'm looking forward to it.

Let's go, Miray!

"Isn't it terrible?

Rather, it takes time, and I think it's your fault.

Anyway, I'm sorry to keep you waiting so I decided to go to the snow mountain with Renchan.

Get out of Fatos, walk a little, and have Len-chan summon Dia. When Len asked, he put us both on our backs. Good boy.



This sister is ww

"Something similar, sister."

A little envious...... It seems pleasant.... "

Deer is big, so I can do it later. But it's a little dangerous when it's just the two of us.

Running through the slime forest, shaken by Deer's back. Ron-chan showed interest in the slime, but it's time for you again. I don't have time for this.

"Mr. Slime was so cute....."

"Yeah, well, I guess it's nice and cute. Surprisingly affectionate."

"Mmm... Fox next, Mr. Slime!

"Roger that!

I thought maybe not because I'm not an animal, but is the slime okay? We need to make sure we don't forget.

After shaking on Dear for a while, I was able to get out of the forest immediately. There is a main road through the forest, and you can see the snow mountain behind it. By the way, there is a snowfield between the forest and the snowy mountains.

I didn't care because it was a sight I had seen before, but Len pulled my clothes slightly.

"Hmm? What's wrong, Goodwill?"



"Um... Yukidama, Yukigama, and so on. I want to try it."


For the time being, I wanted to hit myself.

It's been snowing for Len for the first time. I know about snowmen and snowball fights as knowledge, but I haven't even touched snow in the first place. I take it for granted that I want to play.

But if you're a snowman, it's kind of lonely for you and me to play snowball.

"Ron. Can I go after Mr. Fox? Why don't we play with the fox anyway?


Oh, you convinced me. Rather, they might be looking forward to it. I'm relieved.

Oh, I see. Ron-chan, this is your first time snowing. "

I feel like I'll forget it because I'm usually full of energy.

"I really want you to play a lot."

When you're done. I think it would be more fun to hang out with a lot of friends.

As soon as I ran through the snow fields, I saw the snow mountains. This main road leads straight to the snowy mountain. There are Snowy Mountain quests just down the road, so don't get lost. Very convenient.

In the middle of the road, in front of the entrance to the mountain, there was a figure I saw.

"Len-chan! Mirai-chan!"

"Ah, it's Alice!

When Len-chan waved loudly, Alice jumped and waved. You look like a child even though you're about my age.

Next to Alice is Mr. Edgar. Next to it is his Tammmons dragon. I'm surprised Alice and Edgar met, but somehow I figured out why he's here.

Get off Deer in front of the two of you. Deer is a little too big in the mountains, so unfortunately this child has come this far.

Dear, let's play again.

While Len-chan was naughty about Dia, I turned to both of them.

"You're early, Alice. Well, I can predict."

Well... I saw some good feet!

"Hi, feet."

The sad Edgar. The dragons seem to be in a good mood for fun flying.

I wonder if it's faster than the ones in Fatos.

Thank you, Edgar.

"But you're alone with a beautiful girl. Hiroshiyama"

If so, I would like you to replace me now. While I was flying in the dragon, I was kicked many times to hurry. Female phobia. "


Still, I envy your position. I mean, you and Renchan can easily see each other. "

That's it. You don't have to brag about it.


Edgar, who was scolded by the comment, left it, and I quickly received the costume from Alice. For Renchan and me. Yeah, maybe.



Dee is gone, and Len, who seems a little lonely, rushes right in. Oops, I'm hugging you. Giggle for now.

"I got Len's winter suit from Alice!

"Wow! Thank you, Mr. Alice!

Lotus thanks you with a smile. Yeah, Alice. I can't smile at all. And hehe, what an effect sound you're about to hear.

In the meantime, I transferred my clothes to Ren-chan and had them worn quickly.

Len-chan's winter suit is a light blue wool hat and a pure white sweater. It's a skirt down there, but my legs are covered. Gloves and thighs. Overall.

"Exactly this too. What a cute thing. Photo Photo"