It was a delicious sashimi. The cats seem to have been very satisfied. By the way, the fish caught by the broom was sea bream (Thailand). It seems that you shouldn't stick in the pond.

It was delicious, so I wrapped it in big leaves and took it home. It's a souvenir for oneechan. Oneechan, will you be happy?

The cat leads you to the pasture. This is a cute guide to Yan Yan. Because it's cute, I don't want to hold a kitten. The other one seems to envy me, so I'll stroke it later.

You want Kuro to stroke you, too? I can't help it.

In turn, when I was in a fluffy state, I arrived at the grazing land.

"Hitsuji-san! That's it!"

When I found the fluffy sheep, Ren shouted unexpectedly.

"Sheep Thunder?



Sorry about that.

Ignoring the comment, the rendition rushes to the sheep. When I touched it, it was very hot. Just a little touched.

The hugged sheep didn't react in particular and didn't look disgusting. On the contrary, he sat on the spot deliberately to make it easier to wipe the bricks.

Immediately, you can enjoy the lobster and lamb all over your body. Moufufu. Moufufu.

"Moufufu... Unlike Leggett, it's amazing... Fuwaa....."

Renchan's melting away ~

Melting Ron-chan, Kawayee

Sheep... ah... I wonder if there were any sheep monsters... "

I don't know about that either. I'm sure your sister will look into it.

Lotus spent a relaxing time whilst plumping the sheep.

Ren-chan came home.

"Welcome back!


Hold him tight. Oh, it's Ron. Ehehe.

Don't calm down when you see Mirai's strange behavior.

"Feeling at home"

It's too much for your parents' house.

Really?... No, wait, what does that mean?

"Hmm... Onee-chan, why don't you do it?



I'm playing this game because I want to play it properly, but I've been acting differently for over an hour. I don't have enough for Len. So stay like this for a while.

However, I don't think it will be difficult to move as it is, so I will change my posture a little.

Sit there and call Shiro. Shiro backs me up and hugs Renchan tightly. She said she was lying on her back saying something, but she laughed at me for saying that she had no choice.

I'm sorry about my sister.

This way, you'll have a relaxing time. Fufu in the back, Renchan in the front, it's the best.

"Come on. Come on."

I wonder if it's getting late, but Ron started inviting me. To the fence in front of the house. Then puppies walk through the fence. Speaking of puppies, it seems that you listen to Len properly.

"You're a smart puppy."

"They're wolves... no, don't worry about them"

"Honestly, puppies and wolves don't know each other."

What are you talking about! The wolves are even more delicate!

"I mean, you can tell."

I don't know, asshole.

Which way is it?

Well, actually, you don't know what it's like. I've never seen a puppy in this game, and I've never seen a coyote in real life. Is there a difference?

While I was thinking about that, the puppies got to Ron. I'm trying to climb up to Renchan, and I'm starting to play with my legs. Oh, I rolled. She's cute.

Mirai-chan Mirai-chan. Can I have a moment?

Hmm? Alice? What? "

I got some information from around my ear.

Oh, I wonder. Does it have anything to do with you telling me? Honestly, I'm still quite satisfied...

I found a penguin.


It was Ron who reacted.

"Penguin! Penguin!?

Yes, I am. I looked at the bulletin board and there was a report that I found a penguin. "

That's a surprise. I often look at bulletin boards, but I didn't expect to hear that until yesterday. Did they find you today?

That's information from the tamer board. Looks like they've already done a lot of research.

Well...... I found the penguin. I tried my best to teach Renchan!

Ah, oh, sorry.

It seems that it was the viewer who found the penguin. I was going to tell Renchan, but she checked a lot in advance. He's a good man.

He said there was a cave at the top of the snow mountain where the foxes were. Looks like you have to tame nine tails, so you can't find someone who hasn't.

That cave is where the penguins live. Besides, these penguins don't seem to be monsters, so they won't attack. I don't think I can use my usual Tame Skill, but if I meet some criteria, I can get along and move to my home.

Incidentally, the conditions are still under investigation. She couldn't find out so far.

How is it? Was it helpful?

"Yes! Thank you, sister!

"You're welcome."

"I don't know who it is, but I saw a happy face."

"I saw my face against us."

Oh, that's right, Roon-chan. I've been looking into it, and I want a reward. "

"A pleasure?

Mm-hmm. What are you going to ask for? Unexpectedly, my face became steep, and there was a rushing comment.

"No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's not that weird! If possible, I'd like you to call me by name. Just this once. I don't know.

Well, that's about it. I nodded to Roon-chan who was looking up and smiled. Cute.

"What a smile."

It's too cute.

"Well, what's your sister's name?


Lulu. Yes. Something that sounds familiar, something that doesn't.

Probably the most famous tamer. I'm taming multiple monsters in the end content dungeon. "

It was pretty popular even though it was delivered. I lost to Renchan!

"Ah, I don't really care about that. Rather, it's fine. Lotus is cute. Is it justice to be cute? You know, cuteness beats everything."

Oh, yes.

Hey, this guy's surprised....

It's a freak!

"Shut up, you're going to hit an empty fox."

"Please don't do this. You'll die."

Yeah, I know. I know. Instead, I received a lot of reference for this person's delivery. I didn't come out aggressively because I didn't think you were coming to see me. That's what I'll do.

"Nh... Um... well... Thank you, Mr. Lulu."

………… I can do my best for another ten years. "

Oh, wow.

"Oh, but damn it, I envy you!

I'm going to look for some new information about you and me!

Looks like you're happy to have Len-chan call your name. No, I know how you feel! Lotus is cute! I'm gonna squeeze!

"Hmm? Hey, honey, what's going on?

"Ron is my sister, you son of a bitch."

…… I'm your sister.

Yeah, Renchan's cute.

Come on, come on, come on. Lotus feels like she's tickling. But I didn't hate it, and I came by.


"You're really too close, sister."

My furufu is sticking together ~

Ron hurried to hold the puppy. Puppies are really cute too.

Well, for now. You've got plans for tomorrow.

Let's go find penguins.