Log in as usual and go to Ren-chan's home. When I get in here, Shiro will pick me up first. She's supposed to be my Tammy Mons, but she's been here forever. I can't solve it.

"Hey, Shiro. I'm the one who tamed the shiro, right?

When I asked, Shiro approached. Yeah, yeah. Right. Cute nail.

When I was stroking Shiro, Ren-chan logged in. I can tell if foxes are looking forward to it or if they're excited. When she found me and Shiro,

"Ah, onii-chan!

He waved his hand with joy, and Shiro ran towards Renchan.

Yeah, no. Er...

Wow! Ehehe, that's cute, too.

Lotus licks around the neck.

Hey, Shiro. You look happier when Ron-chan comes, but what do you mean...?

No, no, yeah. I know how you feel. Even if I knew. Lotus is cute!

When I was convinced by myself, Shiro came back. What are you doing, all your cold gaze? Please don't do this, I'm in your heart.

Oni-chan, oni-chan


When I was called and looked in front, Len was crushed by a white tiger. I don't think you hate it, but I wonder if it's okay. The white tiger was cheeking on Len as she screamed.

"Can I just play for 30 minutes?

"Oh, yeah. Sure, sure. Come play with me."

With her face shining brightly, Len nodded happily.

The wolves, cats, and sparrows that had gathered had made it worse.

Yeah. All right. It's the usual sight!

"Sue sue. Testing the microphone. Apply dust to the cheeks. Ron, you're so cute!

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

"Are you okay? Are you okay? I know."

Oisha-san, this is the one.

It's too late.

Quick answer, grass.

"The sudden storm of curses is breaking my heart....."

I don't know what everyone knows, but I'm somehow weak. Is that true?

"Well, with Renchan, everything would be fine!


I knew.

What now?

Hmm. No, but... Can you say the same thing when you look at that?

That's why you point the light bulb at me in front of Renchan's forest. There's a puppy with Dee on her back. Ron's face looks very happy.

The other puppies were also on Roon-chan's stomach and lucky on her head.

"Dead. Dead."

Come on! It's fatal!

Cute and cute look the strongest together. No, it's getting stronger. "

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can already feel happy just by watching. Paradise was here. Oh, my God.

Len-chan, it's time to go.


Hey, Ton-chan takes the puppies inside the usual fence. I mean, when Len walked, so did the puppies. Okay, I want to try it too.

When Ron gets inside the fence, each puppy starts playing. Ren-chan nodded satisfactorily and came back to me.

Oh, my puppies are pretending to be tails when they look at Len. I think it's a goodbye greeting. Ron noticed and smelled immediately. Ron waved his hands and the puppies' tails moved faster.



Oh no, it was too stimulating for this guy!

Somehow, the comment is a nose call. Yeah. I don't want to do anything to God without touching him. Leave it alone.

I decided not to see all the comments and left home with Renchan.

That's why I'm back in the snow mountains. Leave the village for the summit. There's a nine-tailed fox under attack.

What's so powerful about that?

Isn't it strong? But this is just around the corner of the first city. "

I mean?

"No big difference from the surrounding field bosses."


Well, yeah. That's right. Nine foxes are monsters that appear in various works, all of which are depicted as final bosses or otherwise strong enemies, but in this game, they are treated as early bosses.

"In other words, I've raised my level somewhat....."

Bucha Zako

"Don't say it clearly."

It's true, but come on! Here, let's blur it a bit!

After receiving the request, if you continue from the village, many monsters will appear. Really, a lot.

"But it's all inactive."


If you didn't know anything, you'd be nervous ~

When I realize it, I'm not sure what to do.

Really. I didn't know I was here at first, but I regretted starting a terrible quest. I cleared it in no time.

Well, it's not. That's not what I'm trying to say.

"I mean. Even though it's not active, there are lots of foxes out there."


"Yes, fox!... ah, it's coming out."

Looking at Len-chan's gaze, the brown fox was staring at us. I'm not staring, I'm staring. Ron's reaction is as usual.


Len-chan quickly approaches the fox. But the fox was as far away as Len approached.


Ron stops tilting his neck. The fox also stopped.

"Come on. Come on."

Ron invites you. But it doesn't move, fox. Oh, no, it's kind of tempting. I'm staring at Len-chan with my ears twitching.