What a dog to show you to the cat. Maybe. When I noticed, I was walking in front of the cramps, saying, "Follow me." That's why Ren is walking behind the dog now.

"What is this weird party?"

Dogs, little girls, wolves, foxes. It's too mysterious a party. "

"Eh? Fox?


I look back in haste. As the comments put it, the fox was walking behind the shiro. I'm a black fox.

"Ah, Kuro!


Because it's black, Black?

When did you name it......

Wait. I can't believe the sense of naming... "


Lift the black fox black. Kuro hugged me without any particular resistance. I'll lick your cheeks happily. It's very cute. Lotus stroked the crow a little.

"He's your Tame Monster. When I went to the snowy mountains, I happened to be taming."

I see, at that time...

Let's get this over with.

"I'm sorry... I'm not obliged to do that, am I?

Your head rests on your shoulders because you're lucky to be asleep. Cummingly, it rang small. Very cute.

Well, the dog led me to a pond in Fatos. It's a big pond with lots of piers for those who fish. But I'm alone today.

It's a lonely place. Fishing is not popular?

No, there are a lot of people who do that. But the rivers and ponds in the field are better for fishing than the whole city. "

Hmm. That's why there aren't so many people. "

"And before that, the players in Fatos had a huge audience here."

I see!

Does that mean that there are usually people here? Perhaps that's fine, but I feel a little lonely as a spasm.

I've been waiting for you to come here!

I'll have a chance to see Ron-chan!

Whoa, I can hear the fishermen moaning.

It's fun.

The commentators are kind of noisy, but I don't care about the jetty. The fact that the dog guided me means that there must be a cat here.

And I found it right away. There were about three of them by the side of the man who was fishing alone. Big cats and maybe two kittens. The two of them are jagged.


The fluffy kittens are so cute to play with.

Renchan is attracted wow

It's so cute, I can't help it!

"I like cats coming to the pier because they're friendly."

When I realized it, I came to the side of the fisherman. The three cats are also looking up at us. I'd like to fluff it up, but should I just call it in?

"Ah, um..."

Should I call out, huh? The person looked back with a prolonged voice. And I saw the goodness, and somehow it solidified.


"What? Huh? Ron...?


Puff, like a fish, I open my mouth and close it. What's going on?

The man who was fishing was a man. There is a small bucket on the side, and when you glimpse into it, there are about three fish swimming. It's cute, but are you going to eat it...?

The man opened his mouth by looking at the sphere of light, rather than a spawn.



"Er... What time is it?

"Hmm? Hmm... Seven o'clock in the night!

The moment Len answered, the man shouted with his head in his arms.



I was a little surprised. Shiro and Kuro appear in front of the spawn. Maybe it's all right, so let's wipe off the shiro. Moufufu.

"It was too blurry....! Missed delivery...! Oh, shit, what are you doing...?!

Yeah, I don't think he's a bad person.

Fishing is just the right thing to do to relax.

Did you forget to relax too much?

No, but he's lucky. That's why I'm talking to Roon-chan. "

Indeed. What do you think?


I'll kill you.

These guys are too radical.

The comments are a little rough. The man also looked at it and blushed his face.

"Don't be afraid to say anything. Go home."

I'm sorry!

I won't tell you anymore. Stop banishing me!

"Forgive me... forgive me..."

"I can't help it anymore."

I'll forgive you. Ren has a wide heart. Hmm.

"Cat, can I stroke you?!

When Ron heard, the man nodded.