I'm rubbing it!

Ron-chan, Ron-chan! * Giggle *

Hmm? Like this? "

Ron-chan took a spin on the spot. Cute. Say it over and over again. Cute. Say it again. Cute.

"Because it's important, I say it three times and then I say it three times! Cute, cute, cute!

Calm down, oneechan.

Definitely more excited than us.

Are you okay with this kind of guardian?

"It's not okay, but it's too late."

No, I mean, really, really cute. You can do this, right? For now, I'll try to squeeze from behind. Oh, fluffy and fluffy...

"Warm... Thank you, Mr. Alice!

"No, you're welcome.... wow, Mirai-chan hasn't moved even if she suddenly hugs her."

It's everyday tea ~




Oh, useful. Whatever you say, I won't give up this place. Fufu.

Alice. This little hat... "

"Yeah, lucky hat."


Renchan lifts the lucky one sleeping on his head with both hands. The lucky person who got up, stretched out as if sleeping, and trembled little by little. Is that how cold it is?

Ron put a little hat on his lucky head. It's a well-matched hat. Lucky leaned his neck strangely, but soon he licked Len-chan's cheek with joy. Well, maybe you don't understand.

"Lucky you're cute!


My pussy.


My pussy.

Yeah, I think we're all in one piece.

"Hey, what about you?

Oh, yeah.

I also equipped myself with the costume that Alice gave me, away from Renchan.

I am simpler. It's a red coat that tends to wrap around the neck. The fabric was soft and kind of like a cape.

It's simple, but it looks like a proper cold shield and it's plump. Yeah, I think so.

"Mirai-chan can be equipped with armor. I tried to make it a little simpler."

"Yeah... Thank you, Alice. I like it."

Not bad. It's more my hobby. That's Alice, I know.

"Hey, sweetheart! Come on, come on!

I had Ron's request, so I took a turn on the spot. * Giggle *. Broom, I don't know, Len.

"Hey, you're so cool!

Oh, I see. All right, Alice, let's buy it for the price!

"Yeah, let's calm down, Mirai. I told you before, I'll give it to you."

That's Alice. Fat! No, well, I can't actually pay for it even if it's charged. Alice's clothes are expensive... No, I really can't get my head up.

"Thank you all the time."

I lowered my head deeply and found Alice in a bit of a hurry.

"No, no, what happened suddenly!? Don't do that!

Instead, Alice continued.

"I need to ask you something...."


"Well, now you can call home. I want to play both legends....!

Oh, to put it that way... Alice didn't touch Legend after all, did she? After Len tamed Legend, Alice seemed to have started the event and was in Second Square when it ended. When we realized it, we were in the same place, and Lege wasn't there anymore.

Naturally speaking, it's only natural, and if the first dragon comes out in such a city, it's a mess. Alice regretted from the bottom of her heart that Clear's joy could not be blown away.

After that, it was time for Renchan to log out, so I dissolved immediately, but that's right, I wanted to touch Alice, too.

After Len blinked her eyes,


That's what I said with a smile.

"Thank you, Ron-chan! I'm looking forward to it...!

Damn, I envy you.

So-so. We can get to know each other at the event.... "

"Oh shit, I'm looking forward to it too much now...!

There are a lot of comments that I envy, but I just can't invite them all, and I don't want to. Alice would welcome it, but honestly, Mr. Edgar, it's a delicate thing.

Home is Renchan's sanctuary. That's why I want to be careful who I invite.

"Well, you're a fox now, right? Sorry to bother you!

Alice and Edgar step back. Edgar spanned the dragon. What is that? It's cool!

Len-chan was also staring at Edgar with her sparkling eyes, and Edgar scratched her cheeks as if they were glowing.

"Punish? Punish?


Edgar, be prepared when you return.


Yeah, well, what is it? Good luck, Mr. Edgar!

"Bye, bye!

We wave to Alice and Edgar, too. And the dragon quickly disappeared.

"Well... If you notice, there's only a little time left. At least I want to get to the village."


"Yes, I have a quest there."

That's why we're leaving. Head down and greet the NPC on the side of the entrance, passing by. Ron-chan did the same. Lucky for some reason, too./(adv-to, adv-to) (on-mim) (on-mim) thumping/thumping/thumping/thumping/thumping/

Renchan's face was shining with a snowy feeling. Running around lucky as far as I can see. This looks like a lot of fun.

"Ahahah! Wow! It feels good!

Ron-chan seems to be having fun.

"The first snow will impress you."

I thought snow wasn't a good thing, but I kind of liked it.

Are you from the north? It's tough.

If you were so happy, you might have played with the snow first. Well, now. We don't have much time left, so let's think about it after we get to the village.

Walk along the snow-covered road with Renchan. Realistic makes it easy to walk along this road that is definitely tired on the way. Ron has been running around for a long time. I'd like you to calm down.

After walking long enough, I finally reached a small village.