Talking about the Tamer Sisters

201 Unnamed

Finally, the ban on throwing money. Ah!

No 202.

I thought it was early, but I was more surprised that you were applying.

203 Unnamed

You never said you'd apply before.

204 Unnamed

It seems that minors are subject to pretty strict scrutiny, but I wonder if they were all right around there.

No 205.

I'm here to explain.

No 206.

Isn't that how the money gets transferred?

No 207.

Well, you do, Renchan.

I don't suppose it's a good idea to involve the money directly?

No 208.

Is the game coin loose...?

No 209.

But the coins.

1 yen = 1 coin?

No 210.

Yes, it is.

I look forward to what it will be used for because there are some interesting items.

211 Nobody.

Like what?

No 212.

Tuna sword.

No 213.

It's a complete weapon.

No 214.

But that weapon, the second part of the story, is a common status....

No 215.

Are you kidding me?

No 215.

Shake the frozen tuna and fight the golem.

No 216.

Too surreal www

No 217.

More importantly, hold on to Miray's dream.

No 218.

I want to work in a nursery.

No 219.

Watch out, we have to report this!

No 220.

No, it's a good dream.

Back him up.

No 221.

Magilles, cool, cool.

No 222.

I think a story that doesn't work with a story is a story that has a problem as a story.

No 223.

But stories are about freshness, and if you use them as stories, they should be stories.

No 224.

I don't know what that means!

No 225.

Don't think, feel it!

No 226.

Conclusion, good luck, Miray.

No 227.

> > 226 is a traitor.

No 228.

No objections

No 229.

The traitor is a pig!

No 230.

I mean, shipping-

No 231.

Oh, my God.

No 232.

Missing Emote, Redo

No 233.

He said he donated the extra coins.

No 234.

It's used for Roon-chan without exception.


No 235.

This will have to be thrown!

No 236.

Hey! I tried to throw 100,000, but I can't! Something went wrong!

No 237.

Oil King or something....?

No 238.

Sometimes I get these guys, but somewhere they're paying me.

No 239.

Being single is a lot of money....

No 240.

Oh, no!

No 241.

No, but you're throwing too much.

I threw the cap, too.

No 242.

Because I know you're struggling.

They're bright, so they'll forget.

No 243.

I can't do it every day, but this is it.

No 244.

I feel a bubble in Renchan.....

No 245.

Sometimes Miray cries too.

No 246.

Miray was a human being, too.

No 247.

That's right. n... I thought it was no good.

No 248.

Ciscon's Pervert

No 249.


No 250.

I can't deny it....?

No 251.

Automatic expansion.

Somewhat legitimate

No 252.

Rather, it's going to be first.

No 253.

Too much fun.

No 254.

No, but ten years is just grass.

No 255.

I know how you feel, but what are you doing?

No 256.

Will the service continue after 10 years?

No 257.

I want you to continue.

And for Renchan.

No 258.

The lentil went to tame Wolf.

No 259.

Looks like he was inspired by a hundred tames...

No 260.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No 261.

That's right, Ren-chan, but you shouldn't have done that....

No 262.

There's something in the corner of Miray's gacha video.

No 263.

Wolf is... full of wolf...

No 264.

No, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

No 265.

Does Miray even know?

I don't have a heart. My eyes are dead.

No 266.

Well, you didn't really think I was gonna do it, did you?

No 267.

I can't predict a hundred tames.

No 268.

Ron-chan's back!

No 269.

Congratulations, 100 tames!

No 270.

Are you serious, Ron-chan?

No 271.

That's Roon-chan!

Lots of fun!

No 272.


No 273.

Fucking cute.

No 274.

Doya, your face is cute.

No 275.

It looks like it's going to be tough, but good luck, Miray.

No 276.

It's for Renchan.

Miray's gonna be all right.

No 277.

No, but I kind of admire this fufu gathering.

No 278.


No 279.

Yeah, I guess so.

No 280.


No 281.

Hey, wolf, I'm gonna get a hundred tames.

No 282.

I'll seduce another 100 cats.

No 283.

I'll feed you 100 squirrels.

No 284.

It's a tame festival.

No 285.

You guys are too simple.