Little bit.

Renji started broadcasting slightly as she was impatient with Legend. A light sphere and a black board of letters come out fluffy. Quickly, a lot of letters began to flow on the black board.


"Is that it, Ron-chan?

Ron-chan, Kon-chan

"Eh? Ah, uh... Ko-chan?


Lotus is a good girl to hang out with.

What happened to Mirai?

Lotus answers while feeling Leger's fur.

Um... I'm talking to Yamashita-san about next Sunday. "

Oh, I see.

Well, it's time to get ready.

I thought we were going to run into each other in real life.

As for the rendition, I think it's okay because I'm just bragging about everyone. Everyone needs to wipe their wipes. Then everyone will be happy. Definitely.

"That's right, it's no good. So, what's the rumor? I am."

Ok. Did you get permission for this broadcast?

"Yeah. Promise me you'll stay with Shiro and you won't go outside, and that's it."

I can't believe I admitted it on that condition.

You've grown up, Mirei......

You're making a fool out of me like I'm complimenting you ~

Lotus rose with happiness. In the meantime, I hug Legge's big body. Moufufu. After all, Legend's fufufu feels so good.

Ah, that's Legend!

Close enough to understand ww

"It feels fuzzy to know when you're close... I want to touch it...."

Reggie is still popular. That's right.

Alice and Edgar, who came here yesterday, also played Legend on their way home. I remember they were both very excited. I want to tame myself, yes. Alice has to produce it, so she won't do it.

/(adv-to, adv-to) (on-mim) thump/thump/... okay, it's okay.

"Well then, I'm going on an expedition today!

Oh? Explore?

The forest there? Or a snowy mountain?

I only know where Mons lives.

"Ah, yeah. Today we will explore Fatos!


Fatos!? Alone!? You're going to town!?

Hundreds of people are going into the village, but you're going to the city!?

"Are you mad at me?

Certainly, I think Fatos is a village, even with fewer items to compare. Compared to Secondary, it's not very much, but it's not a city.

Whatever. We're going out to Fatos today for a walk. Oneechan showed me a little bit, but at that time I was excited and I don't remember much.

I thought it would be too protective to always go on a walk at home, but that's what I meant.

Well, if you don't get out of Fatos, it's overprotective.

Still, I didn't expect Miray to give me permission.

To be honest, I didn't think it would work even if it was a goodwill. But oneechan admitted it. If it's only in Fatos.

About five minutes. I was worried. "

Long on the plain w

"Mirai's conflict can be easily imagined."

Still, you got permission. Mirai-chan seems very worried.

You can see that even in the goodwill. Even when I left, I was just looking at this place with great concern.

But I'm sure.

"I'm sure you're watching, oniichan.


Are you Miray?

I'm sure you'll be there ~

It is a lie to say that you are not dissatisfied. But I'm relieved that oneechan is watching it. I'm going to poop./(adv, adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (on-mim) (on-mim) thump/thump/thump/thump/(2) (on-mim) thump/(P)/

"My sister is the cutest in the world."

Even if you make a comment, it doesn't change ww

But it's really cute.

Funiyafu, Cha-chan, you're cute.

I feel like they're saying something rude.

Anyway, I'm going to Fatos. Very, very, very exciting.

"What are you going to Fatos for?

"I want to play with dogs and cats too!

Don't blur ww

I thought so, wow

Of course, Deer and the others are cute, but the city has animal dogs and cats, not monsters. I am very interested in the children as a rendition.

I definitely wanted to. I want to wipe it off. I'm very excited from now on.

So, let's go!

Open the menu and select Exit from Home. Then he immediately moved and the rendition stood at the entrance of Fatos.

Fatos is said to beat Secan and Saz in size alone. This is mainly because of the large number of fields. So it is relaxing after all.

Start walking quickly. Take it easy, take it easy. I don't have any plans to hurry today, so goodwill is relaxing today. Take it easy, take it easy.

"Where's the dog? Cat, where are you? You can be a sheep or a cow.

The dogs and cats are wandering, but the sheep and cattle are grazing land.

Do you want me to show you?

"Mmm. I'm fine."

If you know where it is, you can go later. Now I'm looking for someone else.

As she walked slowly, she passed through the countryside and entered a large section of the house. I feel a little gaze. It's like they're looking everywhere.

I was wondering why, and I found a goodwill. Brown dog.


I accidentally screamed. The dog is surprised and runs away. I wondered what to do, but I decided to chase after the rendition.