Well, hurry up, I'll stroke the big cat. Gently and slowly. Cats close their eyes without any particular resistance. Very cute.

But the cat quickly escaped. Unfortunately, the big cat sniffed the kitten. Do you mean to stroke the kitten?

I stroke the kitten. Kittens are small and easy to stroke for spasms. Carefully and gently stroke your throat. It seems very pleasant.

"Ehehe... cute..."


My pussy.

My pussy.

As Len stroked her like that, another kitten broke in. I'm staring right at you. I want you to stroke it, so don't hesitate. Don't be a wig.

As I stroked the cats for a while, there was a pounding sound of water. Seeing this, the man is resuming fishing again. The man who noticed what was being watched laughed and said.

"Don't worry about it. Slowly stroke her."


Don't take your time. It is a time of bliss for Ren. Dogs are nice, but cats are cute.

Is Renchan a cat?

In dog school? Lucky for you, too. "

Ah? Are you done, Kola?

Oh, come on, Cora.

"I like both. I wonder if you don't like people fighting."

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't you guys have the ability to learn...?

Fighting is not good. They're all cute.

Suddenly, the man caught something. A big cat responds. The cat approached the man who was collecting the fish.

"I don't know what to do...."

A man sees a spasm. You seem to care about something, what is it?

Ah, that player over there. It's okay because even if the cat is eating fish, I don't really care about it. "

"Oh, is that so? Well then...."

A man removed the fish and placed it in front of the cat. The cat is holding down the twitching fish and eating it. It's plump.

Renchan, are you sure you're okay?

"Yeah... I'm a little poor, but I'm eating meat and fish too...."

Rather, I love it, so it's cheap to complain here.

"It's hard to cum. I know exactly what it is."

"Hmm... hmm?

Weak meal www

"Even though it's wrong, I don't think it's meaningfully wrong."

Is that it?

Looks like it was something different. Let's ask the doctor again.

"Ron. Why don't we try fishing anyway? I'll give you the fish and the cat will be happy."

"I want to try it!

That sounds like a lot of fun. The man nodded with a smile in response to Len's reply.

I borrow a fishing rod and shake it. Po-chan, it fell.

A fishing rod.

I knew.

"Honestly, I was expecting it."

Len-chan's got such tearful eyes wow

"Ah, um... I'm sorry...."

I dropped a fishing rod. What should I do? Angry.

I'm sorry, but the man doesn't say anything. When I raised my fearful face, I felt a laugh for some reason.

"No, yeah. Don't worry about it. Yeah... I was expecting it."

I didn't hear it very well at the end.

You're a convicted criminal.

But let me forgive you. Especially!

Follow her properly.

A man starts to move his fingers. I think it's probably a menu screen. The fishing rod that immediately fell into the pond disappeared and returned to the man. Very convenient.

"As long as you don't give up ownership, you can put it back on you, Roon-chan."

A man waves a fishing rod. Po-chan, I heard a noise from afar. Soon afterwards, the fishing rod was handed over to the broom.

"Eh? Um...."

"It's okay. Good luck."


So it's a re-challenge.

I'll wait for you. Wait slowly. Sitting on the pier, Shiro backed me up. It falls on the shiro. It's fluffy too. Black sits on his lap. It's fluffy too. More kittens fought side by side. She's cute.

"I'm glad I fished here...."

"Punish? Punish?


This is it ~

I know you're angry, but I don't care because Renchan is cute.

Suddenly, the pole was pulled. It's a little powerful. When Leng panicked, a man tried to help me, but somehow I stopped.

Instead, Shiro chewed on the clothes of the broom.



I understand.

Shiro lifted up the goodness, and the goodness was thrown into the sky.


I'm staring at the broom with my gentle eyes. Shiro is slightly leaning. Next to that, cats catch fish in the spatula.

It's unusual that Renchan is angry.

Well, that's exactly what it is.

Plumpy Renchan and Shibori Shiro are cute!

I know I can't help being too angry. I know you tried to help me. Well, I was a little scared.

"Already.... I'll forgive you."

Hold the shiro and fluff the lid. Shiro licked her cheeks with joy.

A man talked to me as he was covering his head with a lid.

"Ah... Can I have a minute?


"Would you like me to cook the fish that Renchan caught?

That means you can eat it right now. Ren nodded immediately.