I'll imitate the white fox and dig with my hands. I should have bought about Scoop. Unlike real life, digging with your hands won't get too cold. It feels a little cold.

If I and the white fox were doing that, Wolf and the cats would gather and dig together.

And because the number is a number, a cavity snow dome was created in no time.

Done! I wonder if this is okay.

Isn't that good?

I think it's enough.

It's like my head......

"Hey, stop. I think I'm gonna get hurt too."


I don't understand.

It's nice to be young.

I wonder what you're really saying.

Well, look. Yeah, no. I've finished it for now, so let's call Roon-chan.



Oh, there was a quick reaction. When I saw it, Alice and Edgar were underneath Or-chan and Kel. What happened to those two?

But I wonder why you seem so happy.


"That letterhead is so pathetic, stop it."

Because it's the bottom of my toe. I wonder if you're happy to be fluffy. "

Yeah. Hmm...? Not good enough, pervert?

Shuffle! Don't even notice!

I see, pervert.

"Hey, sweetheart!

Oops, sometime Ren-chan will be in front of you. Soon the white fox was held by Len. Mr. White Fox, I am delighted. I rubbed my head against Rustle and Len-chan. You really miss Roon-chan. I wonder if Len-chan would have helped me out because she wanted to see it.

Speaking of which, I wonder if that snowball is a white fox skill. I don't know because I can't see her status, but given the white fox race name, it's possible.

By the way, the species name of the white fox is Snow Fox. I don't think it's bad for me to stick it in like that.

So, the white fox is satisfied with being sweet to Len, or is it not satisfied with that? Now it is cleverly wrapped around Len's neck.

"White fox scarf!

"All right, Ron, don't move. I'll take some pictures."

Eh, ah, yeah.

Strong shots while Renchan is confused! Oh, that's a nice picture! This is your white fox muffler, just like this!

"Fuwa, this too!

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Well, I know what you're trying to say.

But I dare say so. Calm down. "

"But I refuse!

I don't know when I'll see you again! We need to take a lot of pictures while we still can!

"Hmm... Onee-chan."


"Hey, if you tell me you want to see it, I'll change at any time.

That's what you said, Fluffy Lotus.

"My sister is too angel. Cute."

I understand.

"What an angel."

Akan, I'm dying.

After all, my sister is the best in the world. No doubt. I hear no objection.

"It's completely wrapped. She did her best."

That said, Ron-chan looked a little surprised and rounded her eyes and stroked Mr. White Fox.

"Thank you."

White fox is cheeking on Len-chan with joy. That's nice, isn't it?

In the meantime, I made it so I decided to go into the barn. No, I only helped a little.

The bulk I made this time is a little larger in size. It's tough when Deer enters, but I think about four people can afford it.

Snowy chairs and tables. The wolves were shredding and making it, and it was so cute. It was interesting to see about three animals spinning around and shredding snow chunks.

"Ah! I'm ready!

Oops. Alice is back. Alice will come in after us. I looked at the empty table in the middle and laughed hard.



What about toys?


Toy. I see. I think that's good. Like a picture book or something, put it on seven wheels and bake it... that? Could you have done that in your barrel? Can't it melt in the first place?

"Don't worry about that in the game."

Instead, we're more concerned about our feet.

"Do you realize that? Did you notice that and ignore it?

You're the one who noticed and didn't care. It doesn't tickle when I worry about it.

"Wow!? What is this!?

Oh, Edgar's back. So, you reacted first.

There are many foxes under our feet. For some reason, after Alice came in, the foxes kept coming in, and at their feet they became a herd of foxes. Len is buried in a fox sometime.

I'll put it on the table.

Alice's not moving!? Oh, no, I'm just trying not to think about it.

Sit in a chair nearby for now. And a bunch of foxes sat next to me. No, Ron sat with a fox around him. I don't know whether it is Len-chan or fox.

"Ah... Lon-chan?"


"Yeah, you're here."

Even the sparrow is a child who is often surrounded by animals.

Does Ron-chan even serve pheromones that attract animals?

The pheromones that attract Miray are out there.

"No, no, it's not a pheromone, it's attracted to Renchan's charm!

"What are you talking about, Oni-chan?"

"Yeah, those cold eyes are on me."

Don't tell me it's disgusting, even if I don't say it.