So, teamwork.

"Funny friends!


Ren-chan is alone, but instead, he is allowed to participate in Tammmons. There are a lot of them. There's Deer, there's the White Tiger, and there's Ole. Reggie is looking at me lazily behind.

"Baoshu! Miray and the Happy Friends!

What a trio on this side. Me, Alice and Edgar. Hey, one-on-three is so unfair! Sorry, Roon-chan, the match is ruthless!

No, no, Mirai-chan, Mirai-chan

"Something Alice."

"Poor number of people!

Hmm. Difference in number of people.

"There are three of us. Ron is alone. Well, that's certainly unfair."

"No, it's not! How many Thames do you think there are over there!?

"This is grass."

Wow, that's a terrible power differential.

I see, it's definitely one-on-three. Renchan only relies on Tammmons. "

I'll put Taymons in the crowd, or I'll turn all of Tamer's enemies.

"No, no, no, no, no! Count! Number over there!

"Yeah... You're all right!

There are a lot of them. So what do you say? Alice is noisy.

"Eh, what is this? Is it my fault!? Edgar, say something."

"No, no, Alice. If you think about it, you'll see."


Ahahah. Ahahah.

"Then I won't win! It's not very unlikely, it's not! You can't win!

"Alice says something strange. Were you going to beat Len?


Smile and ask. I wonder why it solidifies, Alice. Your face is turning blue, Alice. It's strange.

"Were you really going to win? Well, that's a shame. As soon as it begins, I will defeat Alice."

"No allies...?

"Alright, let's get started!


As soon as I declared the beginning, the ravages began.



I hear Kel roaring and Alice screaming a little further away.

It's my fault.

Awful wow

Aren't you going to help me?

"You can't win where you saved me."

This is definitely what the cattle do.

Excuse me.

I am now a little away from the snowball battle to make kamakura. Alice and Edgar, we'll figure it out.

In fact, I didn't think Renchan was fair, and only Or-chan and Kel participated in the snowball match. No, well, when I picked these two, Ron probably hated losing too. To be honest, the difference in combat power just came out of those two.

But seeing Renchan seems fun, and I think this is fine. Ah, you're on Kel, right?... no, you can't hit that, physically...

"Alice, Mr. Edgar. Your sacrifices will not be in vain...."


"I don't want to waste it, but I want to make a mold."

Because it's Ron's request! I can't help it!

Yes, Ron-chan wants to hide!

So... Here's one problem.

"How do you make kamakura?

Don't you know that?

Well, I don't know either.

Same thing.

Oh no. Apparently a lot of the audience doesn't know. I can't help it, I'll look into it now...

When I was thinking about it, something came under my feet.

"Oh, white fox."

The child who came to my feet was the first to go to Ren-chan in that snowy mountain. It's so cute to pretend to be a fluffy tail. When I lifted him up, the white fox snorted with joy. Too cute.

"What's wrong?

When I stroked him gently, the white fox rang short and quickly fell off my arm. Ugh, we're just a little fuzzy.

Mirai's expression ww

I'm sorry to hear that.

What's really white is more fuzzy than anything else.

It was also very comfortable to stroke. Oh, good for you.

White foxes slap the ground away from me. I wonder what you're doing.

Strangely watching, the white fox rang loudly this time. At that moment, the snow suddenly rose.


It soon became a big snowball. It's like a snowball or a dome. It feels like a hemisphere. And now white foxes started digging snowballs.

"Nh...? If I dig this up, will I be covered?

Come on?

You can try anything.

Let's challenge!

Besides, even if it collapses, Mirai will only be buried alive!

"I hate that."