"Still, Alice screams funny. Uh-huh. Uhya!

"Isn't Mirai terrible!? I'm really scared of that. I'm afraid they'll come."

"Yeah, I know. I'm surprised to hear that many times."

Strangely enough, Renchan doesn't move at all. On the contrary, I always look happy when I do that. I'm looking forward to logging in now.

Well, anyway.

Well then, Renchan! And Alice, and Mr. Edgar!

"Am I with you? No, it's fine."

"I'm going to the snowy mountains!

That's why we started moving. No, it's close.

Everyone wears a cold shield and goes to the snowy mountains.

Miko-chan. I knew it was cute.

It seems to be warm. Does Alice look like Miray's color is different?

If you look at Alice, it's definitely a design similar to mine. Alice smiled as if she had noticed my gaze.

"Yeah, I'm with Mirai-chan. I really thought I'd change the color of Renchan, but I thought maybe my scary sister would get angry."

"I will never forgive you if you leave me alone. Never."

"Ah, yes. Yeah, it's okay. I didn't make it."

This is it ~

He's driving normally now.

It's normal, but it's not normal.

"Shut up."

I think you are always too rude. [M]

Well, I don't know what the specifications are around the snowy mountains, but it's a snowfield. This snowfield is the best way to play snow. Incidentally, snowy mountains are snowy mountains, like skating links to frozen ponds or ski slopes with no trees at all. Exactly the end of the line.

"Well, it's all about the power of money!


It's really true ~

It's an extension of the snowy mountains. I wish I'd known sooner. "

I really do.

When the snowy mountain joins the home, the billing menu increases. There are several types of snowy mountain extensions. Creating a skating link for the pond, creating a ski resort, or enlarging the snowy area.

Of course I bought it right away. Fortunately, the throwing of money continued after that, and I can afford it because I don't have any trouble with the coins. That's why this snowy mountain is Renchan's playground. Of course, there are a lot of monsters living there.

"What do we do first?

"It's until 8: 00 in the evening. Even though it's almost two hours away, we need to make the most of it."

"What does Renchan want to do?

The three of you look at Renchan. Renchan, who was stroking her lucky head, suddenly solidified and swimmed her gaze. Then you look at me in the eye,

"Hey, as long as you're with me...?

"Renchan is so cute!

Lotus is really happy to say it already. So, when I tried to hug him, something threw Len-chan right at him.

Something, like a white ball.

She opened her mouth and smiled bitterly without thinking of Alice, looking at Renchan.

"Ahahah, yah, it tickles...!

It is the giant horn rabbit that is crushing and licking Renchan down. The field boss that Tame was previously delivering. Fufu is a rabbit.

Are you happy to see Ron-chan? I keep licking Ron-chan. Ren-chan hugs such a rabbit and smiles just by watching.

"Oh, giant horn rabbits. It's been a long time since I've been on the air."

I knew rabbits were good too.

"If you don't attack me, I'm really just a rabbit."

"By the way, I think I'm the best at eating grass."

I understand.

That will heal you so much.....

Such a cute rabbit, but as far as I'm concerned, it's very uncomfortable to be disturbed by my skin relationship with Renchan. I'll make you a rabbit pot.

Ah, the rabbit turned to me. Something stuck to me. It's getting sweet.

"That's why I won't forgive you even if you're so sweet...!

"You can say that, Mirai-chan."

"'Cause it's so soft!

"Where's that irritating look?"

I'd say it's simple, but I can't beat the temptation of the lid either.

That's good, rabbit......

No, really, fluffy fufufu...

No, no, it's more than that. I wonder what time you're spending!?

"Ron-chan, have you checked the snow play?


I asked Len in advance what kind of play he wanted to play. I didn't seem to know much about snow play in the first place, so I checked a little.

Um... You know, I want to get into the bunker!

I see. Kamakura.

"Isn't that nice? It's a child's dream."

"No, I'm convinced, but have they ever made it in?

I don't think so. When Alice and I turned a blind eye in silence, Edgar laughed at us.

Isn't that right ~?

Well, I can't make it in the first place without some snow.

That's true, but if so, tell me.

Sometimes I want to look good. I want you to leave me alone.

I decided to make kamakura for now. But judging from Renchan's way of saying it, it doesn't seem like she just wants to go into the hide and make it herself.

So I'll make the kamakura.

"And now, snowmen and snowmen!


Well then, let's start with a snowball match. If I make something else first, I might break it in the aftermath. "

Wait a minute.

I didn't know it would break in the aftermath.

Are you okay? It's a snowball match.

"I know."

The area I live in doesn't have much snow, but I still know about snowball fights. Of course. But we have Thames here. It can't just end in a snowball match.