"Well, Ron-chan. It's almost over, but is there anything you'd like to introduce me to?

"Yes, I do!

"Oh, what is it?

Honestly, I was a little surprised. I wondered if something had happened, and Len-chan moved to the shelf next door.

Yeah, I got it.

Plush toy!

………… This is the one that's going to last. "

I understand.

That's what we remember.

"I'm proud of how real it starts."

The audience also responded to the whisper. Ronchan-no-Fufufu pride has not just begun. It doesn't change here either.

Um... First, this fox is the fox. It's cute to be sitting around. And that white dog.... "

Renchan's pride goes on and on!

"Honestly, I'm not happy to show you my favorite stuff, but I'll let you watch it."

Thank you!

Lotus looks so much fun and so cute

It's fun to be proud of what you like.

I kept holding my smartphone and watching Ronchan-no-Fufu proud.

No, but I didn't expect you to keep talking for an hour. It was cute, though.

"Hey, you're so cute that you boast of stuffed toys!

I came to Ren-chan's home and said so as soon as I started broadcasting.

Say hello ~

"But I totally agree."

"Eh, what? What the hell happened?"

It seems that some people did not watch the delivery in the hospital room. I don't think it's natural because I started suddenly without even notifying you.

What a waste. There was a real show in the evening. "

It's from Renchan's ward.

Lotus, who boasts stuffed toys, was so cute.

What is that!? Wow, shit, I'm still working that time!

Oh, I see. In the evening, I have some work, and some people work in school. Speaking of which, there were fewer viewers than usual...

But I want you to forgive me for all this. 'Cause I've got a set time for a visit.

"Check back later if you miss it. You can see past deliveries, right?

No problem. I can see it. "

"Rather, I watch past broadcasts every day."

"Likewise, my favorite is Renchan's solo delivery."

Mischief Failure to Deliver W

Oh, the first one. As far as I'm concerned, it's a bit bitter. Well, it was fun watching.

"So, what about Renchan?

"I'm waiting for Alice. Waiting"

Point the sphere of light into the fence in front of your home. As usual, Roon-chan, who was lucky enough to hold her puppy with both hands, waited as excited as she could see.

It's the first time I've invited someone, so I'm looking forward to it. It seems like you're a little bit nervous. Alice and Edgar are coming, so you'll be fine.

Alice contacted me as soon as she was ready. So I'm just waiting for Alice to relax.

"Until Alice arrives, enjoy the occasional cheek-chicken with a puppy."

What do you mean?

No, it means exactly what you say.

Really. Sometimes I cheek. "

I wonder if it's boring to just wait, but sometimes Len seems to enjoy hugging and chewing her puppy. My cheeks are also burning. Cute.

While watching the viewers and Renchan like that, the menu screen opened unexpectedly. This means that player Alice would like to visit the home of Goodwill. If you choose yes, Alice will come into this home.

Ron-chan was staring at us, so I'll report it for now.

"I think Alice can come, but can I give her permission?


Energetic reply. Well then, hurry up.

Little bit.

Immediately Alice and Edgar moved in. I don't have a lot of opportunity to see the moment of people's transition, but when I look at it like this, it's kind of a climax. I'm surprised it suddenly comes out, but to that extent.

Alice looked around and found Leng and shouted.


"Welcome, Alice!

"Lotus jumping is cute."

I envy you more than that!

Hey, I want to go!

I'm glad you're so popular with me, but this is Renchan's sanctuary. That's just not a good idea.

And speaking of Ron,

"Alice, Edgar!


Something's wrong, Renchan.

They both look at Renchan. I gently held my ear. I know what you're trying to do.


At the same time as Renchan's, Tame Monsters roared. As well as Lege, Ole and Dia roared simultaneously.



They're both surprised. Your eyes are all round. I'd be surprised if I knew I'd do it. It's a natural reaction. No, really, I'm used to Leggett roaring alone, but I'm really scared of all the roars. Even if I know it, I stand up. I'm so scared.

"Thank you, everyone!

Those scary monsters were already shaking their tails happily when Len-chan thanked them. You really like these kids, don't you?

View comments. It's a roar and a nose scream, but, well, yeah. You will calm down soon.