Len's little scream.

This game is a little numb when you take damage. It's not as painful as it is painful, but if I didn't know anything, I'd be surprised. Len didn't hurt, she was confused.

But... The hostility turned.

It wasn't me who suddenly started moving. It's not even Nine Tails that fired the fox fire. Of course, it's not Roon-chan who seems strange.

The foxes around Len-chan stared at the nine tails of her body that were bigger than herself without leaking.

Yeah. What is this? I'm a little scared. The foxes are standing in front of me to protect Lotus, and all the foxes are staring at each other without leakage. What is this?

Ron-chan, were you actually taming everything...?

No, no, that's exactly... Yeah..... "

"The pressure is so great because there are so many of them. This is scary."

Really. A group of foxes that were murderous are pretty scary. Nine tails weren't expecting such hostility from their friends, and they're so obvious.

Nine tails retreating. Foxes approaching slowly.

And the little animals are about to start a supreme war....!

"You can't fight.

The words of Len-chan dispersed the hostility.

"We have to get along. Right? Otherwise, uh... Oh, my God!

Ooh, Roon-chan says in his pose. Cute.

But the foxes seemed to have worked, and I started to rush to see it. The foxes gather in Toran-chan first. I wonder if you're sorry.

"I don't know. It was a sword swallow just now, but now it's pretty much gone."


"A little girl who plays with lots of foxes...."


No, you guys, react to the nine tails standing there too ~

When I looked towards the ninth tail, I was stunned. It seems kind of sad. I feel sad.

Ren-chan approached such a nine-tailed person and smiled and put out her hand.

Pretty good!

Nine tails looked like they were patrolling, but they gently laid their faces on their hands.

"Ihana Cidana"

I wonder what this... What is this? "

Is that all right, nine-tailed fox wl

Yeah. Well, isn't that nice...?

I'm more surprised that I completed the quest without defeating the boss. The quest you received in the village was supposed to be a crusade, but it was already cleared. I don't know what that means.

Go back to the village with Ren-chan. Bring a lot of foxes and even nine tails behind you.

Yeah, well... How did this happen?

No way!

Do you know or not? Comment!

"If it's not a hundred ghosts, it's a hundred ghosts!

"Three points."

Oh, no.

Friendly, these people.

Len-chan is on the back of a relatively large fox. There's a white fox on Len's head and on her shoulders. My tail pretends to be cute.

Ron sang a nose song that looked fun already. It seems very mood. The atmosphere seems very pleasant. Like this.

It was all the villagers who welcomed us. What is this? I don't know about events like this.

I'm going to give you a quick and easy explanation.

The flow of events I know ended when I defeated the boss and returned to the village, and the village itself was gone. The reason for this remains unclear. It was a quest I really didn't understand, and I didn't deserve a reward.

If the boss was strong, there would have been many complaints, but fortunately, since the boss was weak, it was a quest that could be completed without any particular problems, so I was convinced that it would be such an event.

However, it seems that some people reported that the village was left behind...

And this time, I heard from the villagers and understood why.

Very, very simple reason. Nine tails and the village were glued. It seems that the truth is that the villagers fled because the Nine Tails were defeated.

Nine tails have been tamed by Renchan, so it seems that the villagers will come with Renchan. No, no, I thought there was no one here, but they were all foxes. Yeah, I've been feeling that way for a while.

That's why we've added over 100 foxes and nine tails to Renchan's home. Is it a demon?

"The snowy mountains are growing."


After completing such a quest, we returned to Ren-chan's home. Besides the forest, there were more snow mountains. It's a snowy mountain with lots of foxes. Some of Wolf's guys are going to play. Wolf and fox are playing. Cute.

"Hey, sweetheart! Yuki! Yuki! Yuki!"

"Ahahah. Hey, you can play anytime."

Yeah. Maybe we can all play snow anytime.

I've never heard of snow mountains before.

I heard about it on the tamer board. Actually, they knew about it. I want to advocate a theory that is useless for verification. "

Don't give it up ~

Well, actually, I guess that's why there aren't many native tamers in the verification momentum.

Tamer said that someone familiar with Tame can easily tame a somewhat strong monster, that is, Nine Tails. Snowy Mountain would have been added if it had purchased an automated home expansion service.

"Hmm... There was a lack of research. I regret it."


Well, this can't be helped.

It looks like a lot of people don't even know Mr. Tamer.

We need to talk to Tamer a little more, especially.

Anyway, that's fine.

"Alice and Edgar!

Yes! I don't know, Millay!

"What's wrong?

Oh, that's it! You're watching me!

"Renchan wants to play with the snow. So tomorrow's delivery is a snowball game. Would you like to join us?


If it's okay with me, I'll do it.

Damn, I envy you.

At the very least, I'd love to distribute it...!

"Yes, of course I will."

Look at Len. Soon I was hanging out in the snowy mountains. I imitated it and the white fox was also ragged. Photos Photos.

"We're safe friends with the fox, so I'll play snow tomorrow."


Yukimoto Fufu no Korabashin

Yukimoto Furumori!

Yeah, it's going to be fun tomorrow.