Talking about the Tamer Sisters

No 101.

Finally, this is the time...!

No 102.

It's time for the final dungeon!

No 103.

/(adv-to, adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (on-mim) flabbergasting/(2) (on-mim) (on-mi

No 104.

Do it!

No 105.

No, it's early, right?

No 106.

Normally, it would take about a year.

No 107.

Well, after all, Alice's final dungeon took shape!

No 108.

What have you been rushing so far...?

No 109.

I won't say that, promise.

No 110.

I'm sorry, I missed yesterday's delivery.

No 111.

Miray, I'm stuck in the second solo dungeon.

No 112.

Alice invites me to the final dungeon.

No 113.

Oh, that? It's over in two lines.....

No 114.

Yesterday's delivery will still be there. Check it out.

No 115.

The first half of goodwill is so cute!

No 116.

Alice, it's none of your business.

No 117.

I have a scene for Alice later in the day.

No 118.

I didn't know that.

Alice, you're so cute.

119 nobody.

You may not have noticed, but Alice is a girl.

No 120.

No, what!?

No 121.

If you're going to lie, you're going to lie even more.

No 122.

Alice is not a girl www

123 Alice


No 124.

I'm sorry, sir.

No 125.

No, no, no.

Honestly, I'm sorry.

126 nobody.

I'm afraid of silence on the contrary....

No 127.


No 128.

Is that it?

No 129.

[]/(adj-i) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk) as if/as if/(2) (uk) as if/

No 130.

Guys, assume Alice's coming.

No 131.

I was scared even though I wasn't a party.....

No 132.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

133 nobody.

Oh, we met.

No 134.

The tension between Renchan and Alice is too high.

No 135.

I know Ron-chan, but why Alice?

No 136.

Isn't that what you're trying to do here?

No 137.


No 138.

Let's forget it!

No 139.

Oh, you're gonna erase the comment?

No 140.

Well, that's what happens on the final dungeon broadcast.

No 141.

But I miss you.....

No 142.

What are you talking about?

You have us...?

No 143.

[]/(adj-na, n) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk

No 144.

I'm telling you, I was tough, too.

No 145.

Grass www

No 146.

Abbreviate grass

No 147.

That's exactly what we're all really equipped for this time.

No 148.

Oh, yeah. (Distracting your eyes from Ron)

No 149.


That's fine.

No 150.

Miray's a really expensive piece of equipment.

No 151.

If you don't know anything, it'll only look like gold.

No 152.

Actually, it's a 100% throw.

No 153.

Alice looks pretty good, too.

No 154.

Beauty kimono

155 nobody.

Alice is kind of cute, too.

No 156.

But being a pervert producer is wiping everything out....

157 nobody.

Two production skills, Kangsto, still crazy.

No 158.

Lotus is cute.

No 159.

Are you a little light?

No 160.

It's cute anyway.

No 161.

A hundred sets is a hundred.

No 162.

Amazing amount of feed....

No 163.

I mean, there's a thousand.

No 164.

Oh, that's right... n, eh?

No 165.

Ten thousand.

Are you okay? Calculate your elementary school level.

No 166.

I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed. I'm sorry.

No 167.

Oh, wow.

No 168.

I don't really care.

... I thought it was just a little cute.

169 nobody.

I can see that.

No 170.

The first room is Orthos.

No 171.

Hey, you mean octopus?

No 172.

There's an octopus monster named Orthos in the famous game.

No 173.

Not the dungeon boss, not the disposable one, but the boss who fights over and over again.

No 174.

That's annoying, but I don't hate it. That was a good boss.

No 175.

You're all getting old.

No 176.

I'm sorry, no.

No 177.

Forget it, please.

No 178.

It's too late....

No 179.

This way, Ortoros is pretty big.

No 180.

Olu-chan www

No 181.

Miray w

Don't give me a cute nickname.

No 182.

Speaking of Ron-chan....

What are you doing?

No 183.

Did I say something...?

No 184.

Oh, I called Lucky.

No 185.

Same as always, fluffy fluffy feet.

186 nobody.

But why are you lucky?

No 187.

Raise your feet.

No 188.


No 189.


No 190.

("... ω...")

No 999.

("... ω...") "Kaoh!

No 1000.

("... ω...") Are you sure you want to bury me?

No 010.

All right, you guys, it's time to settle down, right?

011 Nobody

I bet there were some of them who didn't write it down.

012 Nobody

Some of you might be here because they're not responding.

013 None

That'll be filled as soon as we can...

014 None

But while you're at it, I'm taming you.

015 None

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

016 None

That's right, Yamade-chan!

017 None

If you look near me, it's a lot of stuff.

018 None

What is your passion for the development of this game?

019 None

I'm really too focused on grass.

All right, let's do more.

No 020.

Next is Hydra.

021 Nobody

What about the snake?

He didn't seem to dislike it, but this time it's huge.

022 None

If it stops at about the size, then it stops at Or-chan.

023 None

I see. It's true.

024 None


025 None

Hugh www

026 None

You don't look so cute.

027 None

You're an idiot.

If you say you're cute, you're cute!

028 None

I see. You're right.

I'm sorry about that.

029 None

All you have to do is find out.

No 030.

What are these guys...

031 No one.

And the first time.

032 No one.

("... ω...")

033 Nobody

Enough is enough.

That's exactly what makes the administrator angry.

034 Nobody

Oh, yeah....

No 035.

And it's Tame.

036 Nobody

It's me. I've been through a lot with these guys.

I had a hard time.....

037 Nobody

Me, me, too.

But, since Renchan seems happy, I don't care anymore.

038 Nobody

Lotus is cute, Lotus.

039 Nobody

Is there only Loricon in this thread?

No 040.

By the time I'm in this thread, I think everyone is.

No 041.

I can't deny it.

No 042.

It's Cerberus!

No 043.


No 044.

I was expecting it.

No 045.

Yeah, well, I knew.

No 046.

Alice's eyes are dying.

No 047.

Alice must have had a lot of trouble too.

No 048.

Ron doesn't care when his neck is increased to three!

No 049.

Lotus is too strong.....

No 050.

As for me, I'm worried about the two guardians while Renchan's here.

No 051.

I was just having a little chat.

No 052.

I'm not even worried anymore.

No 053.

Next up, Mr. Kimeira.

No 054.

It's no longer just a flow task.

No 055.

The lids and slippers merged!

No 056.

I didn't have that idea.

No 057.

You're not suggesting we merge. Come on!

No 058.

Are you going to tell Ron that?

No 059.

Punish? Punish?

No 060.

[]/(v5s, vt) to punish/to punish/to punish/

061 No one.

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

062 No one.

Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

063 No one.

You got it?

When you say "white", it turns gray too!

064 No one.

It is the line of guardian (Miray).

065 No one.

Are you sure you want to be such a guardian...?

066 No one.

It's okay. It's okay.

……………………………………… Maybe.

067 No one.

This is so conflicting, isn't it?

068 Nobody.

Okay, next up, Jega.

069 Nobody.

That's not a monster.

That's exactly what you can't do with Tame.

No 070.

Definitely a bad person

071 Nobody

Hold on, hold on.

Miray and I have a bad feeling about this.

072 Nobody

Strange. Me, too.

073 No one.

No, no, that's not true.....

074 Nobody

Jega's here!

075 None

He's a real villain, but I like him.

076 None

I can see that.

Purely cool

077 None

What? Something stopped Jega?

078 None

I don't think you're watching Miray and the others.

Instead, behind it?

079 None

I don't know.

No 080.

It's full of big stuff.

081 Nobody

Stop running away from reality.

It's a dream showdown, Joy.

No 082.



Ortolos & Hydra & Cerberus & Kimira

083 Nobody

This is terrible www

084 Nobody

Yeah, well, Jega's a much stronger boss than Kimira.

But I think the only way to bully four people is to bully them.

No 085.

Hey, I was just wondering.

No 086.

What's the matter with you?

No 087.

Big bosses have the skills of forced knockbacks.

No 088.

The one who can temporarily stop moving.

No 089.

Whatever resistance you apply, it's a skill that penetrates.

They're not attacking us in a row, so we don't have to hurry.

No 090.

It's good for Jega, right?

091 Nobody


092 Nobody


093 None

Growling, roaring cool time, two others attacking.

It's a simple job to just repeat that.

094 None


095 None

It was about three times worse than I thought it would be.

096 None.

Stop it!

097 None

This is terrible, it's too terrible.

098 None

Oh, it's over.

099 None

Look, Alice's eyes are totally dead.

Not a hundred.

Well, if the actual Lass Boss was ravaged....

No 101.

Honestly, this is the only way to laugh.

No 102.

Hey, Jega was a tough enemy!

No 103.

That was the most powerful enemy I've ever had!

No 104.

Oh, yeah.

I was stunned by a roar.

No 105.

Don't tell me you're laughing.

No 106.

Well, it's finally a dragon.

No 107.

I've been waiting for you, this time....

No 108.

I'm looking forward to Ron's reaction too much.

No 109.

Zawa... Zawa...

No 110.

Ancestor Dragon Kida!

No 111.

No, I don't know when to look at this dragon.

No 112.

The divinity sucks.

Really, no.

No 113.

I can only find the word "shit."

No 114.

And Renchan won't hesitate after all.

No 115.

Isn't the Original Dragon a bad idea?

No 116.

It's a dragon that restricts life in this world to humans.

No 117.

But I usually do.

No 118.

Why? www

119 nobody.

I don't know what to do with a pure child....

No 120.

That's why you're laughing just like that.

No 121.

Okay, I want to stroke you, too.

No 222.

And then an hour passed.

No 223.

This kid's been playing it forever.

No 224.

I'm glad you're happy.

No 225.

The Original Dragon seems to be enjoying it somehow.

No 226.

First Dragon (Laughter)

No 227.

Stop it!

No 228.

Oh, Alice's gone.

No 229.

Oh, Reggie.

... did you name it...?

No 230.

What do you mean?

No 231.

You tamed the Level 1000 Lass Boss!

No 232.

Oh, my God.

No 233.

I thought if you were Ron-chan, maybe.

But I didn't really think you were going to be tame...

No 234.

For now, I'm Renchan's best player theory.

No 235.

As long as Leggett is around, he's definitely the strongest...

No 236.

That's right, isn't this a bit bad...?

No 501.

I've been notified by Operations.

No 502.

That's right. The Original Dragon won't be able to fight even if he's tamed.

No 503.

Well, of course.

If someone else does, one of them will win.

No 504.

But it's also fascinating to be home.

No 505.

I can see that.

No 506.

Honestly, I envy you.

No 507.

Let's try Tame a little hard....

No 508.

Fine, Dragon Originator.

Looks like I'm going to wipe it off.

No 509.

More than that, what do you think of Len-chan, who fuzzes the first dragon?

No 510.

Ron, you're so cute!

No 511.

I'm happy with the footage.

No 512.

It's great to be modest!