Edgar also slowly sewed the fox gap and sat on the chair. I wonder if this person has used his best health since coming here. Or energy. If you kick a fox, Roon-chan will definitely hate you, so I know you care.

"Everybody, come down a bit. It's good to be under your feet, right?

When Renchan said so, the foxes went down from Renchan. The white fox is still on Len's neck, but she seems to have a special frame.

Well, it's a toy. Eat warm toys in the snow and in the mud.

"This is how it feels. It feels like winter."

I understand.

When it comes to winter, it's snow, when it comes to snow, it's muddy.

The mochi feels like winter too.

Well, it's only May now.


Don't say that ww

There's nothing seasonal about it ~

When you log out, it'll start to feel like summer! It's not hot, but it's not cold enough. Well, spring is so short that I can hardly feel it these days that it will soon get hot.

Mirai-chan. You're okay with the mochi, aren't you?

"Oh, yeah. I don't come out much at the hospital, so I occasionally buy soft rice cakes at the supermarket and take them with me."

I've never heard of rice cakes coming out of Ren-chan, so maybe she hasn't served rice cakes in that hospital. I'm not in the hospital, so I don't know. Even if Renchan stays in sweet potato mode, I'll buy lunch at the convenience store.

"Ron-chan, can I have mochi with soy sauce?


Alice gives you the rice cake on the plate. Ron was tingling to see it. Bite the rice cake.




That's a lot of mochi ~

Really. I didn't bite a thousand pieces of a sticky cake, and I ended up hanging around.

Looks like he likes it, and he smiles happily. She's cute.

The foxes are watching Ren-chan's condition with some kind of envy. Do you want to eat it? But I don't think I have this much fox...

When I looked at Alice, she shook her head with a pulled smile. That's right.

I chew mochi, too. Umm-hmm.... I don't think cartoons will go this far... I want to raise it to a fox, but it will be unfair... Trouble.

When I thought about it, Len, who had finished eating first, put his hands together and said that it was a treat.

"Oh, that's right. There was also a fox."

"Eh, what?

Ron put it on the table from the inventory.


"A Word of the Scroll"

Bye, Yamagata no Deep-fried!

Deep-fried chicken filled with oil. This is awesome.

Len-chan lifts the fried rice slightly and plumps it with one hand. The foxes' gaze fluttered after it. What a cute thing!

Len-chan giggled and smiled and gave it to a nearby fox. The fox fry happily and leaves. Afterwards, there was nothing wrong with swarming in a pile of deep-fried rice cakes, and everyone waited to get it from Ren-chan with good manners.

It's kind of funny how a lot of fufu are waiting for you, staring up at Ren-chan. I got one by one and ran away happily.

But I thought there wasn't enough frying, but what an addition. Plenty of noodles!

Renchan, how old are you...?

The mountain platter is just like the grass.

"Hmm... Hundreds of sets!

"A line I've heard of somewhere."

I mean, a thousand.

"Stop it! Go through my old wounds!

Yeah? What are you talking about? Something happened to the audience.

Even so, Renchan, I wonder when you prepared so much... Would it be too protective not to want to go on foot alone? I'm in a bit of trouble.

After eating the rice cake, I left the barbecue. I had the mood, but I didn't do anything in particular, so I got bored early. I guess I'll have to bring something in next time.

What was waiting for us outside was a snow statue. Big dogs and tigers and foxes. Wolf, cat, and fox are all flirting.

Um... Instead of a snowman...?

It's not a snowman, it's a snow statue.

No, well, Ron-chan's happy, okay?

"Wow! Oi!

Running around in fun, the monsters that follow. What an amazing sight.

Is that what the monsters made?

I don't think so.

I nodded to Edgar's question. That's all I can think about. Maybe I listened to Len's request and thought and acted. AI is amazing.

"No, this seems to be a deviation... Well, that's fine, but...."

Hmm. Edgar cares about something, but, uh, yeah. You'll be fine.

Take a leisurely look at Ren-chan chasing the monsters. Sometimes it's not a bad day to slow down like this. I thought so.


It was a hard day anyway.

What is slow?

You're starting to feel crazy ~

Shut up.