The level of convulsions is low, but they shake a lot of status points fast, so you can chase them without losing sight of them. Behind the house, chasing a dog running down a narrow path led him back to the countryside.

"Is that...? I lost it."

Oh my God. I'm sorry. "

Well, I'll see you again.

I'd be happy to.

I had no choice, so I thought I'd go back.

"Is that it? Could it be you, Ron?

That's what I was told.

Who is it!? Suspicious!?

We have to help!

I'll kill the bastard!

"You guys are too radical and scared on the contrary...."

The commentators are kind of making a fuss. I look back without worrying about the rendition.

There was a woman in a straw hat. It is a warm wheat skin. The person laughed joyfully when he saw the rendition.

"I knew it, Renchan! What are you doing here? Where's your sister?

"Ah, uh... Um...."


"Hey, don't talk to people you don't know...."


That's for sure ww

You're teaching right now, aren't you?

Commentators seem to agree.

The woman lowered her eyebrow buttocks as if she were in trouble.

"Ah, I see. That's right. I don't know what to do...."

Lotus is also a little troublesome. I don't want to break your promise.

When the two of us were in trouble, we heard comments from Onee-chan.

Ron-chan, Ron-chan

"Ah, onee-chan...?

Because Shiro is on the side, it's okay. Just don't follow me outside of Fatos. "

Permission granted. Onee-san was relieved to see the same thing. Ren is also a peace of mind.

Oneesan, who likes tofu?

In other words, are you watching the delivery? I was a little excited, but my sister shook her head in trouble.

"I'm sorry. I like animals, but I haven't seen them. I have less time to log in, so I'm spending all my time here."

That's how onee-san points to the next field. Lots of rice. It looks kind of sparkly.

I wondered if onee-san was growing up, and the dog showed up from the rice.

"Ah, dog!

"Huh? Ah, you were chasing this kid? I see."

I will go to your sister's side when I think the dog is dead. When onee-san stroked the dog, the dog narrowed its eyes to look very pleasant. Okay, I want to stroke it.

"Fatos' dogs are all friendly, so you can always stroke them."

"Eh, but...."

Ren, you've escaped. Perhaps the dog hates me instead of being liked by monsters.

As she drops her shoulders, oneechan says with a troublesome smile.

"No, I mean... If the wolf chases me, I think I'll run away...?

Ha, look back. Shiro is sitting and waiting. It's cute. No, it's not.

I see!

If you ask me, I'll take it for granted.

Besides, you're Mirai's Tammmons, right? Aren't they growing up pretty good?

I'll run away then.

It's my fault...!?

It seems that it was caused by Shiro. You're so cute. Invite Shiro and stroke the neck. Kuru, it's a pleasant cry.

When I was covering my hair, my dog came closer. You're not scared anymore?

Take your hands off the shiro and stroke the dog. You accepted me this time.

"Ehehe, so cute..."

My pussy.

I didn't run away this time. Why?

Because I was stroking the shiro, did you decide that Renchan was a superior and reassured?


I wonder. I don't know and I'm not very interested. As a spawn, I'm happy just by stroking it like this.

When she remembered and raised her face, her sister was there with a gentle smile.

"Fufu... I see. I can see they're all obsessed with it."


"This story."

Onee-san laughs. Lotus laughed too. Smiles are the best.

"That's right. Renchan, if you don't mind, I'll split you up with fresh fruit."


A big basket came out in front of my sister in the confused eye. The basket contains a lot of fruit. Oneesan said, you just harvested it today.

Surely freshly harvested in this world is delicious.

Yes, it is the privilege of farmers to taste the fresh flavor.

I often hear it tastes exceptionally good.

Is that so? Can I eat it now?

When I saw her, I smiled a little and took something out. Red fruit. Maybe apples. There is also a lot in the basket.

When I sneezed, my nephew bit me directly. When you stroke, you hear a good sound.

There's a sound! There's a sound!

"Yabae, I'm starting to want to eat apples..."

I'll get some apples.

The commentators are also making a lot of noise. I also got an apple while I was a little nervous.

Squeeze and bite. Very delicate and sweet. I think it's very delicious. At least, much more than the fruit we eat in the hospital.


"Really? Good. Now, take this."

That's how onee-san presses her basket. I am happy as a rendition, but is it okay?

"It's okay. It was nice to meet a celebrity, too. Don't forget to taste it and promote it."

"Er... Yeah, thanks. But, um, how do you know about me?

Apart from that delivery, rendition is not very much about people. It's like shopping at the second place or at the Tamer's Guild.

Onee-san smiled a little.

"At least I don't think anyone in Fatos knows."



"Fatos has the Tamers Guild, right? So Tamer has a lot of fans of Renchan."

If you're talking about it in the same village, you'll be wondering.

Is that so? But don't tell the village. But that's the city. "

"Oh, excuse me."

Is that what it is? I'm not sure about the rendition.

He waved his hand and looked back at the goodwill, and the next time he left, he went to see the cat.