Len's eyes are sparkling. I'm so excited. I wonder if that's the right answer first.

The village itself is a village without any aberration. There are some wooden houses, some like snow-covered fields. The pond is frozen and you may be able to skate with just the tools.

There are foxes in such a village. The more I thought it was Tamer's village, the more each fox must be in the house. Some of the kids are out playing, but most of them are rounded up in the house.

Ron was already throbbing at it. I know. I know very well. That's why the fox is here.

Wow. What is this fox? "

It feels fuzzy to know even from afar!

I want to see it closer!

Looks like some viewers don't know foxes here. The fox seems to be having a lot of fun.

Well, shall we go?

"Ron. I'll go to the village chief's house first."

"Come, fox? Have you seen Mr. Fox yet?

"Hmm... I know how you feel, but let's just start with the quest first. Enjoy tomorrow. Right?"

"Ugh... Okay....."

It's so dull. Even when I look at that dull figure, I feel dusty. Comments are all funny.

The village chief's house is a large house in the middle of the village. A big house, though, is a wooden two-story house. By the way, there is no other house upstairs, so this is the biggest one.

When I knocked on the door of the village chief's house, the door opened immediately.

"Oh, welcome. Are you traveling?

Old man. Plenty of beard. Anyway,

"It feels like the village chief."

I understand.

But that's not what I'm saying now.

The village chief is confused.

"Oops, sorry. Yes, I'm a traveler. I'm tired, so please stay."

Too Straight W

By the way, we have a little more conversation.

This guy's a pain in the ass.

Because I can shortcut it, and I wonder if it's okay. I'm done with this quest.

You can complete this quest as many times as you like. That's why you can take it with Roon-chan. Well, that's why they think there's something going on.

"Hmm. Because it's a small village, there's no place to stay. Stay here."

The village chief will let me in, so I'll go in with Renchan.

The village chief's house has an enclosure in the middle. By the way, smoke is a strange spec that disappears somewhere in the air. I'm sure the developers are in trouble.

There is a pot on top of the hearth, and something is simmered with chips. I can have dinner with you.

There you go. You gave me a cushion, so I sat down.


I noticed a fox in the corner of the room trying to sit down. I didn't know. Were you there?

"Ah, you know! Fox! Fox!

"Hmm? Ah, it's the monster Tame is playing with. Play with me."


Len-chan headed towards Mr. Fox with joy. The village chief was looking at it with a soft smile. This is NPC, so it's really amazing.

Len-chan stared at the fox and slowly reached out. The fox was staring at Len for a while, but licked her finger. Oh, your face is shining.

Len-chan spread her hands and the fox jumped into it.

"Ehehe... it's fluffy..."

Ron carefully strokes the fox's back. The fox is entrusted to me and seems pleasant. Okay, I want to hang out.

"That means. Would you take it?

Sure, I'll take it.

Whoa!? I didn't hear anything!

Me too. I've been paying attention to Len-chan. "

Mirai has completely ignored me too.

"No, because I heard it once....."

There's nothing special about this quest. Rather, the contents are very common. The monster's best friend has settled nearby, or the field will be razed, so I want you to crush him.

"I love Renchan so much that I don't have to listen to her!

I understand.

Let's support it all.

And don't sneak up on Len-chan.

I lifted the fox even further and put it on my lap. When I hugged her from behind, Len looked at us strangely.

"Hey, honey?


I see.

Ren-chan returned to the fox fur again.

"My tail is so big... Fluffy....."

When Len said such a thing, the fox tickled Len's face with its tail. Laughing happily, she hugged the fox... I'm starting to understand.

"I'm really worried about fox tails. I want to hug and sleep."

There used to be a fox tail pillow.

"Eh, what a charming thing."

I want it normal.

"I'm familiar. If you have any information, thank you."

They'll look into it, so I'll leave it up to the viewer.

It's me who fuzzes the fox even more. This one is also very comfortable to hold. This is soft and soft. Stick your throat in the first place.


While tickling, she keeps her weight with me. Still, the fox doesn't stop using the fuzz. That's right, Lotus.

When I was somehow in a happy mood, I heard an alarm in my ear. Only I can hear the alarm sound. Check the time, before 8: 05 in the evening. It's time for Len to log out.

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. It's time."


"I know how you feel, but let's log out. I'm going to be restricted from tomorrow."

Haha, Ron unfortunately lowers the fox to the floor. Did you know it was time for the fox to say goodbye? I was pretending to be my tail and greeting Len-chan. What a cute hairball.

"See you tomorrow, fox."

When Len-chan stroked her, the fox rang a little.