A small room before you entered Ron's ward. I am operating a newly purchased phone. Fufufu, Renchan must be surprised...

Make sure that your phone's camera is working correctly and use your earphones. Opportunity audio streamed from the earphones. It's a decent voice that everyone can use.

Is that it? Isn't it Renchan's home?

Teika, isn't this usually a real building?

Ron-chan? Miray?

Yeah, it's been delivered.

The phone I bought today is a great one to deliver without the hassle of setting up. I have set up an AWO account so I can deliver real-time from that account. It's gray near black because it's not a game distribution, but I got permission from the game master, Yamashita.

Because it's a special case, I've been pressed many times.

That's why it's a real delivery with a Miray account!

"Guys. Hello."

"Oh, it's Miray's voice."

"Where are we? Was there a place like this in the game?

"Exactly. There's no building like this in the game."

"That's right. I got special permission from the operator, and it's a real delivery."

I knew it!

"Hey, are you okay?"

Specified squad is coming.

This is the main reason for the ban, right? Naturally, the fact that it is delivered in real time means that it is possible to identify personal information such as the address of the sender.

It's probably a matter of self-responsibility, but I don't want to take the trouble as a gaming company if something happens. That's why, in principle, it's forbidden. This was written in the terms and conditions for the distributor, including the reason.

However, it doesn't make much sense to me on this point.

"Nothing specific, because the name of the hospital has appeared on the TV show...."

In other words, it is even more important now.

"Hmm? What is a hospital there?

No way, Ron-chan's ward?

"Oh, that's right. To be precise, it's like a prep room before we get into Ron's ward."

What is the preparation room to enter the hospital room?

"Yeah, look for a show somewhere. This structure should have been described."

Sure, it's a structure that doesn't exist in a normal hospital room, so you'll be wondering, but it should have been described in the program that Ron-chan was featured on. I think it's easier for you to look at me than for me to give a strange explanation.

"That's why I'm going to Ron-chan's ward. By the way, we might be delivering it to Ren-chan in real time! It explains it properly."

In time, www

Can that be said to be an explanation wu

The one who'll definitely get mad at me later.

"Be honest with me then."

Gently open the door and enter. It's the usual, very dark room.

It's dark.

I heard you're weak to light, but you're so weak.

I can barely see anything.

"Whoa, I'm sorry."

Operate your phone a little bit. Well, in this mode, you should be able to see some...

Oh, I can see it.

It's black and white, but I know a little bit of color.

"Few people use this feature for personal distribution."

"I guess. I don't hear much either."

I think I went to the cave or something like that.

"By the way, I haven't heard from Renchan since. Are you sleeping?

I don't think I'll do anything...

"Honestly, I didn't think this was it."

Mirai-chan, it hurts a little....

"Ah... Well, I'm getting donations, and I think I need to show you goodwill or something right now. Just hang out a little longer."

I see.

People who care will care and shame.

If you want to see it anyway, I want to see Ron.


Even with me, I'd rather talk about it than talk about it in a place like this. So I came closer to the bed. When I saw Len-chan, I slept with the fox of prayer achievement.


Hmm. Miray's gonna adore me and kill me, right?

Prayer achievements are strong on the ground......

"That's too much to care about."

I'm just tired if I keep caring about things like this. Fortunately, life is not in danger.

I'll try to follow Len's cheek. Ploppy.

It's soft.

Stop it, www

This sister is ww

You really must be mad at me.

Ahahah. That's it now.

As I stroked, I twitched my body with a spasms. Guarded by a fox. Mum, I'm going to do this fox...!

But as soon as I put the fox next to my pillow, I grabbed my hand and pulled it in dexterity. Grab my hand and rub it on your cheek. Cute. So cute...!

This will have to be taken!

Thank you!

Sleeping face is cute!

But you'll definitely get mad at me ~

"Yeah, I feel that way."

I think it's time to wake up. Move your grabbed hand and chew it again.

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. Do you want me to wake you up?


Len-chan slowly opens her eyes. He looked at me, looked at the phone he was holding, and tilted his neck.

"Hey, what are you doing...?



Lotus starts moving. Slowly wake up your body, tighten your eyes, and stretch out a lot. Phew.

Too cute!


Oh no! Mob A is broken! Medic!

Shouldn't they be too tense?