When Len turned around, she smiled softly and lowered her head.

"Hello. It's a goodwill." I like my muffins. "

By the way, Toran-chan stared at me.

"What delivery?

"The usual one. The same goes for viewers. I took a picture of Renchan sleeping."

I am a woman who neither escapes nor hides. Rather than saying that there is no excuse, I apologize honestly because if you look at the record later, you will find out. Of course, I won't even say that my mouth is ripped if I don't do it anymore.

I want to brag about Renchan!

Ron-chan wasn't mad at me as expected. I nodded, that's all. I'm better at this. No, I don't want to be angry.

"Aren't you angry?


"Ah, no... Nothing....."

Looks like it wasn't Ron's anger point. I'm relieved, but I wonder if this is okay.

When I thought so, Renchan murmured.

"I mean, it's already on TV. Not now."


Yeah, I can't deny it.

I'm not angry, but it's not uncomfortable, is it?

Put down your smartphone and hold and stroke Len-chan.

"I'm sorry."

"Hmm... Rub it harder."


I even spoiled the sweetening Ren-chan.

I had plenty of time, why not?


I was almost silent, but it was still good.

Renchan really likes oneechan.

"Yeah, I love it."

Roon-chan is hugging me. Cute. I like it.

By the way, I also gave Len-chan earphones. Only one ear. I originally intended to, so I chose the one with more room in the code. I thought you'd like to hear it.

"Immediate Answer Without Loss. Good for you, Miray."

"Too happy to die."

That's what I always say, Miray.

"Shut up."

Well, what do we do after that? I just wanted to introduce you to Len's ward, and I didn't want to do anything. I can't do anything.

"There is nothing to introduce to the hospital room...."

Well, in a dark room like this, when all the light goes out, there won't be anything left.

If TV is no good, the game is almost out. What do you do most of the time?


Ren-chan gets out of bed and goes to the shelf by the wall. There is another shelf alongside the stuffed toy shelf. That's Renchan's toy box. What, a toy shelf? However, more than half of them are books, rather than toy shelves.

That's why the cord isn't long enough, so I'm going with Renchan.

I'm reading a book.

"Books? Picture books?"

Um... Do you want to go up?


Renchan, you're reading Lanobe!

"China, what's your favorite?

"China....? Um, this story of a girl looking around a lot of countries."

It's Ron's favorite. It seems I've been reading it many times and it's just a little more damaged than other books. I don't think Len cares.

"Can you read in such a dark room?

"Yeah, I can read it.

"I can't read, by the way."

Maybe, but are you used to this darkness or have you adapted? I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I think it will be a little difficult if the disease is cured.

I can see most of the footage from here is black and white, but Renchan's hair...

Hmm? I didn't expect such a question from you.

"Ron looks just like the game. Including the hair color. It's completely white."

Didn't you change that during character makeup?

Is that the color from the beginning... is that so...?

It hurts a little....

Is that how you see it, too? However, it seems that Roon-chan doesn't really care about the color of her hair.

"Hmm... Um... I just realized that it was different from the others."

"Oh, is that so?

I knew it.

You're the only one who's completely white.

That makes me wonder.

Huh? But I didn't seem to care...

"Hey, you said you have beautiful white hair. That's why I like the color of my hair."

"Miray, I'm just a little fine playing."

Do you like oneechan because you like her?

It hurts my heart....

Yeah, I had no idea. Uh, I don't know what to do, I'm having a little trouble responding.

Miray's not responding.

I expect it to be illuminated.

Mirai-chan, perhaps her face is bright red.

"Ugh, shut up...."

Shut up, I don't have any cuts.

Leave me alone.

Oh, my God, she's gone! Shut the fuck up!

"Hey, honey? What's the matter with you?

"Nothing. It's nothing, so I'm going to squeeze."

"I don't know what that means.

It's okay, I don't know.

I hugged her for about three minutes and refilled her. I'll come back to life.

"Oneechan can't act if she doesn't have enough money."

"What? Really? Um, you can squeeze it a little bit more."

"Renchan is so cute!

What's so noisy?

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

Renchan's too cool.

It's always the same ~

It's almost the same as in the game.

Me and Renchan are totally vegetarian.